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  1. Hey guys! I just finished a track that honestly i'm not sure will fit in very well here, but I wanted you guys to check it out because I value your opinions! Stick with it, I promise it gets electronic-y haha Thinking of dropping an ep soon but we'll see!
  2. Feelin good today, you know what that means
  3. Honestly gotta agree, saw it opening night and it was such a massive let down. It felt like a movie made to make college dudes go "WOAH!!! They're fuckin with time!! Now theres a war!!". I also saw the "twist" from a mile away since they made it so so obvious. I don't think there is a single ounce of subtlety in this movie unfortunately.
  4. Man we really are living in such a good fuckin time for dramatic tv huh. Breaking bad, sopranos, better call saul, atlanta, and probably more that im forgetting.
  5. Imma keep it real with you guys, I feel that just like most genres of music there is good hyperpop and bad hyperpop. Some of ag cooks songs are definitely hit or miss for me but fuck, the dudes got serious production skills. You can also tell a lot of these people are huge idm/electronica fans just like some of us. Some of the stuff coming out of the scene is really dope and to dismiss it just because it falls under that tag is pretty whack imo
  6. I feel that covid has created like, this mini renaissance for music, but like mause said above, its tricky because at this point theres SO much new music that were all gonna be back logged for a while. A blessing and a curse lol
  7. Yeah im not sure! Ive been calling them sampled vocals but im not sure if theres a technical term lol. Thanks for the feedback tho dude I appreciate it!
  8. After watching the RLM review, there is no way in hell im watching S2, but whatd you think of the first two seasons? for reference:
  9. yeah dude, been down that road too. Its always either stolen or fake or completely broken. You know what they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is 😛
  10. Thanks for the feedback dude! Yeah I think ur right about some added flourishes, been working on some stuff recently with a lot more variety. Glad the energy was there! Thats the most important piece to this song imo
  11. Ok so this honestly sounds kinda interesting, and my question is, why does stuff like this have to be so taboo in the US? I feel like if the animal is going to die why not use every part of its body that you can.
  12. Whiskey story time is SO nice. Reminds me a bit of the Hausu soundtrack for some reason haha
  13. Thanks man! yeah I sample a drum loop and layer it on top of programmed drums, then sometimes slice up for variation.
  14. Hey guys Im fairly new here and would love to hear what you think of my new song. I've been struggling to get myself to release music for years, so I hope you guys dig it!
  15. Yeah you really nail the sense of like, a cornucopia of sounds while it never sounding like too much sensory wise? If that makes any sense. Really cool stuff though dude, I highly encourage doing more stuff in this style, I dig it
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