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  1. __f37d1-_


    That kick in or change @ the 4.52 mark (and especially the one @ 7.42) sends a chill down my spine when I hear it at times. When stuff does that I know, personally, it's a special track for me. It's very emotional, one of my favs off of these last two releases. ♥²
  2. At the moment, I'd say the elseq / nts / ae_live is my favorite era. Something clicked with the NTS releases and opened up a new way of listening to them....if I would have been into them in the 90's my answer could be different but I was introduced to them when Confield came out. I do like the early stuff a lot and Cichlisuite is probably my favorite of the 90's, I just put that on the other day. Krib is so good. ♥
  3. Yeah, this is tough, almost unfair to ask. haha ...but if I were forced to choose I'd choose the PLUS release. I think mostly because iIt's the closest in sound to elseq/nts/ae_live and that's where I am still at, since 2016 or so. :)
  4. __f37d1-_

    elseq 1-5

    Will need to add my reply to this release as well as it's possibly my favorite one by them. As opposed to the way I felt back in '16, I see this record as a proper release and not just some "jams", no idea why I felt that way back then. I still listen to this on a regular basis, it just doesn't seem to get "old". I love playing acdwn2->latentcall. ♥²
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