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  1. This is pretty great. I think adding a break would be a tremendous idea, but you could also experiment with turning those hi-hats into rides. Great hi hat pattern by the way. Those subtle accents really make the beat come alive.
  2. I made this for a contest. It's for Samples From Mars and their Kawaii keyboards sample pack. Personally I'm just sinking deeper and deeper into breakbeat madness. I don't know if they that's what they want or what they even thought was possible, but I think it sounds nice.
  3. Why did you create mustaches? Mustachi? Moustachae?
  4. Would it make sense to have a somewhat prominent area on the front page of the forum that lists all these projects so far?
  5. It's interesting. Is this something you wrote or something you transcribed? And do you plan on doing something more with it?
  6. Although! I wrote my first reply before actually seeing the video clip. Something failed in the forum preview. This movement of the head down to the table is only consistent with coke-snorting. Holy shit, hahaha! This is the cocaine-snortingest thing I've ever seen!
  7. They won on the public vote. Snorting coke will only help at this point!
  8. I like the fact that Ukraine got in top 5. They were the only ones bringing real traditional music from their country, which I think used to be more prominent in Eurovision... although it might also be something that sort of comes and goes. But the way she sang it, the odd harmonies, it reminded me of something deep-seated and ancient. I mean it had a techno beat and whatever - it's been eruovisionized - but that didn't change much. It reminded me of music by Goran Bregovich I used to listen to.
  9. Here I was thinking Franz Ferdinand!
  10. Why is Eddie Murphy singing for the Netherlands
  11. This guy is out of his mind, haha! "To say the axioms do not apply is to claim music is a unique invention of man beyond mathematics. Nonsense!"
  12. Yeah, sometimes you don't want to play notes that are in the key at all. Theoretically this is known as "the good stuff".
  13. The rule about parallel harmony is a very interesting thing because it is really restricted to the context you're in: Writing classical harmony. Go outside of that context and you'll see people who downright revel in parallel harmony. It's a huge part of modal jazz, it's in power chords, it's what happens when you tune an analog synth into a chord, so it's all over electronic music. Someone explained the rule to me like this: You want four voices moving independently, like they're all singing different melodies that harmonize. As soon as two of them start moving in parallel it feels like they're the same voice, so now you've lost one. I liked that explanation a lot because it explained the point of the rule as well as describing the aesthetic it belongs to. Personally I like the explanation that musical rules are a description of a style. Electronic music has rules too, but I don't think we really know what they are yet - which to me is exciting. But one rule might as well be to not write classical harmony, lest you be accused of making exotica cheese. I mean, I don't think anyone really wants to go back to Switched-On Bach sounding stuff.
  14. I think it's just that the "natural talent" is such a romantic idea to people. How many movies have you seen that show someone suddenly discovering they're a natural at something, and the villain is the over-educated nerd that never "gets" it? And how broken is that as a moral anyway? If you spend your life on something, shouldn't you deserve to be good at it, versus the dude who put no work into it at all? Same goes for music theory. It's tremendously useful, but not very hip. So if you care about your image, you might as well pretend not to know any. As an aside (since you mentioned Mozart), Beethoven used to dunk his head into a bucket of cold water to keep himself awake so he could work longer hours. To me that's a romantic idea, just the drive to do that. The dangerous recklessness of it, all to the service of his art. Although it's been speculated that this contributed to his hearing loss, so maybe don't do that. Also, coffee is cheap, nowadays.
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