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  1. The Souvenir. Sight and Sound's filum of 2019. Loved it. Looking forward to the sequel.
  2. Hard to Be A God. Waited for a long time to see this one and maybe too long but it's like few other things i've seen or know about. Get the snacks in though and get anyone else in the vicinity out of the vicinity. Anyone being within eyeshot will probably result in the terminating 'this might be shite' glance. Will watch again very soon.
  3. 'Occasions and Adventures' is very special - goes further and deeper than i dared hope. Best thing released last year imo.
  4. Isn't there a sense of diminishing returns with Noe though? i'll always want to watch his work and it's not like he shat the bed a la Aronofsky did on Noah but imo he needs to work with the best acting talent - get Vincent Cassel back somehow or kidnap the actors Audiard finds/uses.
  5. I really like Somewhere by Sofia Copolla - give it a chance if you haven't seen it.
  6. Forgot about Shadehead...used to carry that ep around so i could listen to it wherever i ended up.
  7. YES it was confusing. I always assumed the remix on the record i liked most was the Plaid one but it's one of the other two remixes that is the winner imo. Can't find vids of either of those to post and e.g. i asked for info way back on Little Detroit about the other remixers but to no avail so am just fishing. Ta for response.
  8. First post...be gentle. There's one remix on the Tim Hutton: 'Colours' 12 inch that, by nature of its plaintive and haunting vibe, i always believed was one of Plaid's best remixes and that the listing on the record was incorrect. According to Youtube tho the Plaid remix isn't the one i love most on this record. Youtubes of this actual Plaid remix sound much more like what you might call a typical Plaid remix... I think the one i want to know more about and have always loved is by Draven Tanks whose only other listed release was on an idm comp - also from 2001. Anyone know and love this tune like i do or know anything about Draven Tanks?
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