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  1. Such a solid release. Hoping for a Stem Sell II - they remixed so much. My current favorites: 03. The Villain (Plaid Remix).mp3 05. Les Hippocampes (Plaid Remix).mp3 13. Where Did He Go … And Why (Plaid Remix).mp3 20. Morning Blues (Plaid Remix).mp3 26. Yourturn (Plaid Remix).mp3 28. Room With A View (Plaid Remix).mp3 If you want to celebrate beauty, nature and life, Plaid is the goto IDM band.
  2. OMG. I love Tatortreiniger (A german show). S1E3, "Nicht über mein Sofa" is immortal. Eg it's on https://www.netflix.com/watch/70308052 Bjarne Mädel, the actor, is awesome. The old lady deserves an Oscar for her acting. This track here is a real fun track.
  3. I expect remixes of Shostakovich Syms. nos. 5 and 11.
  4. Well I probably don't know those remixes - Your posting confuses me, so you like the following one (which is not the typical Plaid stuff imo)? URLs help...
  5. I use streaming mainly coz. my wife loves it.. and also buy all the music that is important to me (most likely Bandcamp). I want to throw money at musicians, I want to own it, I want a lossless source which I easily convert to my many target devices with fb2k. Ah, I only buy files. As for books or audio, I lost interest in physical media long ago. When I was young, in the 80s buying records, my dream was to have A WHOLE ALBUM on a small cube as big as dices. With maybe no need for direct contact as it was the case with tape or vinyl. I hated tape his and was sensitive about adjustment of the head. I hated vinyl crackles and noise. Disadvantages of the technology. I still don't need those. Dream more than came true 😍 What I miss is being in record shops. I don't have to tell you, finding a new, purple record of WARP was some kind of world championship ejaculation jackpot.
  6. On Bandcamp as well? No need for physical releases... Seen it on his Facebook today... very welcome news.
  7. Yeah my favourite track on Elseq. Elseq and NTS - most awesome era.
  8. No, but that woman looks familiar... some actor?
  9. Until Windowlicker: Fire. Post Windowlicker RDJ is kinda OK-ish. Shostakovich>Ae<=>Thom Yorke>BoC>RDJ>South pacific throat music. Btw Thom/Nannou
  10. "If you say the word" is massive. The beginning already, vibrato guitar and the bass moving down, this is wonderful stuff, doesn't sound old, could have been done by Jonny Greenwood 2021. Perfect autumn track. The video is excellent. Human being adapting, back to where you belong, you can take a lot from it... Works very well also in a post Corona ("Back to office") context.
  11. fixt. Instabought. But. C'mon guys. All fanboyism aside, this is underwhelming. Sounds uninspiring. Compare that one to the Oberman Knocks rmx. Nah. And where is the Ae in this? My eyes hear no Ae in this at all. This track is clearly: Am I right or am I a miserable fuck? 🙂 Rob or Sean mentioned called some old albums "cheesy" once. So now, what is this please? Ultracheese? /stoprage, and thanks Paul and Fritz for keeping us busy 😉
  12. OMG I'm old - I'm a Stakker/Humanoid contemporary witness. What's next then? Altern8 - Evapor8 pls Or some good ole Baby Ford Ae revival. Want it to be good. Sophie Bipp was hands down shite.
  13. It's not about a meal. I found out - it's about sex. ES GIBT REIS; GUYS!
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