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  1. OK, so now I'm confused. Just went to Bandcamp. I bought both the digital album and the CD with the extra tracks. In my collection only one version shows. And the download only has the original 11 tracks. Please don't tell me i f-ed up because I've bought two versions of the same album. 😕
  2. Wait, you can dl them from bandcamp (if you bought the cd)? Perhaps I misremembered, but didn’t he say these tracks wouldn’t be made available digitally? I hope they are…
  3. People compared Villalobos to Basic Channel?
  4. It helps to turn on the subtitles. He joked he thought it's all derivative to team doyobi.
  5. How bad is it if I still think it's funny? In a sad way. The logic is simple. And simply wrong. So wrong that it becomes funny. Endearing even. O well, I guess I have to carry the burden of being a bigot now...
  6. all ae tracks are onomatopoeia tracks!
  7. * pops a stella * To Hanal. And his bday party. And his CD player!
  8. I said nothing about a status quo. And to me, the status quo seems irrelevant. People who agree with a certain status quo might just as well have an ideology. I don't see why only people who don't agree with "the status quo" (whatever that means...) should have an ideology. And I also don't see the link with propaganda. Ideology and propaganda are two separate things. Propaganda is used to influence people on a larger scale. Perhaps you're thinking from a perspective where the goal is to force the population into the mold of a certain ideology using propaganda? I'd use the term indoctrination, btw. But again, I consider that a completely separate subject. That belongs more in the totalitarian regimes (regardless of the ideology) context where a group of people need to be forced to think/do something.
  9. To the extent I think I understand you, I can see where you're coming from. My main point of criticism however is that notions like ideology, identity, narratives, religion, political and philosophical preferences and bias seem to be mixed in an unhelpful way. And I know I'm adding a bunch of things you didn't (explicitly) mention. But I would argue you implicitly did. We all have a personal identity (or narratives if you will) and biases. And those influence how we view the world obviously. But, to me, when you're saying ideologies are like recipes, it looks like you're crossing over from - lets say - philosophy to psychology. Or rather, it looks like you're mixing them up. And in a way I feel is not helpful. For the current discussion it'd be helpful to draw shap(er) distinctions between the two. In my case, I'd argue it should be perfectly possible to say someone doesn't have a strong ideology on the one hand, but strong personal biases on the other. Having a strong ideology, to me, is like being part of a club. Wearing a T-shirt which says "Go Marx!". Or "I love Ayn Rand!", or something. Although wearing such a T-shirt doesn't necessarily imply having strong biases, because a person could be a fan - or an ideologist - but still open to other ideas. Point being: philosophies and psychologies are different things. Most people, I'd argue, are mostly unaware of various ideologies. Even though they might have personal preferences which could be mapped onto one or more ideologies, if you will. (there's going to lots of contradictory beliefs in many regular people, I belief - which is not necessarily a bad thing btw) But that isn't the same as having an ideology, imo. If someone has a specific ideology, I'd argue they would have invested time in learning about the various ideologies and chosen a specific one as their favourite. In such a way that it informs them on what to think on other issues as well (like a recipe). To me, this is definitely not something I would say is the norm. And I also disagree that it would be an individualist thing to say. The norm is that most people are driven by psychology rather than philosophy. Personally, I simply don't believe there's a single ideology as "the one with the best answers". And I don't think that's "individualist" to think either. When you'd map my political stance on various issues I imagine it wouldn't be consistent with a single ideology. And I personally feel that's fine. As I'm simply not interested in wearing a T-shirt supporting "the best" ideology. Final point is about the hyper-partisan atmosphere in the US (mainly). That phenomenon in my eyes is in no way proof that everyone has an ideology. The hyper partisan atmosphere has different causes. People having ideologies is not one of them. People having (a strong sense of) ideologies would be a symptom rather than a cause, in my estimation.
  10. to me, this seems more like a case of her trying to save her own country from oblivion. i get the impression she's well aware she can't save her party. and i'm fairly sure she isn't even trying. apart from trying to save her own seat. which, btw, looks like a mission impossible, at this point. (and she knows it) apart from that, it could be me but at a few points she looks close to the point of dropping a tear. she's not built for the trumpist world.
  11. Ideology is a fast road to deny facts and stick to some theoretical fantasy, as far as I'm concerned. And that's fundamentally different to being left, right or centrist, if you will. If you're right, left or centrist you can still look at the facts and make different choices according to political colour. Ideology is about having a set in stone view on what is good and what is wrong. Regardless of facts, context and whatnot. It's a political religion. Saying nobody is above ideology, to me, is like saying everyone is religious in some way. To which I can only say I disagree.
  12. Heard about this before, I believe. Army grade guns that will be on the market like the AR-15s currently are. (im not a gun enthousiast. but the point was, there will be guns on the market way more powerful than the current ar15s. and that's going to be a disaster)
  13. took me a while to figure out why that sounded so familiar
  14. Tarantino's latest: Pulp Science Fiction 😂
  15. I guess I'm a bit spamming Beau youtubes these days. But this one does a great deal explaining what is wrong about the Uvalde thing. (mass shooting at school in texas where the police basically stood outside doing nothing)
  16. Thanks for the heads-up, Brian Trageskin
  17. Perhaps he has become financially dependent on his followers. So now he needs to do stuff which allows him to score. It's all a bit too pathetic, imo. I was surprised Frans de Waal did an interview/podcast with him recently. Surprised he want there tbh. (Frans needs to sell his new book of course. But it's Frans so it's all good. I mean, his work actually has value)
  18. i guess it makes a difference if you're the president running the exact country you want to overthrow, or just some foreign agent without executive powers
  19. Smells like mental gymnastics. And I say this with the knowledge that voices in US government have indeed mentioned preferring Russia dig themselves in the Ukrainien hole (because it weakens them). Apparently, Russia is under some immediate threat. Which one exactly? Nazis in the Ukraine? Or Ukraine’s desire to join Nato (and or EU) and become a western democracy? * cough its not the nazis cough * And if so, what is the immediate threat? It didn’t look like the Ukrain was going anywhere (eu or nato). That discussion only started to move again *after* Putin made his decision to escalate. And this proces to move towards a western styled democracy, wasnt that based on what the Ukrainien people want? Have you noticed them fighting back against this Russian initiated invasion? You consider that a proxy war of the cough US cough? What do you think motivates the Ukrainien people? Do you really believe these people are mere pawns in some US power play? Come on man. How willfully ignorant do you think those Ukrainians are? They are fighting for their lives and you’re pointing fingers to some half arsed geopolitical propaganda from Russian state tv.
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