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  1. Frik, there's way too much unreleased good stuff! Richie, pls!
  2. That's a long list of releases! And many of them LPs. Yummy 😄 Hopefully they'll do digitals as well. But they haven't put up too many releases up on their bandcamp 😞
  3. Love that slo version of the Marshall chords! Did he put that up on SC somewhere? Must have missed it.. grr Only have the 36sec version.
  4. do jlin and afrodeutsche fill the bill?
  5. Yes! Also check his predawn qualia ep. Bit more melodious. And the 61 mirros/ music for skalar album. The 8th track on this album is a beaut. Doesn't fit this thread, but if you're into those dreamy aphex ambient tracks with those early morning blissful melodies, that 8th track should be your thing. There's prob more good stuff, but thanks to your post I see I'm only aware of half the stuff he has on bandcamp at the moment. ;D
  6. Nice! In the description on SC it says Does this mean we'll get to see a proper release of this? The date/year makes it a bit too specific.
  7. Chris de Luca Unknown EP, Breakart EP has a couple good tracks. Obviously, the Bjork mit Funkstorung single is a must.
  8. Yeah, well, it's kind of an insult to have a couple of guys without masks carrying a casket with their groins. Brilliant set of gifs btw (the more you discover... thx!) 😄
  9. LOL Novax. Is that a No-vax thing? Or a Novavax? Probably both. 😉
  10. Yes! Interesting stuff. Couple of good tracks on there. Especially "let's move to belgium", "compund eyes b" and "nemo pro omnibus". This last track is a bit of a beast. It sounds like watching some kind of natural phenomenon unfold. Like watching BBC Earth. But on an alien planet. 😉
  11. Arguably, Omikron might be our saviour. It might have turned this corona variant into something way more harmless (because it doesn't impact the lungs (and/or kidneys and other organs even) like previous variants did, but instead, remains in the higher air pathways like a normal cold - which is why it's more transmissible.). First signs are that even with the higher transmission-rate, the absolute amount of people needing to go to the hospital might still be lower. *crosses fingers *
  12. Interesting video worth your time, imo. The guy is a british cardiologist. Has a bunch of good videos, mostly unrelated to covid, btw.
  13. Do both. And start with the movie. If you can't stomach the movie, you can skip ahead to the review. But try the movie first. In a way, it's a similar experience to watching the 3rd season of Twin Peaks. (neo is a talpa) ;D
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