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  1. there's a bunch of little melodic nugs everywhere, and in general a lot of the complexities and nuances don't immediately jump out at you, such as the subtly shifting tonal center of GIVE UP YOUR LIFE. also i found this recent interview on youtube with Tim Heidecker. pretty funny.
  2. this leaked today, and i couldn't resist. very happy about this album. it sounds just as much sound collage as it does "live" performance. the music shifts and contorts in and out of catchy jagged shapes, extrapolates on patterns to go to a lot of unexpected places. intricately detailed, immersive album. listened three times now 😵
  3. i love that pathetic high-pitched whining violin sound, i'm not sure how to describe it, it sounds almost irradiated. it's in a lot of Yanqui U.X.O. and i'm hearing it a lot on this album too (on second song i believe). that texture gets across a deeply melancholic, slightly paranoid feeling very effectively. never gets old. i didn't latch onto the last couple GYBE albums but i'm really digging this so far. the harmonies are heavenly.
  4. Same. i love this game but i've been stuck also low key scary game. and damn it gets literally dark. recently started a new game of Prey. Arkane games are among my favorites for sure. Dishonored 2 😍
  5. i used to be on the umbi and the comatorium back in the day. Frances is my favorite followed by De-loused and Tremulant EP. recently listened to Frances after a long time and damn it does hit hard. love Omar's style which could get pretty wild, like the end of L'Via.
  6. Three singles released so far have me super excited for this album. Post-punk, experimental vibes. The videos are top-notch, too. Thought I'd share to anybody who might be interested. 🙂
  7. RIP SOPHIE i was ready for a long and fruitful career. thanks for what you did give us. let us know if it's cold in the water 😪
  8. just absolutely stunned by this album, i feel like a little kid with a new toy. i'm really curious about the dichotomy in the track sequencing. i wonder if there's another scheme here, not unlike Neu! . . . i've noticed certain sounds on one side of the album also on the other side. like that hammer dulcimer sound halfway thru Whether Channel, that appears in Tales From the Trash Stratum, i think, in that gorgeous chord resolving the first section. 😵 apparently the vocals, the "bass," and the "guitar" in the song I Don't Love Me Anymore are all in different keys? saw someone complaining about
  9. SIGN was great before, but with PLUS it is even better i think. ecol4 kinda reminded me of the brooding pace of a lot of songs on Gas' Narkopop
  10. i was very surprised by the second half. the placement of overly airbrushed track No Nightmares at the end of the first half of the album feels ironic and makes sense now, given the harsher textures and more erratic structures that follow. there are some genuinely funny moments, like the end of Imago, with the looped bitcrushed sample archly enveloping tender waves of midi chamber music. you can practically hear Lopatin laughing in the background. he's quite the droll the second half, especially in relation to the first, sounds like the seedy underbelly of a subtly unbalanced conscious
  11. excellent new album. reminds me of RIP, which used to be my favorite of his.
  12. digging the new tracks. there's a strong emotional core that's complex and dynamic, with the music erring sometimes on the side of counterpoint and rich harmony and other times on the side of drones and loops. there's a baroque sensibility to it all that i love, it's so elaborately and lovingly crafted, yet at the same time it sounds honed and sleek. cheese has always been part of OPN's image, that post-ironic emotional manipulation is his trade, he distorts narratives and makes new ones from the distortion. for me it works really damn well. there's no other artist that can transport me to
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