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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I too have spent thousands of dollars as a teen and young adult, so definitely feel like i’ve payed my dues. I stopped buying CDs in 2005 and haven’t looked back. Also, I’m neurodivergent af, so something abt just being able to press a button and have music to listen to in bed, while cooking, showering and going for long walks at night is second to none. Playlisting is the second big draw, as I believe having certain tracks play after the other really creates some sort of magic, changing the environment around oneself. Its become a tradition now to review my y
  2. Definitely album of the year, in my book
  3. I finally sat with this album while i peeled ginger at 5 this morning. I’m agreeing w a lot of folks - i’m also in love with the back half of the album a lot more than the front half I think both Auto & Allo and Long Road Home are cute Absolutely love that verse and breakdown at the end of The Wether Channel - it’s genius Not crazy abt that weeknd track - not a big deal that it’s there either Standout track for me is Lost But Never Alone - it’s fucking gorgeous - really pleasantly surprised w this Nothing’s Special is also similarly gorgeous - wish it went
  4. I voted SIGN cause of the liquidy feels, but I think I need to sit with PLUS a while longer - def has some scruffy bangers. Think i’m gonna try the listening to both straight through in a playlist method
  5. I didn’t even know abt that 😬 thnx ~ i’m gonna have to properly check that out
  6. try syncing it to the wizard of oz
  7. BoC’s MO but school got canceled
  8. Right?? At least throw me a crochet button or something
  9. Damn, okay someone needs to do a video for r cazt with this imagery 😻
  10. pap,per kmickle 


  11.                        Œûį wēē

     even if you don't ween GIF by dani


  12. I’m new here, but I had to block that dude. Annoying for no good reason
  13. Totally agree, was actually just thinking of this - all that plucky instrumentation... they definitely could’ve taken that sound further too. I can only assume that they actually did and it’s one of the many things locked up in their vaults
  14. Just finished my 5th listen and starting to see all the details hidden in the mix. Can confirm that there is absolutely nothing simple abt this, which was a pretty laughable statement. It’s rhythmically complex - abt as complex as anything else they’ve programmed in their vast labyrinthine repertoire. Also noticed that a lot of tracks which I initially thought of as beatless, actually do have beats - they’re just muted or buried in the mix
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