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  1. i don't understand all the fuss. aphex became his own genre and now there are many trying to play in this genre. honestly i prefer artists trying to sound like AFX, what would you prefer, more Taylor Swift? of course it's not the most creative release right now, but it's not that bad. where did the information come from that this is a joint release between AF and FE? i don't see that anywhere. and regarding 'unknown artists', of course this has increased quite a bit lately, but, i really like it! you listen to new stuff much more unbiased. i bet if this release was assigned to someone, some would rate the music differently... besides, some artists unmask themselves, so you know later who the release is from. it's like a game for me, was i right with my guess? so i have fun discovering releases from 'unknown artists'. it's all about the music, isn't it? and finally, we really listen to extremely niche music. i see no reason to badmouth each other. 🙃
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