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  1. probably get pelters for this but i loved this album and their debut back in 94......wasnt hip to aphex etc yet (mainly cause my older siblings didnt own any i could steal)
  2. hi guys heres some wintery ambienty piano musings. i know the mix prolly sucks and theres way too much reverb on the drums but if you can look past that you might get some enjoyment out of it ! or not......anyways thanks for listening and any comments appreciated thankq
  3. thats cool ! i got embarrassingly addicted to these reaction vidz recently and this was one of the more interesting ones i thought
  4. prolly too obvious but always enjoyed these 2
  5. if you wind this back a few hours somebody put a donkey rhubarb teddy bear in it for the whole night.....maybe in homage to THE TrUSS
  6. yeh i cant get any sound out of it either on windows but im prolly a bit thick . i found some utube channel with samples on it tho sounds p cool
  7. mid 80s eurocheese........my favourite kind of cheese
  8. no shit ...... and you think anyone gets near the royals without being heavily vetted first ??? idk.......an easy mistake to make i guess
  9. Top gun maverick - say what you want about the cruiser but he does know how to make a decent action movie and overall I quite enjoyed this one. also arguably better than the first one - 7 / 10
  10. hadnt seen the extra scenes in this before thought they were pretty interesting. sry if posting it here isnt cool for copyright reasons just delete it ! and also...
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