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  1. Thanks for listening, and I'm glad you like the bass line, I payed a lot of attention to it. Next track I'm going to try to do something that's not near as dense—"less is more"👍. Which, is really hard for me to do. Maximal seems to be in my nature.
  2. Nice work. I love the sub under the kick. Tons of presence and a nice contrast to how delicate everything else is.
  3. La Piscine Molitor, Circa 2011. May she rest in peace (⌣_⌣”)
  4. WIP (,,-`_●-) I've been working on this track for about two weeks now off and on. It still needs a lot of work in the variation of the percussion section and bass. Also some of the sections need to be tied together more smoothly. I also think I'll write some sections that are less dense. Finished version below.
  5. True. You can't really call bread in North America bread. Option one: too much planning. Option two: inconsistent viscosity.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. There's nothing like soft butter and tasty bread.
  7. I can definitely relate to this. I used to spend hours just walking around where ever I was living. I've heard some argue that spending too much time behind a camera takes you out of the present moment, but most of the time I felt it made me pay a little more attention and look a little closer at things. I definitely get the argument for taking a million selfies for instagram, or the like. I like the wind farm one too.
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