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  1. If you have an itch for breakcore recently, Hitori Tori's latest from Evel Records is most probably your cure 😊
  2. An awesome experimental electronic treat from the very cool record label Tokinogake - for 0$! Chock full of creative sounds, this one deserves multiple spins.
  3. My first ever album - released by Active Listeners Club - is out. Boomkat draws comparisons with Jim O’Rourke, Marcus Schmickler, Xenakis, Cameron Shafii and Sote. Those into drones that blend with electronics might find something to like. Cheers! https://boomkat.com/products/even-after-da6b03a6-3722-4fa5-8610-2ec5ff564d5e
  4. The nucleus is the sequencing in Max/MSP, which is always the hardest and most time taking part for me when making tracks like this: Introduce "weird" sequences that vary with some randomness for each synth and somehow inter-relate the sequences.
  5. It looks like I have not posted here a while - back with a track that is based on soft synths that are sequenced in a messed up way 😛 https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/iiiiiiiii
  6. Hi folks! Those of you that are signed to label - could you share your experience? How did you find a label that fits your style or were you found/discovered? 🙂 Were you introduced to each other via common networks? Tell us about your experience! I think most of us are eager to get their music heard more. We can utilize this thread to recommend labels that are looking for artists based on genre as well.
  7. This would be nice! I think there is a number of people (including myself) that could benefit from folks' experiences on finding a label that fits them. I actually created a thread:
  8. I personally like off-the-grid/irregular beats. There is a beat structure but it is not conventional, I am deliberately deconstructing it continuously. For more "structured" beats, you can check out Ikeda's works, I think his tracks sound pretty loyal to the grid in terms of beats. You're welcome, thanks for listening!
  9. I had briefly explored the sonic territory with pulsating sine waves that the likes of Ryoji Ikeda and Aoki Takomasa mastered. I still use such sounds in my tracks, mostly for textures. I had made a short EP that is all based on pulsating sine waves (and some FM as well), most of this was done in Max/MSP with small sequencing and layering touches.
  10. Processed the hell out of a short guitar recording thru different shades of static and some granular processing. I like the melancholic vibes it ended up having.
  11. The breaks in the first track are spot-on. I imagine a lot of micro-editing going into that. This is by no means to say "A for effort" though 🙂, I think it sounds pretty good, too!
  12. Getting nice dub vibes out of this one. Good job!
  13. This piece started off with me making drones out of a short bass recording. On top of the bass drones, I added some barely-there orchestration using IRCAM's Orchidea (a Max/MSP patch). I also generated some gestures using FM/physical modeling/granular synthesis for a sense of adventure. For FM synthesis I hacked an existing Max/MSP patch of mine. For physical modeling, I used IRCAM's Modalys lib. Only a witch cat can close a door...
  14. "What did I just hear?" "Did I already hear that pattern or is it slightly different?" With this album, I am attempting to provoke the listener to ask both of these questions and to take them out of their current context. Composed using Max/MSP + ppooll mostly. Thanks!
  15. I like his electronic stuff quite a bit, "I'm Happy and I'm Singing and a 1, 2, 3, 4" is just great to me (which is not available on Spotify or Bandcamp 😞) Also this one (a collab with Kassel Jaeger) is just amazing:
  16. Did anyone get a chance to hear the full thing yet? The previews on Boomkat sounds awesome! https://boomkat.com/products/too-compliment
  17. If you're into the more "unstructured" mode of Autechre (which I am a huge fan of), you might like this recent track of mine: https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/a-lo
  18. I have been experimenting with the Modalys library (physical sound synthesis environment). I feel like I was able to blend the sounds generated using that lib with some textural ambience. Machinefabriek/Fennesz lovers might find something to like about this track 🤘 https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/an-angel-revisits-the-dark-river
  19. I love the mellow vibes in this track. The post-rocker in me wanted one of those loud sections with tremolo guitars drenched in reverb. In my head the build up in the first part of the track could bleed into a nice post-rock explosion.
  20. My latest one is ambience from Space with a good amount of glitch.
  21. I've recently taken a break from my unorthodox sequencing experiments with Max/MSP and headed into a more glitchy territory with fuzzy/granular textures. This one turned out to be more rhythmic compared to the rest of the tracks in the album. Lovers of broken beats and glitch - I'm all ears on what you think about it 🙂 https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/dhre
  22. I am a fan of clicks & cuts as well, which I attempt to create some myself here:
  23. Often times I find myself thinking about how a collaboration between my favourite artists would sound like. I was so stoked to hear Autechre remixing SOPHIE, but it did not do too much for me and I ended up making https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/l-l-p-simd which I think has some AE and SOPHIE influences (hopefully 🙃) Do you ever create "hybrid" tracks like so? It would be fun to hear them!
  24. I was so stoked to hear AE remixing SOPHIE but this did not really do much for me. Then I thought "how could a collaboration possibly sound like?" and I came up with this: https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/l-l-p-simd 🙃
  25. Thanks for the feedback! I am glad that you felt the short tracks transitioning into the final track - I was going for that. With respect to sound source, it's mostly me sampling/recycling/micro-sampling and processing (in Max/MSP) some of the tracks I made before. Some of the sample sources did use Max/MSP as a sound source (possibly FM synthesis) though.
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