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  1. Probably expected because he played Gandhi in "some" oscar winning movie
  2. Didn't know Gandhi wrote Hitler a letter (before WW2 in 1939). Complete mind fuck...
  3. I hope these angry people are a bit calmer knowing scotus is doing all their angry work for them. Lots of the evangelicals supported orange fruitcake because of this. And only this. So now that their wishes have come true, they might go for a somewhat less unhinged buffoon. Like florida beach guy. Of course, they still like a combative conservative eager to fight against liberalism. The unhinged bit though, i think they might pass on that one.
  4. So lets hope the jan 6th committee will continue doing what they’re currently doing. Not interested in having this unhinged buffoon anywhere near the white house again…
  5. Bandcamp digitals can be downloaded straight away. Haven't listened, but i havent seen talk about remaster or anything. So i assume it's unchanged. And the tracklist is also the same. Bought it anyways because the digitals i had, were old and i needed better versions 😜 (i had the cd album as well, but my computer dont eat cd's anymore so ripping is too much of a hassle) And i hate to say it guys, but artwork sschmartswork. Couldn't care less, really. I can understand the perspective of the artist, it's like your baby and all that good stuff. But personally, i only care about the sounds. Not interested in what your baby looks like. imsowwiebutnotreally
  6. So, basically Rachel from Blade Runner is going to save the USA!?
  7. Interesting. No idea this existed. Just posting some links to check out later, because I'm currently in public transport and want to hear it 😉 https://www.discogs.com/release/2055716-Deee-Lite-Dancefloor-Oddities-Sampladelic-Relics-Deee-Remixes
  8. hopefully also digitals on bandcamp *cross fingers*
  9. just gonna post this and see whether we can move on from the transformers 😉
  10. His picture speaks volumes. Looks like it was a blast! A thrilling and exciting day!
  11. Exactly. The thing which fascinates me though, is you can study his activities and investments just to see in what kind of F-ed up world we live. It's like an education. Or vaccine, if you will. He's like a political activist with deep pockets of money and technological know-how. It's a bit of a simplification, but you only need to look at what he does in order to figure out how to improve or protect a democracy in the age of social media. If there are unwanted holes in the law, he'll show you. 😉
  12. lovely dissection of the original 1984 transformers theme
  13. That’s some smart thinking! From the investing in shares perspective, I mean. But yes, lobbying works. Especially in the US. It’s also strangely transparent though. Kinda like singing “ this is how we do it” Montell Jordan style.
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