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  1. Perhaps shows are better nowadays, but I really have a hard time to see why I should put time into TV shows. Although I must admit to having a manic TV show session once or twice a year. Either when I’m really sick, or the holidays with nothing else to do. Last xmas I tried that new Game of Thrones series (house of dragon), but after 4 episodes I couldn’t be bothered sitting that season out. It just bored me. Story, characters, actors. What else is there? O, sex, fighting and cgi dragons. Sure, that never gets old… Waste of time.
  2. I don’t watch TV and it’s bliss! It’s like taking a vacation off from social media. You have to be off to realize how much you’re wasting your life when you’re on.
  3. Been a while but I still enjoy those mixes from time to time. Didn’t know they were up on the tube. With a tracklist, no less! Lovely stuff. Been a while since I’ve heard mr76ix as well. Great track. Always hoped he’d release more. He had a bunch of really good releases in his years. Lots of nostalgia to those days…bliss
  4. It’s Greybeard! someone should write a lord of the acids trilogy. About a dysfunctional journey of a fellowship to save the 303 of power from the clutches of the lord of evil, phill colins.
  5. Can’t pick one. Both have their moments. But strangely, I like Incunabula better as an album, and yet Amber has the better individual tracks. It’s just that as an album, Amber isn’t varied enough. Or, to try to put more confusion into my comment: Amber is better, but Incunabula is the better album. Got it?
  6. I was hoping for a collection of his older solo work, tbh. And a bandcamp option. It’s neither. New orchestral stuff? And whats with these options? Deezer? Whatevs 😕
  7. Yeah. I think the hard thing is that during this pandemic we've had a number of times where premature conclusions were drawn from only a few results from studies which didn't even got peer reviewed. Or so-called pre-publications. But I'm sure science is working hard on it. And there might be some results pointing in this direction (immune system showing aging effects after a number of corona infections.). I'm afraid we might be still a number of years away before science can make any hard conclusions. If only for the fact that long term effects take a long time to unfold.
  8. Interested in how they distinguished between people with an immune deficiency before multiple corona infections and people developing an immune deficiency after having multiple corona infections. Because, arguably, you’d think there would be a pre-existing immune deficiency in order to have multiple infections. Normally your immune system grows stronger. Not weaker. By having some exercise. Unless there are some other factors involved. Like growing old… ( read: my spider senses explode after reading such an article. Doesn't look like good information to me)
  9. Sounds like an important insight that will help you moving forward. You’re still calling her your wife though. Not your ex. Consciously?
  10. Hope it works out for you and your brother!
  11. Great to hear! It’ll be worth it if you keep setting goals for yourself. And working toward those. Improving yourself and the world around you. There’s already a bunch of achievements in your post you can feel good about and really help you. The divorce is shitty, but you handled it like a pro. There can be joy in that as well. Or pride even. May sound silly. But you can see where I’m coming from. Booze (etc) doesn't give you that. There’s no reward in getting drunk. The joy from booze is empty. There’s not much worth in that. But yeah, your health is central. That seems to be the one thing that can break everything you’ve built up right now. How about a trip to Canada to get a proper diagnosis? Next goal perhaps?
  12. Could also be iTunes. Don't know about today but that used to have a bunch of visualisers as well. Probably an old version that doesn't run on current computers...
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