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  1. Had a friend also in the same boat just before the holidays and advised they go for it. Not actually heard if they like it yet but will find out when get back to work this week. 😛 It’s a beast sound and build wise. Built like a tank. It’s well designed and intuitive enough to to explore without getting lost. The home button helps. I have one myself and compared it recently with the novation peak, mainly for spacey pad and string sound design duties and I prefer the hydra. It’s a wavetable synth, it has fm modes and cross modulations. Therefor It can sound very harsh very easily. It has lovely filters to subtract the edges and the filter controls are on the front panel. The only minor issue I can foresee with my colleague (and possibly your friend), without several moons of synthesis techniques under their belts, it could be more alluring to preset surf which is understandable and no bad thing, but could become the way one looks at it and uses it. Again, no bad thing but it could be intimidating flicking through the sheer number of sounds if the intention is to make own stuff and control what’s going on. Preset wise, They are a very mixed bag. The “init” button is always right there for instant dismissal of the shockingly bad ones. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to reverse engineer nicer patches, the ringed encoders help a bunch in finding out what going on and figuring out what is roughly where, Click on the envelope section for instance and all the encoders jump to only env params with mostly 1 or 2 pages of relevant tweaks. it’s really a musically sensible interface once you get used to it. The LFOS buttons even glow at the rate they are modulating at 👍 as well as the envelopes leds increasing and fading with rise and fall times etc. It’s neat and pleasing and helps digest what’s going on. for the cash monies it’s a cracker in my book. The sound quality is excellent and it’s got a absolute tonne of features. Its an investment synth methinks. A good teaching tool for synthesis to begin with and a silly amount of modulation and depth if and or when you choose to go there. Hope some of that waffle is useful... Ps I’m not a rep for ASM 😀
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