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  1. Thanks for the thread, will eagerly check all your tracks. 4 tracks which I listened to the most and which mean ALOT to me. In the IDM genre it is: I found lots of love outside of the IDM genre.
  2. I am expecting artsy, underwhelming stuff. Will definitely check it and buy, if good (and possible), @ Bandcamp.
  3. I totally agree. I was super hyped, then pretty disappointed. It sounds generic at times, like the guitarist is doing just variations/jamming of already known lines. After all I find myself listening to Pelota and Shida only. Ae was quite underwhelming for me as well. Yeah, a disappointment even. My excitement is at like 10% of NTS levels. Those were 2 of 3 which I had so high expectations in. #3 is IC3PEAK - ДО СВИДАНИЯ... they delivered, 50% of all my listening in 2020 was probably this album. Had no expectations for Tom Jenkinsons album. Lots of love for Detroit People
  4. My album of the year is not in the IDM genre. I just love them. IC3PEAK - до свидания https://ic3peak.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye
  5. Wondered the same, and same applies for the Lexaunculpt bloke. I mean having a regular job and not earning enogh through music is one thing, but still you could publish music just for fun (if it's fun for you)...
  6. Was able to buy it now. FLAC is 1 Gig @ 96 KHz Audio.
  7. Any other stuff I should know post-Claro?
  8. Thanks man. Yeah, I already bought stuff of a fake bandcamp page, had no clue that kind of business exists 😞 And yes, unfortunate: Leider können wir Ihren Einkauf zurzeit nicht abschließen Aufgrund regulatorischer Vorschriften wurde diese Transaktion abgelehnt.
  9. Was a total highlight back then. The slowdown was so surprising, followed by Ae pad beauty... I remember the Plaid track on that WAP100 was also very good.
  10. Song makes me very emotional because I played it around the time I lost my old dog, some very dark days. 😭
  11. Yeah that's right, no pioneer nor avantgarde... Stuff just worked for me. I have no knowledge about his music post (and including) Fordtrax. I think I tried it, but didn't like it. I think he was a big one at that time, but is veeery rarely talked about today.
  12. I'm 48, after Acid House (Baby Ford big love) there was an interlude with XL recordings, The Prodigy etc. Then there was the revelation called WARP. And LFO. I was crazy about them. I just bought all purple records. German Techno was stupid for me. GB was the holy island. On AI I got to know them and liked them. Not more. Incunabula was a wakeup call. Revelation 2. Also RDJ of course. I was crazy about Ventolin. Baby Ford btw. Oochy Koochy fat kick drums were special back then. Still listen to his old stuff. His S'Express rmx (Mantra for a state of mind) is awesome. Als
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