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  1. Yeah this one Bibio funk without vocals or cheezy synth lines, how rare! Rest of the album tho - no thanks
  2. https://next.sonicsquirrel.net/releases/d110b5fa-9c11-642d-9443-868cc3b41921/
  3. Geogaddi obviously wins, last album where they actually sounded inspired / took any risks
  4. Derp. It was right there in front of me lol. All this time, never registered as being "autechre" but now so obvious!
  5. Have they even put words/recognizable vocal sounds in anything since exai? Some sounds in artov chain and 7th slip sound like they could be derived from human voice but otherwise I can't think of anything.
  6. 9010171-121 @ 3:51 and 4:17 "eleven fifty[?] you're following me" there's some other words too but can't make them out
  7. There's also "pay attention" in IO "Is anything real" in Nine
  8. Wow it's an actual book? I thought it was just a shop lol. People will buy anything
  9. I wonder if they'll ever want to come back to Vancouver, I think I read somewhere around here that they hate it tho lol? Sean pls? I'll go to Seattle if I have to.
  10. Thanks for mentioning this, you indirectly made me think of this tune of theirs that I used to love and had somehow forgotten about until this moment. Fucking lush, it's right up there with the best tunes on Wish, who knows why it didn't make the album. Gonna be playing it all weekend now.
  11. toaoaoad


    Oh yes, that is quite nice I know I rip on clark quite a bit heh but he has done some really fantastic work... mostly within this time period
  12. Welcome back How was prison?
  13. If I were them I wouldn't even want to at this point lol
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