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  1. Ah cool, I like where it puts my mind at.
  2. I was expecting 50 minutes of a SIGNle kickdrum, but it is great anyway.
  3. The title is about systems, not about being normal. Or here:
  4. Characi fits the description, but tbh there is a lot of lasers in Autechre with slightly different ways of getting there, so it is probably true, good luck on your quest.
  5. Maybe c7b2 the grande breakdown lazors ? Slightly different though and more metallic.
  6. Love the whole thing ! Makes me feel good about everything for some reason and I am ready for death, not that it is coming, just in case, everything is connected etc. The pulse widhts are wide on this one! th red a is aewesome.
  7. Have not listened to it since the stream yet, bring it on Friday.
  8. Haha I was just writting that lol. I(t) would be 100% wet.
  9. As always, great stuff from Stian. Love track number 2 - bit more Dunal on ether vibes !
  10. Listened to the whole album, wow it was a great and pleasant experience ! Tracks 4-5-6 flow rather nicely together. Loved the chords and melodies - they struck some familiar notes in my brain 😉 Good stuff !
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