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  1. Nice one, 412 front load is a fuckin jam
  2. It seems I'm one of few who didn't find Confield difficult at all when I first heard it. In 2001 I was about two years into ae fandom. My first love was LP5 then I had collected Incunabula, Tri Rep++ and EP7. I LOVED EP7 and caned it all summer in '01. So when I heard Confield that fall it was exactly what I wanted to hear and made perfect sense to me. Bine and Lentic were a bit challenging I guess but overall I loved the album from the start. I didn't pick up Chiastic Slide until later on so I guess it suffered from that, since it sounds like most people who voted for it were around when it came out. I can see how it was groundbreaking at the time but I was coming at it backwards. I do really like the album tho, it has strong winter/snow associations for me and I play it a lot this time of year. I can see comparing the two on the basis that they are both very strong as full-album start-to-finish experiences. Chiastic is more rough around the edges and unified by lots of "crunchy" sounds, while Confield is more of a mixed bag unified by its "organic" qualities. Overall I just find it to be the more colourful and interesting of the two, and has aged better too.
  3. How is confield losing, very disappointed in all of you
  4. Why these two particular albums pitted against each other? Apples and oranges.
  5. Some old stuff as in ... old unreleased ae?
  6. How does it feel to waste that much time?
  7. These are real tho. They are unreleased and have no title.
  8. Thanks for the shoutout but unfortunately I wasn't very adventurous this year either. Off the top of my head, I enjoyed the Vladislav Delay/Ripatti Deluxe new releases this year. Just recently checked out the new Jan St Werner collab but it was kinda meh/ more of a listening exercise than something I'd enjoy regularly. Still haven't even given a proper listen to the new FSOL (I suspect I will probably enjoy it tho) or the new Bjork (probably will be a chore lol). Enjoyed about half of Magic Pony Ride. Loved the Ae Helsinki set, and Hanalgig gets an honourable mention for what it is. Other than that, it's been catch-up with the odd thing from recent years - was playing that Barker album a fair bit in the spring. Nothing else springs to mind. I find that at this stage in my life I mostly go back to old comfortable things if I want to listen to music at all. Also haven't released (or really even completed) any stuff of my own since 2020. Womp
  9. Can't stop listening to that clarinet track, definitely one of the freshest sounds from them in awhile. I could believe it's a sound they created out of tuned feedback etc, but it has so many nuanced qualities of a real squeaking clarinet, that's pretty fuckin impressive if so. Could just as likely be sample manipulation 🤔 I could be wrong, bear in mind I have no idea what I'm looking at in these vids Either way these tracks are sick and I can't wait to hear more! 🕳
  10. Nice! That clarinet sounding thing is cool. Jazzband plays autechre
  11. I'm not familiar with a ton of his stuff, but I know this Ambient News album quite well and can say it has some really beautiful tracks. Quiet triumph, Lang, Moon on my forehead are all favourites.
  12. Yep, still finding loads of "new" things in Exai here
  13. It's kinda more like ecol4 was a "sampler" - in this case, a preview - of various live elements. Definitely not an unusual thing for them to do at this point, having those connections, given how much of elseq and nts were related to the live sets. Or even untilted/quaristice. I think the ecol4 elements are definitely more fragmented/scattered across a longer duration of the set as compared to something like IO or C16 deep tread tho. I really love the Helsinki live set but it's still going to take more listens for me to fully grasp everything 🫠
  14. toaoaoad


    Let's see if the boc subforum can decipher this
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