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  1. We're all going to "Shee-bal-ba" (Xibalba) A noisy, post-rock journey into the blackest depths of Xibalba - the gruesome Maya Underworld. Drenched in piercing feedback and unsettling, clashing noise.
  2. Digital believe it or not. Think I have some more of the landscape - it was covered in snow also.
  3. This was the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia that can be found on the Narnia Trail here in Surrey, England.
  4. Almost completed all 4 seasons of the pulpy, balls-out, gonzo madness that was... Fan-f***ing tastic
  5. I recently picked this up. It's a more slouchy design than I'm normally used to, but I couldn't resist the dope design
  6. United Kingdom. 26 December 1980. As darkness fell, an RAF security patrol observed a series of strange lights descending into the gloom-laden Rendlesham Forest. An investigative team was dispatched. The officers noted burn marks and broken branches - a mysterious triangular pattern was also discovered on the forest floor. This is what they heard.
  7. I dig this! It sounds like what's going on in my head sometimes...
  8. Acid Ted blog has dubbed my latest track "awkward, experimental jungle". I'll take it Or
  9. Might be behind the curve here but I took out a subscription to Shudder and have enjoyed Blood Machines (for both the heavy visuals and the stupendous soundtrack), and am now working through the French sci-fi series Missions.
  10. First post, hello! Hopefully this hasn't been posted before (or for a while at least) - I found it super insightful
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