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  1. yeh i cant get any sound out of it either on windows but im prolly a bit thick . i found some utube channel with samples on it tho sounds p cool
  2. mid 80s eurocheese........my favourite kind of cheese
  3. no shit ...... and you think anyone gets near the royals without being heavily vetted first ??? idk.......an easy mistake to make i guess
  4. Top gun maverick - say what you want about the cruiser but he does know how to make a decent action movie and overall I quite enjoyed this one. also arguably better than the first one - 7 / 10
  5. hadnt seen the extra scenes in this before thought they were pretty interesting. sry if posting it here isnt cool for copyright reasons just delete it ! and also...
  6. you guys chat made the nme (dont ask me why i still read this thanks) https://www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/british-dance-duo-autechre-claim-they-nearly-scored-metroid-prime-3286239
  7. wish i had done more and enjoyed what i did do more than I allowed myself to ! but always had a gloomy view of "the future" anyways so getting a bit of a kick and inspiration out of the current hellscape we find ourselves in . actually am overall happier now than at any other time so .......thats good right?
  8. Joe Turkel AKA Lloyd the bartender AKA Tyrell https://www.cinemablend.com/movies/the-shining-and-blade-runner-actor-joe-turkel-is-dead-at-94
  9. yeah i tried to watch fontaines dc then cate le bon and literally fell asleep ...total bullshit...not feeling the rest of the lineup either ! pretty poor year all round
  10. haha yeah i guess i watched it on the basis that surely ina few years we wont be seeing paul no more but still it was a pretty mediocre show i thought. even the crowd didnt seem that into it .altho I actually kinda enjoyed when dave paul and bruce were trading guitar licks on The End it was cheesey but fun. watching a bit of herbie hancock now which seems p nice in comparison
  11. trudged thru the Macc attack no big surprises brought out dave from nirvana and the Boss which was......nice? all in all a solid 4 our of 10
  12. think i missed the avalanches ooops watchin caribou rn.... supergrass' set was indeed a lot of fun !
  13. yeah enjoying this squid set a lot ! havent listened to them before and the vocs are a bit grating but i dig the muzak
  14. o cool will watch it later cheers
  15. p sure kubrick lifted the driving scenes from this for clockwork orange even the car is similar looking !
  16. yeah four tet was cool i caught most of that too .. might see if supergrass is on the iplayer used to love their 1st album back in the day.
  17. watchin a bit of billie eilish set for some reason.........i dont understand it i think im too old 😞 or maybe its just kinda rubbish ????
  18. lol id definetly watch if he does a 25 min manson tribute or he pulls some shit like this out but im pretty sure its just gonna be the hits. could be wrong tho !
  19. i might watch 80 yr old macca crank out the same set hes been doing for the past 30 years finished by a rousing rendition of hey jude
  20. as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be.............a keyboardist in a synth pop band rip
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