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  1. Yeah, sometimes you don't want to play notes that are in the key at all. Theoretically this is known as "the good stuff".
  2. The rule about parallel harmony is a very interesting thing because it is really restricted to the context you're in: Writing classical harmony. Go outside of that context and you'll see people who downright revel in parallel harmony. It's a huge part of modal jazz, it's in power chords, it's what happens when you tune an analog synth into a chord, so it's all over electronic music. Someone explained the rule to me like this: You want four voices moving independently, like they're all singing different melodies that harmonize. As soon as two of them start moving in parallel it feels like they're the same voice, so now you've lost one. I liked that explanation a lot because it explained the point of the rule as well as describing the aesthetic it belongs to. Personally I like the explanation that musical rules are a description of a style. Electronic music has rules too, but I don't think we really know what they are yet - which to me is exciting. But one rule might as well be to not write classical harmony, lest you be accused of making exotica cheese. I mean, I don't think anyone really wants to go back to Switched-On Bach sounding stuff.
  3. I think it's just that the "natural talent" is such a romantic idea to people. How many movies have you seen that show someone suddenly discovering they're a natural at something, and the villain is the over-educated nerd that never "gets" it? And how broken is that as a moral anyway? If you spend your life on something, shouldn't you deserve to be good at it, versus the dude who put no work into it at all? Same goes for music theory. It's tremendously useful, but not very hip. So if you care about your image, you might as well pretend not to know any. As an aside (since you mentioned Mozart), Beethoven used to dunk his head into a bucket of cold water to keep himself awake so he could work longer hours. To me that's a romantic idea, just the drive to do that. The dangerous recklessness of it, all to the service of his art. Although it's been speculated that this contributed to his hearing loss, so maybe don't do that. Also, coffee is cheap, nowadays.
  4. You motherfucker! This is savant-level perfect though! My god, you just absolutely nailed it!
  5. Could you imagine a way for sequencers to do this? Are you talking about maybe each step could be either 2/8 or 3/8 and you could configure it? If you're into odd-time that could be pretty killer.
  6. This is pretty awesome. At the moment I'm playing the Indian Shruti tuning through the Surge plugin, using the free version of mts esp. I also came across this list: https://en.xen.wiki/w/List_of_Microtonal_Software_Plugins, which was helpful. There's also a lot of pre-made tunings available on-line, such as this site: https://sevish.com/music-resources/ This whole thing is kind of making me interested in mircotunings now.
  7. No, you could be on to something. I liked that reverb snare sound and decided to go with it. But too much is too much and muddiness is definitely something I don't want. I'll look into that.
  8. I've been sitting on this for a little while now. In retrospect, I don't quite know what to think of it. Also, it's probably the jazziest thing I've done in a while. https://soundcloud.com/artificial-disco/on-the-down-low
  9. "Shattering hegemonies" sounds a lot cooler than "developing a plugin". Maybe somewhat ironically this might be the easiest way to sell his ideas to western liberals looking to feel guilty about something new. But there could be real opportunity there. Maybe there are millions of Indians frustrated that their favorite 22-note sitar tuning isn't available in Ableton. Whatever DAW that jumps on this and makes it simple and easy might have a hit on their hands.
  10. I tried so hard to figure out which song this is until I realized Plotinus is the title. I'm an idiot sometimes. Also I'm not as familiar with Hello Everything as his other stuff. Anyway, pretty good job of figuring these out! It's a pretty tricky chord progression that seems to modulate at least two times and throw in a bit of phrygian-ness near the end. Have you tried to analyse it or make any sense of it at all?
  11. Yeah, could we maybe have more info on that former label. Is it googlable?
  12. What I'm hearing in my mind is a cello at the bottom or something similar playing a bass line. It could come in close to the ending (at 1:20) and play long notes, but also do something melodic, so you'll feel it as a new element. Then it could be time to silence some things... maybe give the bells a break. That could open up space for some variation, maybe that would be a good place to go nuts with the drums. I'd also bring down the volume of the bells overall - just a smidge. Otherwise a nice sounding track!
  13. I feel like it's a little backing track-ish. Adding a melody could be a way to move forward. Something smooth, sine-wavey that soars on top of the rest. It shouldn't come in right away, maybe at the one-minute mark. That also adds a lot of development possibilities because you could repeat it, silence it, chop it up, vary it, etc. At least I think there is space in the "top layer" for doing something that grabs attention, especially in the later parts of the track.
  14. No Children by The Mountain Goats. It gets some extra points for how perfectly it got used in Moral Orel, which is a silly but ultimately devastatingly depressing show about puppets.
  15. Thanks a bunch. I did have your earlier comment in this thread in mind - to get more weird with the synths. I'd like to think that paid off at least a little bit.
  16. Thanks a lot! When I got to the point of settling it down a little I figured it had some space a little trumpet playing. This type of sound owes everything to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew.
  17. Thanks to soundcloud for the title of this one. I guess it's supposed be cutesy error message, but it kind of sounds like it could be a Philip Dick novel or something. This is also probably the most IDM thing I can muster at the moment. https://soundcloud.com/artificial-disco/our-robot-think-youre-a-robot
  18. Breakbeats going strong in this one. I look forward to hear the rest of it.
  19. Omg, that is like such a gemini thing to say!
  20. Yeah, I feel like I'm in the same boat. Plus all the bars are closed, which has put a damper on the whole thing. Really, I just like to put my feet in the air and have a few glasses of whiskey and feel my brain becoming lightly scrambled as the night goes on.
  21. I wish I was drunk right now. That'd be nice. Better than work. Better than second-guessing myself even in this thread about nothing.
  22. Very nice, looking forward to hear how this plays out. You've got a nice beat at 0:52 and already a nice melody to accompany it. There's a world of possibilities where to take this.
  23. I did some more breakbeat stuff: Actually it kind of got spun out from a piano composition that I made a while ago.
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