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  1. No. This is so generic, I can't even put you in a direction. Normally, year or label/country or something. But this sounds really generic. Don't mean to be so negative, but there isn't much to distinguish these tracks from others. And it sounds familiar. But in a bad way, I'm afraid. Sorry.
  2. There was a CDC presentation leaked recently which talked about the new delta variant. And amongst other things, the effect of being vaccinated. Essentially, the main idea is that vaccines are still the number one solution to prevent the pandemic to get worse. But given delta, it will be more difficult to get this message across, as vaccinated people can still get covid (still 8 times less likely than unvaccinated). And when they get it, they can spread it just like unvaccinated people. But the time they can spread it is roughly half the time compared to people who are not vaccinated. Or, in other words, it's still important to get vaccinated, but it will be harder to convince people to get vaccinated (because of more people who are vaccinated risking getting covid anyways). I've read a couple of articles saying this delta variant might be a game changer. (source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/29/cdc-mask-guidance/) (document: https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/cdc-breakthrough-infections/94390e3a-5e45-44a5-ac40-2744e4e25f2e/)
  3. In all seriousness though. And I mean ALL seriousness. This could not be considered a well-desgined RCT. Because the control group, the anti-vaxxers, are not just a random group. There seems to be a huge selection bias. It's mostly ..euh... very particular people. With valid concerns. And nice tinfoil hats.
  4. But how would they know those voyagers were sent at them specifically? It's a message in a bottle. Not directed at anyone in particular. Must be a rapey sort of aliens to think like that. Scary. I hope it's fake!
  5. OK, this would imply the aliens to live in our very own solar system. As both voyagers haven't been past the van-oort cloud at this point in time. Takes another 300 years to reach it even. /actually
  6. Had my second pfizer 5G shot almost two weeks ago (2 weeks coming Thursday) and must say I didn't notice anything besides a sore shoulder this time. So no noticeable side-effects for me. Either already I had covid without knowing. Or I'm just lucky not to have those side-effect others seemed to have. My new magnetic powers are awesome though!
  7. And he died with an actual corona on his head! O-M-G!!! Jesus died "with" cornona! Repent christian, or you will have the same fate!
  8. Great! Now do one about zeffolia being a radical extremist. ;D
  9. yeah, im aware. i was talking about the use of wit in the first place. not just about creating an appearance of respect while actually doing the complete opposite. true though. there's a complete dark side it. but when used the "right" way, it can be light. and some form of intellectual lubrication. there's multiple sides to it, imo. i should check alexeis book stuff though. thx for the tip!
  10. I can completely understand his sentiment. I have had plenty of situations where I have lost my cool. And even though that might be for a good reason, the thing which matters is his effectiveness. Fauci has a lot of weight on his shoulders. If he loses his cool and doing so risks convincing the people who are still on the fence, he's got a problem. It's his role to convince those on the fence. With an outburst like that - even if it's justified - he risks losing his effectiveness. This is huge part of what officials in the public eye have to deal with on a regular basis, btw. Respectfully respond to any crazy prejudices and beliefs out there. What he did here was similar to Hillary Clinton standing on a stage and calling Trump supporters out for deplorables. Regardless of the truthfulness of that statement, from a political perspective it's an ineffective statement. It's a tight line these people have to walk. Clintons comment didn't had the same emotional load as Faucis. And was perhaps meant as a bit of a joke even. And that backfired. So even jokingly putting Paul back into his place with a comment like that (the eye doctor thing), will go wrong. Paul is an elected official. It's his job to ask critical questions. Fauci should have kept his elephant-skin jacket on. No matter what. If an elected official walks into the senate with a snowball in his hand, arguing climate change is a hoax, going on a personal rant wont be doing any good. Even if the supporters would love to see it that way. It's better to look at the Brits for this stuff, imo. The Brits have a beautiful tradition of wittiness which can work wonders in situations like these. They can just respectfully outwit someone in arguments like this. Keep their cool. And between the lines crush their opponent without losing the perception of being respectful. (I'm an admirer of the British wittiness culture) This was way too much text, wasnt it? O well. I spend some time typing it. Now I have to submit it :S
  11. oof. although i have to say that paul's argument isn't far fetched either. grants were given to that lab for types of experiments where virusses are allowed/made to evolve. Even though the grants had nothing to do with experiments on virusses related to covid, it was an investment in the kind of research which might prove to be problematic in the context of covid. i can understand both perspectives, tbh. and both have a core of truth to them, i believe. this is not an either/or thing as far as im concerned. but the emotional response from fauci didn't help him to make his case, imo. i'm sure people will slash me for this, but that's how it can go in life i guess.
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