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  1. Really digging Smile and Brooding.
  2. Thanks man. I really like where it's going, but this is one of those tracks where getting 3:00 is like pulling teeth. One bar at a time. I'll whip the final into shape soon—I hope…?
  3. Good and dirty track. I like the slow undulating pace. In terms of production I was wishing there was a little less, or the frequency range was narrowed, or both, for the reverb on the drums. It set them way back in comparison with the lead horn, which is cool, but they felt a little muddy to me. Could just be a personal preference though.
  4. The Gift of Gab has always been my favorite:
  5. I left the US for New Zealand in 2008. My wife and I always wanted to live overseas. It was during the financial crisis, she worked for a major financial firm, and her boss told her she may want to start sending out resumes, so we thought we'd give it a try. Also, both of us have always had a conflicted relationship with US culture. We applied for permanent residence visas and she was able to get a job in Wellington. I've always been a freelancer, so it was hard to land a job while still living in the US, but was able to find work about 4 months after we arrived. We applied for permanent
  6. Nice! The sound on the lead is more full now, and the highs are a bit more tame. It sits better in the mix IMO.
  7. Nice work! Particularly like the breaks.
  8. Cool man. I just have laptop speakers for the next few days, but I'll have a listen when I'm back at my desk. Glad you liked radiator.
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