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  1. No, you'll end up at the other side of the spectrum. Like a circle. So *you* can pretend to be smart now! ;D
  2. Dpends on the kind of drugs. 😉
  3. Exactly! We're all wired that way. Our view on things and our ideals tend to be the best, or else we wouldn't have them. Putting those ideals and beliefs in the proper perspective however... Well, I've hit my head against that wall quite regularly. You learn as you go, so to speak. And the learning never stops. I suffer my own limited perspective. But in a good way...hopefully
  4. Fair. Although I do like to add there is no "the capitalist". Or "the socialist", for that matter. Western Europe tends to have different ideas about capitalism than, say, the US. Or Britain even. So I think these generalisations distort discussions like these. Or in other words, the different narratives become unmovable stereotypes and discussions become pointless. Because without any movement, what's the point of having a discussion? In my experience, I get the impression these discussions mostly reflect the frustrations about US politics and the apparent inability to act on its social issue
  5. anyone seen a blimp anywhere? thx. although live rip doesn't mean much for me. there's plenty of stuff in there from others. tracks get mistaken to be from him quite regularly, if my memory serves me well. either way, i like those tracks. regardless of who made them.
  6. Cool track! Thx. In case people are looking for a digital: Petter has a bandcamp page, but this is not on there. (Haven't heard is other tracks, but will check.) It is available at beatport, however. Other track is also good. Both tracks would fit well somewhere in an AFX dj set, imo. Don't know about other services. After checking bandcamp, I went to beatport. Which I haven't been to in years. And from the looks of it, nothing has changed around there. Beatport is still pretty much the same as 5 years ago. Much prefer bandcamp, tbh.
  7. Indeed. Also think it's rather funny how hormonal anti-conception has similar risks for clotting, but no-one cares. Now when it's a vaccine and the world is watching, peoples pants are on fire. Might as well be cases of women still using anti-conception and a vaccine.
  8. Must say these doesn't sound like afx to me, but I like them nevertheless. Would be surprised if this is new afx though.
  9. "How does the world view Saudi Arabia these days" Perhaps that thread won't be reduced to "capitalism yes/no"?
  10. Sounds to me like he put all his all stuff in a blender. To my ears there are bits and pieces of his older work everywhere. And it's a bit all over the place. Perhaps it needs more time to settle in, but first impression is meh. 😕
  11. Zeff, thought of moving to China? Why don't you just go live there?
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