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  1. To put it into perspective: how much progression has there been in the last 3000 years? 15-20 years is the blink of an eye. I think we're lucky to have experienced a part in music history where technological advances pushed developments in music. We basically went from acoustic to electronic to digital in a single lifetime. Don't think there's more like that in the past 3000 years. And unrealistic to expect that to simply continue, tbh.
  2. Not sure where to put this. But this is great. He begins easy and then... yeah 😛
  3. Incredible to have Ae remix this classic! Thx!!!!! How about getting them to do a whole album remixing classics like these :-)
  4. im being attacked by a dinosaur! whats a radio? ;D
  5. Ah yes! thx. Remember someone mentioning that earlier already. Anyways, awesome remix. Shame its only released on dec 3rd. That's a bit of a wait..
  6. those clips sound tasty! (also the dred and vibert remixes) so, what does a664 stand for? acid? (it sounds like ae using some proper acid! 😄 )
  7. he's 50!? to be released may next year!? Sounds like a proper album. instawaittobuy
  8. Was expecting some tunes, rubin. What's the deal? Just some creepy jpg?
  9. Nah. MYSLB licensed their Autechre tracks to be used on the comp. Look here https://www.discogs.com/release/549-Various-Artificial-Intelligence Guess those tracks (3=crystel; 8=the egg) were from before their WARP contract
  10. Neo says being forced into taking either the red or the blue pill is an infringement on your personal freedom. And if Neo says it, it must be true!
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