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  1. The more I think about it, there are a number of times where the tempo of the track was dictated by an old record sample, or human rhythm I made with something. I’ll just keep adjusting the tempo, often times in decimals, so that it’s perfect for whatever I’ve sampled. I’m sure a lot of you have done this type of thing too. I normally feel good having a tempo that’s 127.459 or some shit like that. Feels more organic. I can’t believe I just remembered all this, I totally should have mentioned it earlier in this thread! Also, I realized a lot of the stuff I made has been 114, 126, or 134- idk wh
  2. https://www.stereogum.com/2034892/chemical-brothers-15000-bpm-remix-f1/music/ This is just not fast enough for me.
  3. Two all time “makes me smile” type songs. BTW if you haven’t seen the Robert Rich or Steve Roach (another great Steve) recent live soundquest performances from the 2021 show you totally should.
  4. Nice! I like how it sounds clean, but also messy at the same time, if you know what I mean. Just followed on sc
  5. My son and I used this site a bunch to try and identify what goes with who, and what certain guys names are and all that. It’s pretty awesome
  6. We recently finished up the most recent CB Strike show- Lethal White. My wife is really into the books, so we have watched them all as they have came out. It was good, a little bit like a less intense version of the Benedict Sherlock.
  7. I always thought the “musik von harmonia” album reminded me of autechre- as far as old shit goes. But really most cluster has an ae vibe IMO.
  8. I ended up investing in mining. It seems pretty solid. So far it looks like I’ll double what I’ve put in, which seems like a good investment. I do hate the idea that it could be draining electricity and canceling out the progress of solar power (which was mentioned in the other thread). If you have the money to get the hardware, and live by a place where you can easily buy high end GPUs, then you should be able to drop $5-10,000 and generate $40 a day. However- I am not an expert at all, I’m just investing with an in law who is more knowledgeable about it all than me. I am fortunate enoug
  9. That captain beefheart album got me thinking of Zappa, and the cover for burnt weeny sandwich- I forgot how much I love that album and cover. Bongo fury is awesome too, but the cover isn’t anything special.
  10. I think over 135 is too fast for the typical “danceable” techno/house/rave. DJs always said 133 was the best for actual dancing, but who knows. 140-170 seems pretty idm. I like 90-150. Most of what I write is 100-110, tho. Also, I might have certain gear at 200 in a 100 song for faster rolls or whatever.
  11. I feel like these pieces, plus the buttons and controls in the original Star Wars are the designs and aesthetics I look for in gear. I almost feel so influenced by them that I might disregard gear that is too “bubbly”. It was one of the biggest complaints I had with the prequels. The Empire just built cooler ships and equipment, I guess.
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