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  1. Actually they should make one for the next re-issue of Analogue Bubblebath.
  2. Does "honking pheasant" mean that it makes a sound? If so you have to sample it.
  3. Sounds lovely. I like the slightly out of tune synths at the beginning and the chords that enter at 0.45 are pretty nice, a little jazzy. They might need low-cutting eq... but that's for later. Don't be afraid to repeat yourself a bit. I'd like to hear these chords a few more times. You could use them as a through-line too, for cohesion. Like the chords stay the same but everything else changes. But there's a lot of places you could take this, I agree.
  4. They say it was cancer that led to Norm's untimely demise, but the real reason?
  5. A track made out of mashing different time signatures together. It was also an attempt to learn FM8 better. I've run out of witty titles, so this one gets to be called "Polymetric Experiment #1". https://soundcloud.com/artificial-disco/polymetric-experiment-1
  6. Thanks a lot! I love Luke Vibert. Military Jazz in particular has been an inspiration to me many times.
  7. In general these are very interesting. I think Pepstep would benefit from a better keyboard sound, something snappier, that sits better with the frantic rhythmicality of the track. I love this type of bizarre experimental yet rhythmic stuff, just maybe some basic thing like mixing and sound palette would benefit from more work. I agree with The Bro, Prune Prism is the best out of these. Seems that it's the most put together and well rounded. Soundwise, too. I think that should be a reference for where you want the other tracks to go. The only gripe is that I think the brass stabs should let up for a little while, so I can just bask in the basic beat. Like at 2:30 e.g.
  8. Lol, is that from Beep Street? Actually did he use a breakbeat for that? Doesn't sound like a drum machine. Great track. Your own drum programming is excellent. Cool melodies too over that busy acid line.
  9. One thing I would suggest is to learn to to play the drums a little bit. Although it might be impractical because drums are big and maybe also a little expensive. Failing that, get a drum machine that allows you to experiment quickly and naturally. Then try to dissect as many songs as possible from as many sources as possible. Food for thought: What is a drum break and how can it be used to create rhythmic tension and release? A lot of electronic music in particular could benefit greatly by adding breaks at select places, to relieve some of the monotony. Also on the subject of drum programming: What do real drummers do naturally in terms of accents and variation in level? Just a little bit of that can liven up a dull beat quite a bit.
  10. Beautiful. Goddamn do I want one of those.
  11. This is great stuff! I think "compmate" is my favorite, for the weird sounds and the hectic beat, also a little bit of microtonality in there? Or some detuned FM? Tonality-wise and melodically this is also very strong. A hint of Orbital maybe, with those sinister sounding scales.
  12. Did you remove it? I get a "video unavailable".
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