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  1. Not sure if this has been posted already, but the interview on juno is pretty interesting. (was wondering who Emma was from the signed artwork in silentvisions post. and google got this interview. was emma catnip, the visual (AI) artist) https://www.juno.co.uk/junodaily/2022/10/25/plaid-interview-electronic-music-and-sci-fi-are-places-where-youll-be-at-the-edge-of-all-sorts-of-ideas/
  2. These aren't new uploads? What's the deal? In case anyone is wondering, the boxenergyremix is still the same 192kbps mp3 as first uploaded ages ago (before soundcloud existed). and not a better version/rip edit: didn't see it was a poll!! sorry!!!! my bad. too much coffee with my own piss i guess boxenergy mix is winrar ofcourse
  3. Skipped a few tracks and thought: i need this in my life! Bought. Good shit, dgohn! ;D
  4. Remember kids, since Marx passed the world has stood still. The world is exactly the same as it was back then. *hops on conveyor belt to join the rest of the working gang
  5. Should be a concept album inspired by "the scene"
  6. Enjoyed this interview with Fiona Hill very much. Also goes into the election and all that
  7. There was a track on Tricky's Maxinquaye which I always skipped: Brand new you're retro. Not a bad track, but it completely went against the flow of the rest of the album. As if a good trip turned bad instantly. Album would have been perfect without it, imo. I'm a moron! 😄
  8. Depends. If I’m forced to buy the whole album, but I’m only interested in one or two tracks, I’ll pay for an EP. If the whole album is quality I pay for the whole thing. Usually I go with $2 per track as a minimum and see where I end up. And combine that with how much the music means to me. So there’s a potential bonus. (The minimum is stupid, thinking about it. As life is getting more expensive so basically I’m supporting artists less and less as inflation kicks in) I do want to mention that I prefer artists naming a price though. The name your price thing shouts “ i think it’s worthless, but you can pay all you want”. As if it’s OK to think its worthless as well. Dont like it.
  9. Looking at the design, I'd argue it's going to be a reissue. It's that first compilation green and type font.
  10. Financial Times did a recent post mortem of brexit. Takes you close to half an hour to sit through it. Most important takeaway is that the assumed negative long/midterm impact of the global pandemic is actually all about brexit. However, it’s not as bad as some would have wanted people to believe. The UK economy didn’t crash. But it is bad. And worse compared to what remain would have brought. If you’re anti-capitalist, please don’t bother watching. It’s propaganda made by the blood sucking reptilian society. Better to focus on your daily yoga session.
  11. Wow. Those should absorb all outside noises and kill all unwanted resonance. But those corners though. Looks like bleeding edge buttplug technology. ;D
  12. Audiophiles prefer golden buttplugs. Golden buttplugs produce cleaner sound, I was told. Especially cleaner bottom and highs.
  13. I consider them albums. Ae albums are collections of tracks which belong together and are longer in duration than singles/eps. Although I must add that I consider EP7 to be an album as well. Rather than an EP. Too much music for an ep, imo. And stands on its own legs as an album in their entire discography, imo. The live sets however are just that.
  14. Interesting comments made by this lawyer at the end of this 5 min interview. It’ s about the fast growing number of defamation lawsuits, it’s relationship to the growth of social media and how judges are fed up with these developments and are looking for ways to stop this development
  15. His head reminds me more of Jean Claude van Damme. Which is kinda ironic. Both are hacks. (Not an elon admirer)
  16. That clip at the deezer site doesn't sound like any of the named artists have been involved. And thb, doesn't sound interesting at all. Also, Bunker records a punk label? Didn't know you could make punk with silver boxes (303 etc) 😉
  17. The difficulty I have with what is happening here, is that a lay person will interpret this in whatever way they want. Without him explicitly spelling out what it doesn't mean, the naive reader can read into this what he or she wants. (call it confirmation bias if you will) Imo, good journalism is about knowing your readers and actively trying to avoid leaving stuff open like this. Or more specifically, he basically leaves the door open for people to use it for some inane dems=good and reps=bad type of argument. Which is frankly a misuse of these results. BTW, I have no problem with people having opinions about dems/reps and whatnot. But I do have a problem with people using bs-arguments to push their opinions as if they are factual. Which is just rubbish. Thanks. I don't expect one though. Have you seen many peer reviewed articles like this? I haven't! (and for good reasons probably) O, and this is another problem when it comes to presenting results like this (on twitter). Again, it's really bs what is happening here. And it flies past most peoples heads why that is the case. Said journalist should know better.
  18. Fair enough. It's just the message of this so-called scientific article. (doesn't look peer reviewed, btw. may well be a couple of students) It's basically some primitive Dems vs. Reps argument with a faint veneer of science. Which - i believe - doesn't help at all. But whatever though. Twitter-fight this pseudo political battle all you want, I guess. Looks like a waste of time to me. Don't expect any anti-vaxxers to think differently. And with respect to this paper, well I just think it's shoddy work to create some stats based on political preference and push the results into some paper as if it has a meaningful message. Again, not helpful by the slightest. But by all means though, if you like the message of the article: enjoy. that's actually not safe to say based on these results. at least, as long as there's no causal relationship. again, the outcomes could be explained by multiple factors (corr. is not causation etc)
  19. Congrats. More importantly though, do the potential (excess) democratic voters actually vote or are they going to reason themselves out of voting? The potential dem voters seem particularly good at that, don't you think? There's always a reason not to vote....
  20. Thanks! Here's the abstract: Evidence of "a link" means there's a correlation. And that doesn't mean there's evidence of a causal relation. In terms of stuff worth mentioning, here's a couple: - (again) correlation is not causation (tiresome I know, but needs to be repeated at nauseam. apparently. this was an obvious example. should be able to spot it from a mile) - journalists are not scientists - some journalists have a particularly poor record with fact finding and interpreting said facts. especially when it comes to science. - nuance and modern day journalism seem mutually exclusive. - twitter is a form of social media. does the term "social media" still need any explanation at this point in time? - a journalist posting stuff on twitter is not journalism but a form of personal diarrhoea
  21. Ever heard of the “correlation is not causation” mantra? Or in this case, there might be a correlation between not being vaxxed and not taking any precautions against getting covid at all. Or in other words, this excess death rate could be explained by a number of things. Not just vaxx rate. Is this James a scientist? No? A journalist? Well, there you have it. Journalists are awful scientists! Twitter and science don’t mix well. it’s bs like this which makes it harder to believe anything nowadays. Journalists these days…
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