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  1. https://geometriclullaby.bandcamp.com/track/b-ss-cop NMESH going nuts
  2. Agreed. The back of my head tingles when an awkward silence turns into a comfortable pause between me and someone else, it is incredibly relieving. Reminds me of that Pulp Fiction scene with Uma, "why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?" always think about that line... I think this discussion is pretty cool. Sometimes I wonder if this digital age will push the majority of society towards a frustrated, anxious, depressed, and anti-social mess that's ripe to be controlled easier through media and misinformation. Yet I hope it leans more towards a knowle
  3. I've been playing M4 Lema exclusively when walking around outdoors, epic af
  4. hey WATMM, thanks for your help and interesting ideas about IDM/braindance the last time I posted a topic. The feedback was humbling for the research, plus the sarcasm and general lels were pretty helpful too lmao If you are interested in helping further, I put together a quick, structured form to more easily track some community data for both idm/braindance related queries and representational data: https://forms.gle/zdNSAgEuoEjkJYNc9 If you choose to participate, you can be sure that all of the data is anonymous and no information is tracked beyond your answers (no emails, names, anyt
  5. @cwmbrancity btw Microgravity by Biosphere is said to possibly fit under the same movement/era with acts like Coil coming out around '91
  6. Hard to say in terms of music style, I'm thinking about Love's Secret Domain, but it could be considered 'IDM' before IDM was introduced as a descriptor, by that I mean a real exploration of what the tech and other music influences had to offer. I believe the first documented mention of 'intelligent techno' is associated with Coil's The Snow EP, and that's dated 1991. It seems that incredibly adventurous forms of techno emerged around the early 90s. I believe the term electronica came later. To get away from IDM as a genre/style term, I'm re-framing it differently. It's important to remember t
  7. Yeah, good point there. I don't think the intentions of the music are to make statements or send political messages, but I do think the popular image that has been constructed for IDM involves the values I outlined above. There doesn't have to be intent behind music to give it meaning, especially in popular culture. Aphex has mentioned that he felt the public just wasn't ready to hear some of what he's made, I find that interesting from a commercial and artistic perspective. @cwmbrancity yes that's a good read, I support that recommendation to anyone interested in this kind of discussion. Alw
  8. For anyone who is still interested, two questions have come up in my latest research and conversation with the community. 1. Some people have mentioned that listeners 'grow' into IDM/braindance, or that there is a bar of entry to the music/community. 2. I believe there are oppositional values in IDM, both in the popular images of big name artists (AFX, au, BoC, Squarepusher) and in the musical texts associated with the music (AI series, Rephlex braindance statement, squarepusher manifesto, The Philosophy of Sound and Machine). Oppositional in the sense that they reject mainstream, co
  9. Hmmm, you've inspired me to go back to SIGN, although PLUS really feels like an extension or bonus track EP. As if they were like "Oh you liked that? Here's this" Hahah I love it. I don't subscribe to the stars, but I could subscribe to weekly autechrescopes. I will ask the committee before I defend, "PLUS or SIGN?"
  10. SFWP - Having to constantly run my phone charger back and forth between rooms when I forget to charge it overnight. My attempt to just get a second one has been thwarted by Amazon's ability to lose my package twice in a row, so I'm just giving up at this point, but at least it's a test of my (failing) memory and some light at-home cardio....?.......?..
  11. PLUS, but that was a hard one to answer... It's actually been the soundtrack to my writing for the past two weeks, marhide and TM1 open to be specific How about you?
  12. Bits of it at first, yes. From what I gather it's rare that anyone sits down to read the entire thesis except the grad committee I submit to. The anonymous aspect of the forum is tricky, and I am working on proper justification for it, but my supervisor and the ethics office agree that it is a valid source bc you guys are the community. Sure this might not be taken as if it were a peer-reviewed journal, but it's still a significant voice. WATMM will be both an acknowledgement and a reference
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