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  1. It’s good- imo, the best he’s done since royal astronomy
  2. Just wanted to mention- there is now a limited run of cassettes available for this release- check it out! https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/cc-1-modulation Featuring: @BaggerMcGuirk @Braintree @Himelstein @T3551ER @ArtificialDisco @CC Undefined
  3. My wife and I were at the first one in Columbus. It was great! Really cool to hear so much from Mind. Also, the Melvins were great, closing with “The Bit”.
  4. Just finished up our RPM challenge for the month of February and we made three videos for the project as well- here’s the extreme noise one! The full album is here- which is also predominantly noise: https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/nacreous-allium
  5. Hey! Just finished up our RPM challenge, and wanted to share with you all. It starts out with more “normal” electronic music and then descends into experimental noise and ambient chaos. Inspired by the writings of Rick Remender, specifically Black Science- traveling thru alternate layers of reality like an onion. It’s free to download here: https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/nacreous-allium The challenge info is here: https://www.rpmchallenge.com Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy!
  6. The World to Cum Pretty in Pink, One in the Stink
  7. Recently got this stuff from earthquaker devices:
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