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  1. Yeah. Listening to it now. Hadn't heard it in ages. Sounds really rough and clearly sourced from a cassette. Would still love to have these properly mastered and all that. Even if some tracks were lesser demo's for released tracks. Love that old tbd sound.
  2. some talk about it here ^^^ (possibly a balil LP should have been released on rising high) and below a thread about an upload with unreleased stuff. roughly 10 years ago. in short: as far as i can tell only rumours and some unreleased stuff suggesting there might be more
  3. Not sure if I want a remastered version, but I'll gladly take it if it comes with the never released Balil album. Or, should I say the supposedly Balil album that never saw light of day.
  4. Being stubbornly overconfident is probably the right attitude to survive the zombie apocalypse. I'll give them that. ;D
  5. Do you think that if everyone drives with safety belts on, no-one will get seriously injured in a car accident? And yet, with safety belt is better than without, right? Same with vaccines. You can't just point at statistics where everyone that needs to go to the hospital even though they wore a safety belt, and conclude "see, it doesn't help! Everyone currently in hospital had their safety belt on, that's proof that safety belts don't work!". Even in Israel it's clear that vaccinated people have a far lower risk ending up in a hospital than unvaccinated people. There's no evidence to the contrary whatsoever. The only discussion - currently, as far as im aware - is about the effictiveness when it comes to the delta variant. If you look at the most recent results from the UK, I don't see much to worry about, tbh. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2108891?query=recirc_mostViewed_railB_article Also, policies to get people vaccinated are just about as much based on fear as policies to get people to drive with a safety belt on. Or to stop smoking. Or to eat healthy. The vaccine mandate should signify the importance to get everyone vaccinated. Although it's clear that there's roughly 14% of the population who will not budge at any argument whatsoever. The polls have shown the size of the group of people vehemently against getting a vaccine is stable. And there isn't anything making a real change. No matter how much data or science you present them. There's been billions of people vaccinated already, but they still know better. They say. I'm expecting they'll make the same arguments in 10 years time. Even if there's nothing to indicate there's anything wrong with these vaccines. This hasn't got anything to do with reason, imo. It's pure emotion. Or a blind ambition to test their personal immune system.
  6. No new tracks? OK, have one on me! ;D
  7. Think this graph speaks volumes about the stark differences between people when it comes to support for the various policies wrt keeping this virus in check.
  8. Wait, boomers should be in their 60s, right? Post WW2 baby boom. Born from '45 to '65 or sumting. ???
  9. cant be a coincidence! see the rdj grin on the right?
  10. I guess yuo're not a fan of Autechre? They've been pushing new babies quite regularly for the past ... decades whehey new page! =D
  11. Wots dis about then? Weidrcore moving to ibiza? And can we please move to the next page. Those 50 links make my 2nd generation ipad go bonkers
  12. I prefer the Frank de Wulf mix though. But that might be because of a huge dose of nostalgia on my part. Brings back good memories. 🙂
  13. Looks like we have a new world class of the Chinese business people with more privileges than us worker bees. The capital-communist overclass, I guess. If Ayn Rand and Karl Marx would have a child, it'd be called Tsjaina.
  14. *subscribes to needledrops channel in order to broaden the horizon*
  15. It's you. If nobody seems to notice, it's because you didn't make a thread about it. Or, if you did, people noticed but didn't like it. Shit happens. /rocket science
  16. Ha, funny! They typed some stuff about this over at fivethirtyeight https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/still-unsure-about-getting-the-covid-19-vaccine-start-here/
  17. That's the medical perspective. Our friend Claudius though, has watched a bunch of Brett Weinstein video's. Brett's critique, besides the medical one is also about the impact at the "complex system" level. Which is basically the impact on the environment where this virus resides and evolves/mutates. Claudius mate, please correct me if I'm wrong. I believe Brett has admitted he doesn't know whether or not it would have lasting negative impact. He's only speculating. But I admit I stopped following him in his anti-mRNA vids.
  18. Here's a silly idea: lets not conflate getting a vaxxin (mRNA or other) with speculations about the need of a booster, or a yearly vaxx shot. Those are two very different discussions. And given the fact/result that the current vaxxines have an 8 times lower change of getting covid (delta variant) compared to unvaxxinated, I think we're still safe in a one time no booster scenario. If you want to speculate and all that, fine. But please do a better job at clarifying yourself next time. And sure, perhaps it's best if everyone just got a onetime (2 injections) vaxx without boosters and all that. People with a weaker immune system might belong in a different scenario, but the general population should be fine. Given the 90% reduction of ending up in the hospital when people are vaxxinated (but get covid nevertheless). If they don't end up in hospital, I have no issue with one time vaxx and allowing the natural immune system to sort itself out in the future.
  19. Wait, are we back to "Covid is a flu"? Or rather "just a flu". OK, sceptics tend to be all over the place, imo. Not an anti-vaxxer but the mRNA thing basically "destroys you natural immune system". (I'm still OK, btw. Thank you very much for your concerns wrt my immune system. Appreciated) And covid is just a flu. No biggy. Have we got more flavors? Sure, there's no sign the healthcare system risks overloading when this thing is on the loose in a population. My apologies for putting sceptics in the same box as the 5G/magnetic/cant get kids/autism/Qanon crowd.
  20. Please refresh my memory, but didn't you say earlier on that you weren't an anti-vaxxer? Your argument was that the mRNA vaxxs require more research before they can be safely used on a larger scale, right? "Destroying your natural immune systems" sounds like stereotypical anti-vaxxer garbage. If you're not an anti-vaxxer, stick to your original arguments please. Either that, or where that garbage tinfoil headwear with the misplaced pride which naturally comes along with it.
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