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  1. wow that was literally playing on the radio at the same time i clicked that. double ROLLD
  2. thought more would of been made of this dude.....pretty brave https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-stock-market-moscow-exchange-b2028216.html
  3. haha yeah i could probably fix that good point///////thanks for listening 😄
  4. this keeps being recomended by u tube and i enjoy it every time (ps nothing against grace jones but this one is cheese in my book)
  5. jesus 20 years ? remember buying this the day it came out .......cant say "i got it" at first but all that time later is easily one of my fav albums so happy geo birthday
  6. hey thanks for listening i was trying to make a upbeat tune so glad that came across ! yeah i could have went for more intense drums but at the moment im trying to keep it more simple but i might do another mix of it later. thanks again for ur feedback tho appreciate it
  7. hi heres a little track i did looking for some feedback on it if anyones got any thoughts would love to hear em good or bad ! thanks
  8. remember weeeeeping one night to this as an angsty teenager.......not sure why.... it may have been bernard's lame singing tho
  9. hey thanks a lot for listening and ur comments really appreciate it. i spent a bit of time on this track and after a while its hard to know what to think of it yourself. after a while it all ends up sounding like cheese to me so getting somebody elses perspective is really nice thanks
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