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  1. Must really say his recent stuff, maybe Medusa onwards, is wonderful and really diverse. Still digesting MMLXVII, I love the darker vibes of it. 00006 is the shit esp. center part, where there's all the fun.
  2. Listened to 00004 and thought an important exm theme is destroying sand castles 😄 Maybe the title means "Confessions of a 1977 bully" lol
  3. You're very productive! Instabuy as always.
  4. Hi guys, what are the tools of choice if typically I have a self-created music file, but want to upload to Youtube? Obviously needs a video file/container. I'm fine with just adding a steady image. Also: What would be an ideal output format for my daw? Ideally I don't want any transcoding to happen. Most lossy formats support embedded pictures. If only Youtube just allowed uploading audio files and made use of embedded album art... Note to self: or I should look at the video capabilities of my DAW, Reaper. thx
  5. Only possible in classical music for me. As for IDM, very close is:
  6. For me it was mostly a classical music year. Outside of the classical realms it was a good year, but not one I found something that really makes me go crazy, i.e. on stellar levels of hype. I found out meanwhile it's more the conventional stuff that touches me most - e.g. 3:30 ff. in redSquare/exm - so lovely. exm is on a good way imo. I was always saying IDM artists shall experiment as much as they can. But traditional elements/good melodies/vocals makes them real winners. Listened to quite some Beethoven Piano Sonatas recently and thought, "what if our IDM heroes were capable to write such incredible stuff?" Yeah, just lose thoughts. Here's my favourites of 2021: The two albums of exm: A few single tracks of exm. Standouts: All WATMMers love Radiohead - and the video is awesome: Don't tell anyone I+II. I'm not exactly a fan of rapping, but Ghostemane is my thing there. Ängie/Antiparos, that refrain got burnt into my head.
  7. So after a long phase of research I found how to embed an album but usually I do not need that. How did you manage to link a track, track number 9 here?
  8. Lovely track https://neoouija1.bandcamp.com/track/litter-ext - unfortunately not for digital distribution.
  9. Nobody mentioned Squarepusher - Tundra? Probably I overlooked it. Ralph Vaughan Williams - Sinfonia Antarctica ... Grim, cold, the struggles of survival...
  10. Or https://borealnetwork.net/ ? Not sure if comparisons are fair though.
  11. I'm ready for new BoC in 2022. Want the BoC feelz badly. Also, Plaid. Other than that, I do not care much if there wasn't new releases of the other biggies. Ae post NTS was more meh for me. Must admit I haven't got too high expectations as for Ae. Not caring about RDJ at all, the love died. There's enough music out there. Don't we have a 2021 retrospective thread? I'm overall fine with all the classical music to explore and as for IDM, exm's releases do the job for me. Last weak I just noticed I missed some Mike P music, Chewed Corners and Scurlage.
  12. He's released two more tracks. Not for free... but it feels wrong to create a thread for every single one-track-release https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/under-o-e-p https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/tofrost Under O is 20 minutes, quite a capacity. Especially in the 5 minutes outro part, the *youguesswho* vibes are strong in this.
  13. https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/under-o-e-p
  14. "Can only" - Haha yeah that's the thing with voices. You pretty much get used to one specific interpretation, they are all quite different, and you can never listen to others 😄 Emma Kirkby, I love a lot of her singing because in Purcell era music I usually chose recordings with her. Her clean voice goes very well with that era, but in of Dido, she's just alright for me. Winterreise Schubert - Only with Fischer-Dieskau/Demus, lotsa Schmaltz 😄.
  15. I always wonder how many centuries of practising it would take for me... to play as in 5:30 ff. So much total insanity in this one.
  16. My alltime favourite Dido and Aeneas. Concert d'Astree. Here Didos Lament, obviously. Susan Graham singing. 2:50 ff. makes me a total mess.
  17. Valentina Lisitsa is my favourite living piano player for the most part. Here's Beethoven Tempest Sonata (the beautiful mvmt. - what if our IDM heroes created such melodies?) recorded with a GoPro cam. She has uploaded a lot of interesting stuff. E.g. her practising. Complete performance is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3gavEOlXdY
  18. The finale of Sibelius 4. It's the oppossite of boombastic endings, but has always impressed me massively. Dark souls like me love the funeral march kind of phrase at 38:43. The bleakness of the ending - wonderful... 37:40 (Sym. ends at 39:20) BTW, Sibelius funeral march (In Memoriam) is very loveable. There's not just Bruckner Wagner funeral march in 7/2 or Beethovens Marcia Funebre in Eroica. Also, Kurt Atterberg has a great funeral march in Sym. #5.
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