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  1. Really, they did? I mean Surripere alone made it an album of the year.
  2. Listened to them, sporadically, but there's nothing new for me here. What I remember is, one guy says something, then the other one typically: "Yeeeeeeeeah, <blah>".
  3. Definitely some erectional thing going on here.
  4. No problem @ Bandcamp flacs. Historically there's always this japanese bonus thing going, I forgot why, but it sucks for sure. #germanbonusstuffnao #youllloveit
  5. Listened to it, more or less running in the background. The relation to dance art already made me sceptical. Now I think I listened to a big drone. So, initial impression is disappointment. Will give it further tries though.
  6. "Mord mit Aussicht". It's on Netflix. Cop from big city (Cologne) now somewhere out in the countryside (Hessen). It's depicting village societies and clichees in a funny way. Germans being Germans. I love that kind of stuff. Related is "Neues aus Büttenwarder". It's about our northerners. Even if exaggerated, in that kind of shows you learn a lot about local societies.
  7. WurstPLUS


    German Shephard. Mine is a street dog, ie, mixture most likely, but veeery much looks like a GS, except his ears aren't straight up. I learnt that Germans pretty much discriminate GS. Even in the group of my dogs best buddies, if we approach an unknown GS, people said "ACHTUNG Schäferhund!" - Other situation: male adult GS gets into trouble with another male dog... which is quite normal... people say "German Shephard shines through". Ears not straight up is an advantage, makes dog more look like a puppy, people will not so often be in fear and behave more naturally, which is important. My prior dog was a Sarplaninac, awesome dog. I personally dislike dogs of rat size. Too fragile, terrible voice.
  8. It is released. Bought it of Bandcamp, yet have to listen.
  9. https://www.musicomh.com/features/interviews/murcof-fernando-corona-alias-sessions-interview
  10. 4:30 Before the storm, then all the Squarepusher meat coming...
  11. The applause at the ending of Come To Daddy (Mummy mix) - funny af for me. Whole track is an authority.
  12. There was a live recording (manchester botw?) with an imo better ending part. IIRC dirtier decay. Matter of taste. EDIT: THIS ONE. LISTEN @ 46:00. Absolute insanity! I wish I would have witnessed it live. Also listen 39:00, Liccflii. Insanity on steroids.
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