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  1. Yeah, it’s not the best, but just that alone isn’t reason to hate it. It was fun enough, that’s the best description New spiderman was pretty solid. But going in cold and not watching almost everything marvel has made in the last 20 years could probably put a damper on it. It’s a tough call, because as a stand-alone movie- idk how I would actually rate it- but these just aren’t stand-alone movies, you know?
  2. Very cool- I always wondered about that one- for some reason I assumed they would be doing it with rate changes like lfo, amplitude etc. in their longer tracks. Making it more difficult to figure out. I never even thought about the actual riffs in their little diddys. Awesome that u pointed this out!
  3. Awesome! The rabbit is really cool- also it’s crazy Jesus popped up. This should be called “He is Risen: Playing Peekaboo with JC, featuring the Purple Puppet Crew”
  4. Trying to chronical who has posted so farr.
  5. Gotcha- I read it like “anything post wl, including syro” but now it makes sense. I agree
  6. Do u think windowlicker is better than drukqs?
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