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  1. The ugly truth is: This weird asian music usually makes my ears bleed. I prefer listening to Qebrus.
  2. Ah, didn't notice it's a mixtape. Interest level 0.
  3. Personally I am the arch enemy of flawed technology, especially the one which I used in my childhood and which we dreamt of overcoming. Dream came true. Music even transferred through the air, we didn't even dream that. And today they sell cassettes and vinyl, serving hipster wet dreams of exclusivity. They aren't exclusive. Just human beings who shit and die. Nah, I'm all for the Bandcamp model. Publish 24b/96k audio even, if possible. You can hate me now. Yours, Wurst of Love
  4. I've got all those and even a remaster wouldn't convince me. Remasters often are worse than the original. Eg, Feed Me Weird Things, not convinced at all. Many tracks almost/fully mono.
  5. OMG. Totally missed it. Instabuy
  6. Cassette? And most outdated lossy format, namely mp3? Only on Boomkat? d-a-fuuuq?
  7. Anyone knowing a source of FLAC release? It's such a classic but not on Bandcamp, or Bleep...
  8. After Rekobn-Tich-Ey, I have never played the 1998 mp3s and did not compare... Guys, has nobody noticed, the new release plays at a lower pitch mostly? Eg Itch, old release is like one semitone above new Itch. But not at different speed.
  9. Was badly waiting for new exm output. 😀 Pretty evil breaks at track 1, 7:45 ff. hrhr
  10. 1.6.11, latest ColumnsUI and see screenshot, this is what you are looking for.
  11. Cannot check computer rn, I think it's in Columns UI.
  12. https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ Strong Ae vibes maybe
  13. https://interfax-com-ua.translate.goog/news/interview/834181.html?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de&_x_tr_pto=wapp I'm happy that burning books is not on the agenda. Yet. So now since officials of Ukraine tend to have ideas for western nations, I really hope that Germany doesn't make the same old mistakes again, just in order to attract the mainstream. But everything is possible.
  14. Long time no release, your music is my drug... Mabel_i is my favourite track this year. For the classical music listener, it kind of asks for serious air conducting 😁
  15. Thin Thing. And aww, FB2K has never been as sexy now that ColumnsUI has dark mode (not sure if that is new though).
  16. As for the more ambient side I have an obsession for Mabel_i from his recent Odd Times EP, flows so well, very classical build, I am happy he decided not to destroy/distort/filter/ringmod/etc it halfway through. This one is purest beauty.
  17. Know this one? https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/autvip
  18. Oh in the interview he said he uses Microtonic for percs. Interesting... I almost forgot it exists, such a dinosaur 🙂
  19. Hi guys, my brain doesn't handle it or lack creativity. I'm wondering about a general approach. DAW is Reaper or Studio One. I want to generally be able to make a measurement at one point/track. Let's say, the simplest, some current average volume level. Depending on the current measurement I want to control parameters, at best ANY, whichever I like. Let's say some feedback parameter of some VST plugin. What is the approach here? Some extra plugin which measures - and permanently spits out control messages? MIDI CC? Aww I did not yet or use Midi cc. Or is there something I do not see? Thx for your input
  20. Latest UA plugins don't have their gorgeous param. modulation system any more. WHY.
  21. @exm Any word on BC being acquired by Epic... Any change to future distrib. of your music?
  22. They must keep the downloading system, otherwise it would not make sense for me. I'm an oldschool ha.org/fb2k/tagging/converting/collecting/flac/lame/youknowwhat veteran.
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