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  1. Yeah, at first, there are situations where things happen to him- like giving the valet keys to the guy and Wanda seeing him. He has no control over them, the circumstances work out a certain way, and he is like “no, that’s not what I meant!” Or whatever. There’s a funny/embarrassing misunderstanding. Now, he puts himself in these situations and he is the catalyst for most of the misunderstandings. Maybe this also happened on Seinfeld as the show progressed, but it wasn’t as noticeable to me.
  2. Awesome- polymetric experiment #1 is rad!
  3. More video stills from stuff we are working on:
  4. It’s good- imo, the best he’s done since royal astronomy
  5. Just wanted to mention- there is now a limited run of cassettes available for this release- check it out! https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/cc-1-modulation Featuring: @BaggerMcGuirk @Braintree @Himelstein @T3551ER @ArtificialDisco @CC Undefined
  6. My wife and I were at the first one in Columbus. It was great! Really cool to hear so much from Mind. Also, the Melvins were great, closing with “The Bit”.
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