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  1. It’s good- imo, the best he’s done since royal astronomy
  2. Just wanted to mention- there is now a limited run of cassettes available for this release- check it out! https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/cc-1-modulation Featuring: @BaggerMcGuirk @Braintree @Himelstein @T3551ER @ArtificialDisco @CC Undefined
  3. My wife and I were at the first one in Columbus. It was great! Really cool to hear so much from Mind. Also, the Melvins were great, closing with “The Bit”.
  4. Just finished up our RPM challenge for the month of February and we made three videos for the project as well- here’s the extreme noise one! The full album is here- which is also predominantly noise: https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/nacreous-allium
  5. Hey! Just finished up our RPM challenge, and wanted to share with you all. It starts out with more “normal” electronic music and then descends into experimental noise and ambient chaos. Inspired by the writings of Rick Remender, specifically Black Science- traveling thru alternate layers of reality like an onion. It’s free to download here: https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/nacreous-allium The challenge info is here: https://www.rpmchallenge.com Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy!
  6. The World to Cum Pretty in Pink, One in the Stink
  7. Recently got this stuff from earthquaker devices:
  8. New noise track we made for weekly beats this past week: https://weeklybeats.com/himelstein/music/the-cursed-valley-of-hinnom
  9. I loved the last half of boba, and it made the first half better (the slow build was worth it). And I was also glad that we got “caught up” with boba. Also, super cool that patton oswalt’s parks n rec deleted scene rant was somewhat a story pr0t0type for the “escape the sarlacc pit” part
  10. Yeah, this season has been pretty good so far. At first I was kinda annoyed this season, because it seemed like every 5 minutes there would be some Cohen brothers esque music intro thing- hard to articulate, but I’m sure u know what I mean. But once I saw the episode with baby billy in it and bj’s baptism, this season really turned around. That episode was hilarious And don’t get me wrong about the Cohen brothers comment- I love them, but sometimes comedies that seem spurned out of the will Ferrell/Danny McBride/Judd apatow etc factory have a strong Cohen rip-off vibe. They just are never gonna be the same quality. Even things like raising Arizona are leaps and bounds above what Danny McBride is ever gonna pull. That being said, I lived Pineapple Express and this is the end.
  11. I feel the total opposite. Like, I need the stress to unlock something later
  12. Ambient chiptune displacement video experiment with the Kasser dafm genesis synth (ym2612) and an original mxr analog delay pedal recorded on tape: And the final installment of the neural blender video series mirror of wonder. The video is an alternate version of the weekly beats fm synthesis track with a surprise ending: Alternate shorter version of track with extra bleeps and tape noises: https://weeklybeats.com/himelstein/music/mirror-of-wonder-375
  13. Slightly off topic, but if u ever get a chance to see this, do it: https://ffdistantworlds.com
  14. I searched and couldn’t find anything, but I know we’ve talked about this before and it’s probably a thread: Reading the harmony thread and several others on here about “rules” and all those pesky little standards we all have regarding them got me curious. What are all your opinions of sampling other artists work- rules, etiquette, what should or shouldn’t be, etc. Not trying to open the whole “is a dj a musician” debate at all- I’m only specifically talking about making a “non-remix” track, or whatever. Your original work- how do u go about deciding what’s off limits or not. No judgement at all, just curious about everyone’s process. Personally, I draw the line with sampling things that I like, which are “too close” to the artists I may consider in the same field as me. And this can affect the way I like music too. Examples: can’t stand listening to Front Line Assembly or ltj bukem sample afx. I still like those artists a lot, but those tracks I can’t really get into. The ideal sample for me is something like the background jazz music in a 70s instructional record or whatever- u know what I mean. The crate digging archaeological aspect has always been what I am into. What I dig. But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to plenty of stuff that has no rules. In some ways I feel restricted, but I can’t escape my rules. I do like dj shadow, or fsol, who have both sampled things that would have been “off limits” for me. Bjork, tangerine dream, jean Michael jarre- I just think they don’t belong chopped up in my stuff. Again, this is no judgement at all- I really just want opinions on it. I read an article in grooves magazine once, years ago, where this guy was talking about sampling being like fast food, and it not satisfying you the same way creating something without samples would. He could have been talking about sample cd packs, tho. That brings up other concepts too- what other media is ok to sample (I don’t really have any rules with movies/tv etc)- I never liked the sample pack thing- but I have used them a couple times, really rarely and still trying to use obscure or outdated ones from cds or whatever. Amen, think, Apache- these are all ok to me because they have been sampled to shit. Idk- just wanna know your thoughts on it!
  15. Agreed. I’m curious too. I just hated the last few seasons so much. Really, I only liked the first two, when all is said and done. But, I could definitely be convinced
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