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  1. 4:30 Before the storm, then all the Squarepusher meat coming...
  2. The applause at the ending of Come To Daddy (Mummy mix) - funny af for me. Whole track is an authority.
  3. There was a live recording (manchester botw?) with an imo better ending part. IIRC dirtier decay. Matter of taste. EDIT: THIS ONE. LISTEN @ 46:00. Absolute insanity! I wish I would have witnessed it live. Also listen 39:00, Liccflii. Insanity on steroids.
  4. Obviously I could mention lots of Ae moments. But here's another one. Radiohead Decks Dark. Starts neutral/positive, suddenly at 1:20 it all falls down into minor scale (I guess it's a scale change). Ok, just one+ Ae moment. The final crackle of Lentic Catachresis. Surripere, the masterful transitions between the parts. tt1pd slowdown. Stop Look Listen the tempo slowdown. That was awesome, I'm a contemporary witness. Aphex/Ventolin, especially the part steady beep/no drums...
  5. What can be done is setting WhatsApp offline (disable wifi/mobile/roaming just for WhatsApp) via Android setting... but it's too clunky to do that on a temp. basis. I also hate you cannot disable Whatsapp calls.
  6. I try to limit myself using SM only for special interest related stuff. I use Facebook only because local town people participate in a group there. But I end up being disappointed about my fellow citizens. They are often incredibly stupid, have a terrible orthography, judge immediately without having enough data. Example: A car crashed, more is not known... and they start talking about drivers driving too fast. 2nd next person already wishes the crash driver to die. Probably the rather uneducated, unemployed or bored people are at home there. I usually do not write. But it's enlight
  7. BTW, it was sweet. Worst insult my grandma (born 1920s) used: "DIESE ALTE TUCKE!" I cannot even explain what a Tucke is. An outdated swear word depicting a woman at least. Sea pls
  8. Just recognized that 'The Long Dark' can be modded. Will again dump a lot of time into TLD. http://xpazeman.com/tld-mod-list/
  9. Wurst reporting in. Echt jetzt?
  10. Paradinas: Strawberry Fields Hotel Jenkinson: Detroit People Mover Both simple, lovely, genious
  11. Curious how it is different. Windscale 2 is the shiet
  12. Yeah, seems like TWD is clearly devided into pre-Negan and Negan.
  13. Did never watch TWD, started a while ago. I'm at 7x4 now. Negan has entered the chat.
  14. Many months after the release I must say, I don't want to miss Terminal Slam and Detroit People Mover. Usually listening to only those. The Squarepusher badassness in TS does not feel old IMO, I love the drum programming there. I'm totally willing to explode starting at 2:29. Much love for the 1/64 1/128 kick effect and the pad coming in at 3:23. And those high speed cymbals/whatever in that section, so good and flawless.
  15. A new 11 track album. https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/post-acuem
  16. Well, LFO - Sheath has no thread here. Track 1 - Blown - is currently blowing my mind. 18 years late. I don't know why it happened, must appeared on shuffle, suddenly it was stuck in my head. Good stuff. Back in those days, I was like "meh", skipped over some tracks, forgot about it. Same already happened for Advance. I think LFO were "past" back then, we were on other IDM trips I guess. What about you, (contemporary witnesses of) WATMM? Any preferences on Sheath?
  17. First video 2:55 + confuses me, I'm not telling why and you'll not guess.
  18. Newest release is in good old Ae fashion, something happens somewhere... 😄 https://pulse-state.bandcamp.com/track/exm-2second-interval My favourite tracks of him and last year were exmcarolfun, Kae and exm III IIIIII: https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/exmcarolfun https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/kae https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/exm-iii-iiiiii
  19. Without alcohol involved, I was in a kind of drunk and dizzy state when there was the Ae ama. #watmmaema2pls
  20. Royal Astronomy, My little Beautiful and Brace Yourself for me. Also Bluff Limbo. Duntisbourne has Strawberry Fields Hotel. Speaks to my heart in a direct way.
  21. Otherwise they'd have to be "invalid essential mixes", that's the point. Biggest milestone for a '72 oldlad like me. I mean LFO and WARP, I'd probably remember those even with late stage Alzheimers.
  22. Changing (Ae) ringtones per call. The obvious need is obvious, we all agree, right? 😁😁😁
  23. BTW on his Faceborg he said there will be another album project to be released this year. Not Oceano. "With some female vocals".
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