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  1. digging coercer drums, good stuff
  2. Hi all, I've uploaded some tracks. Let me know which ones you like if any + general feedback appreciated. Thanks for listening. 🙂
  3. Will always Wolves Crew, New Years Storm and Iradelphic.
  4. Nice! I enjoyed the melodies and chords on both tracks. Cool vibes. Not bad on the sound design either!
  5. Checked your others out. Very sci-fi. A bit more level-balancing on the highs and the atmosphere is coming together well.
  6. haha gnarly indeed. 7 was lovely.
  7. Nice! Looks fun. Definitely competing guitar and synth bass there, so I'd remove or configure one. Keep experimenting. Guitar has potential. I really liked your robot #4. Elements more segmented and fit together better here.
  8. Cool! Like the video style - complimented track well. The colder mood reminded me of Autechre at start.
  9. Beautiful track, loved the end sweep transition 6:42 onward and the side-chain at the start. Soft and pumping.
  10. I really like that Apollo track man. Really great melodies and overall feel. Levels were great - I wasn't distracted by the individual sounds and found myself totally in the zone of the song. Hearting.
  11. Cool tracks! I really enjoyed Turia. A bit of distortion on the bass and some synths could be really brought out because they're great. That and Aktionsekvens have cool video-game vibes. Peking - cool combo of sounds going on there. Same with Gdfoxzfs. Has those 90s acid vibes. Sometimes I noticed myself listening to individual sounds then listening to the song as a whole. I know these are a rawer form, but perhaps that's just a matter of balancing the levels a bit with EQ and compression to make them flow into a seemless whole. Fun stuff!
  12. I liked this: total fun. Not trying too hard and appreciated the simplicity amidst the cool quirk of waves and drums.
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