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  1. Oh yeah, that does make sense! And I've definitely been through the grind. Thinking back, I always used to be in a band, or I could go to a jam session, or something, though my most formative years on my instrument (the trumpet). Being on stage and playing for people made all the tediousness make sense. During covid I actually fell out of practice for the longest time ever. Sitting in my living room and practicing jazz standards and thinking "when am I actually going to play this shit?" did finally get to me. So I guess having something to work toward is pretty important even if I didn't realize at the time.
  2. If it's practice that's getting you down, maybe just make it simpler. Practice slower. Practice scales in front of the tv. Play the same thing a hundred times over. Turn yourself into a robot that practices exactly an hour every day and don't expect any results until after at least a month. So what if you're mediocre? That *why* you practice.
  3. Dirty Rat... I like the song and I like Sleaford's voice. It's just that cringy old-man-yells-at-cloud politics and that dumb-ass video that make hairs of my neck stand up. If he was singing this in a language that I don't understand it would be fantastic.
  4. Put it in your drum kit for the most obscure cymbal ever. "What is that, Zildjian?" "No, no, it's Hewlett Packard!"
  5. He isn't very heavy on technical detail but maybe it's the frequency response in the actual speaker in combination with the resonance in the hard drive. If that were the case then it isn't a huge deal to filter some unwanted frequency on a laptop speaker that's kind of crap anyway... (I'm just speculating now). And maybe Janet just happened to hit this frequency so squarely and for so long in this particular song that it produced the effect. I'm also guessing that they didn't test all that many other songs, but the potential of there being thousands of them out there is a scary thought. I'm also guessing that doing a sine sweep would produce the crash as well.. probably how they actually found the offending frequency. And as Taupe Beats mentioned, it's cheaper and quicker to do a software update than to contact the hard drive manufacturer to fix it, wait months for them to actually do it, then recall possibly thousands of laptops after replacing the faulty drives. And of course Raymond Chen is not an audio engineer and is just relaying the story as he remembers. One thing that stick out a little for me that might be an embellishment after passing the story around too often: If this is true, then any speaker playing that frequency loud enough would also crash the drive. You can't put a filter on the world! If it was laptop speaker buzzing internally, then it's much easier to understand. But then it wouldn't crash other computers, right? Right?
  6. Excellent! John Carpenter indeed, maybe a faint echo of Doctor Who, all mixed in with some great breakbeat chops. Maybe the atmospheric delay synth should take break somewhere around 2:16 and let the drums and bass just do their thing. Then it would be fresh to bring it back in later. Just a thought.
  7. That's me 🙂 Most of it is produced on an MPC1000 and recorded on my Zoom r24 recorder so at least the samples have gone through and collected a little dust on the way. Track 1 and 3 are actually using a sampled drum beats that I've chopped up. Is This For Real? uses drums from a recording of my own band from a few years ago and Disco Schnitzel is using a sample from Franki Valli's Grease (but don't tell anyone!).
  8. Thanks! I have a soft spot for the Talking Heads and the Human League, so I sort of had that in mind when making it.
  9. I recently put out this album featuring some of the more funky stuff I've been working on. It's got some big beat vibes, some psychedelic trumpet, and I'm actually singing on one of those things, against all better judgement. https://open.spotify.com/album/5svJHE88SjtPz6oLZe0k5m?si=797evZVgT-yzxITskqXfQA Is This For Real? by Artificial Disco
  10. Pretty nicely done. Good production, chill feeling. I wouldn't have minded some lead instrument playing a melody on top, but this is nice enough already.
  11. It's really midi sounding, and I don't know exactly how I'd go about that... maybe adding reverb and saturation and all that mixing goodness. I'm also not a fan of trumpet-y synth at 1:17. Maybe go with something moogier? That being said it's a pretty adventurous composition, with loads of different sections which is great! I truly appreciate someone going this valiantly at such a complex song structure and kind of pulling it off. Melodies are nice too and I'm also a big fan of the glitchy chaos that build up in the later half. Actually if you're thinking of something to do instead of vocals, you can try adding the melody again with different instrument. Or another melody that leads into the main melody (at 1:17, e.g.).
  12. I'd happily call this IDM. It's techno only in name, i.e. it ticks the boxes technically speaking, but it's much more mangled and weird, which makes it ten times more fun to listen to than a regular old techno track.
  13. An album I made. It was my entry into the RPM challenge this year. https://artificialdisco.bandcamp.com/album/look-at-that
  14. Was that the interview where he talks about the new chord he made for the Rite of Spring? Which is basically E major with a Eb major dominant on top.
  15. Hmm, that sounds like a very strange voicing for C minor to me. Usually the presence of b6 means you've moved away from the tonic, i.e. you're on a different chord. As a rootless F minor voicing it makes perfect sense, and even playing up and down the C minor scale over it sounds a little like playing in F dorian. Which brings me to my tip: Ditch that grimy old natural minor and use the dorian instead.
  16. Probably because every other sandwich is redundant and derivative.
  17. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/forest-gimp-black-latex-spotted-24945421
  18. I'm gonna call the whole thing in F# minor actually. icct.wav
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