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  1. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    Once again making a case for another AMA where Sean pronounces all their track titles for us
  2. That palm skin productions remix is probably my favourite of all their remixes, so fucking smooth
  3. It would be great to get a couple of these in each day, like taking a dump but for your emotions
  4. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    I think they're done telling us this stuff now. "Sometimes having half the info is worse than having none at all" or Sean said something to that effect. I do recall him saying it was two tracks stitched together tho.
  5. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    "Ow-tecker soory perry". And nearly 20 years late. Why would anyone watch this lol
  6. Had a 20-second power-cry(TM) a little while ago. Something hit me and suddenly I had to have a moment. In 20 seconds the feeling subsided and I stopped. It's kinda nice tbh. Very efficient.
  7. No Mr deBurgh you're all good 👍 it does make sense the way you wrote it but maybe slightly unclear. Don't mind me, carry on, as you were
  8. Wouldn't it make more sense to link to the art movement?
  9. Pretty sure you got the wrong wiki link there
  10. I believe crying is really important/healthy, but it's hard to do. Like I mean having a really good cry not just tearing up a bit from a song or movie etc. I only have a couple of those per year probably. But it usually feels like a turning point, or getting to the bottom of it. Depends what it is though. If it's something that is triggering old grief/loss, that can be pretty painful and doesn't always feel like it's leading somewhere. "Why am I still not over this?" I don't love that. But when it's like defeat, breaking down when you've been trying so hard to be strong or fight something, that can be really grounding.
  11. No I'm referring to my earlier question about the ignore function. You were waiting to hear back from the developer and didn't follow up from there.
  12. Easily one of my favourite jazz musicians (and composers) of all time. Absolute legend. This article has a bit more of a bio in it. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/mar/02/wayne-shorter-icon-of-jazz-saxophone-dies-aged-89
  13. Hi @Joyrex I'm hoping you can follow-up on my previous questions, it's been awhile. Thanks
  14. Best thing anyone who is struggling to understand the whole gender/pronouns/etc thing can do is just to try to meet more trans/nonbinary people irl. If you don't have any non-binary or trans folks in your life then of course you're not going to understand it just reading discourse on the internet, where everything about it seems really jargon-y and serious (and heated). It makes a lot more sense coming from a friendly acquaintance talking about their lived experience vs just reading stuff online and imagining that many of these folks are militant and angry and will bite your head off for using the wrong pronoun lol. I've never actually met anyone irl who was like that. Just go and meet some people. If you live in an isolated place/small community I guess that's easier said than done. But over the years, the more trans and nonbinary people I've met and befriended the better I understand it and far less mystifying it all seems (not that it's actually that mystifying to begin with but ymmv). This is true with any kind of people who are different from you (duh). Diversify your social circle. I probably have a slight advantage, being gay (cis-male) myself and therefore a member of the broader queer community: naturally in my social circles/community I encounter all sorts of different people, not to mention the work I do and some niche music scenes I've been able to dip my toe in as well. But there are probably trans and enby folks all around you, especially now that more and more people are speaking up and expressing it.
  15. Generally I wouldn't expect watmm to be the place to seek enlightenment about modern gender theory but hey prove me wrong guys
  16. Btw I wasn't trying to do an "acktchyuyually" there, it was an honest question, because as far as I know the idea of "gender" has ballooned into a huge field of theory that I personally haven't delved into all that much, so I figured there was something here for me to learn. I still don't see how asexuality is both an orientation and a gender, as you can be any gender and be asexual; i.e. they are two distinct aspects of an identity. For example, being non-binary and being asexual are two different things (obviously). But I might just not be aware of everything that the term "gender" covers now.
  17. Ace/aro would be considered a sexual orientation rather than a gender, wouldn't it?
  18. I mostly agree with @zero but would elaborate that it's usually too hard to actually stop a thought, and trying to push thoughts away can actually make them persist more, depending on your relationship to that thought. You could end up in more mental anguish because now you're fighting with your mind. Rather than trying to push thoughts away or stop them I've learned to just see them objectively, observe with detachment etc. without accepting the thought as truth/reality but rather as simply a thought. Yes, thoughts aren't reality, and we have more power to escape them than it often feels like we do, especially the really strong persistent nasty ones. For me it's been enough just to have the intention of a clear mind even if that's never 100% fully achievable. Maybe I can't make my persistent negative thoughts disappear but I can put some space between my actual self and the thoughts. Changing your intention that "it's more important for me to be peaceful than to be right" can go a long way. Negative thoughts will tell you they're right. And sometimes negative thoughts/views/opinions are correct. But if they are doing nothing but tainting your outlook and making you miserable, what good does it do to dwell on it? tldr "This thought may be true, but is it helpful right now?" - took that line from The Happiness Trap (Russ Harris) - pretty cool book that covers a lot of this stuff.
  19. My thoughts exactly and this is exactly what I predicted when I heard the news of them disbanding. Disbanding is just another career/marketing move. Who the f does a ten year anniversary edition? Cringe all around
  20. Somehow this has become the most enduring tune on The Bends for me
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