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  1. Thx! True, you weren't arguing that. Wasn't specifically thinking of you when I wrote that. My bad. I thought Auxien did though. Maybe I misunderstood. That first link does show it's a bit more complicated. There's a distinction between foreign intelligence and domestic. And yesterdays event was purely domestic. So, I think my point still stands.
  2. Hi noob here. But long time reader. I'm a bit confused. As far as I can tell, those agencies are only allowed access to data of US citizens *if* there's a reasonable cause. If people expect the FBI and the likes to be *on top of this*, like some have, people are basically saying they should be allowed to access all that data without any particular cause. I've seen plenty people in the past around here arguing against these types of surveillance practices. And rightly so. But the consequence is that FBI/etc can only knock on Twitters/Facebooks door *after* the event, or at least with
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