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  1. The mpc live, x, or one can do all this stuff, but is maybe overkill.
  2. The s20 is great just to resample things with. If I sample direct from something like a dvd I will resample it on the s20 to get a different fidelity. Also I regret selling the Korg Poly 61, not an m tho- which is why I sold it. It was so clean and perfect I should have never sold it. Other stuff I only kinda regret, but that one I really do.
  3. Track 6 is pretty killer. I feel like a lot of the tones are similar to what he was doing on Salsa with Mesquite, but updated and more focused. So far I really think this some of his best stuff in the past couple decades!
  4. Yeah, I thought that about the jazz stuff, too. Ok, cool! Well, anyone that wants to contribute can message me or post here that they want to, and we can maybe vote on the charity. I think it will be something positive that we can all do with our creativity. Let me know!
  5. Damn, I used to have those car dreams all the time- until I started driving! Sleep on side- outer spoon. Favorite podcast is still Tanis, but The Sandman audiobook was amazing- not really a podcast, but still so good.
  6. Here is our most recent upload. It’s an old backing video we projected when we performed this track of ours live. Most of the visuals we did back then were original, but sometimes we would use old vhs clips and affect them live with various vintage video mixers, colorizers, toys etc. Anyways, hope you enjoy! https://pinebox.bandcamp.com/album/lodestone-catacomb
  7. I love this thread. Behind that door is Love’s Secret Domain...... or LSD. Either way, open the fucking the thing and take that shit. also:
  8. This is fucking killer, better than Koyaanisqatsi, IMO as a film- but the Phillip Glass is what makes that one great.
  9. Don’t feel dumb about that, it’s awesome to be excited about writing anything! Shout it out! I’m looking forward to hearing it
  10. Yeah, it’s too bad, those would have probably been awesome
  11. Oh yeah we did a couple project 168s back in the day. That was awesome.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/casey-anthony-reportedly-gets-drink-132800518.html Back once again for the renegade master D4 damage with the ill behavior
  13. Double edged sword. Seems like the pandemic is ending in my town. They still enforce masks some places, but only dr offices seem to really care. Got used to getting coffee delivered to me. Now that’s over and my favorite place has opened back up, but stopped delivering. I should be happy, but damn, it was nice gettin that shit on the porch!
  14. That’s cool, I would have loved to get in on this. Please do it again. Let me know if I can assist in any way!
  15. That’s really not too expensive compared to some of the big sets these days. Pretty cool. I would love a solar system one like this
  16. These dang newfangled 3.5mm MIDI! When I was a kid we had to walk 20 miles in the snow, with no shoes on, just to get to RadioShack and buy cables that had all the pins wired. Owww! My back! Dang kids with their Pokémon cards and fancy sneakers.
  17. Or if the smell is particularly exotic, you can be proud like “damn, I did this. I am amazing”
  18. It’s just what they are called, honestly. I don’t claim they will do anything, but they do make you pee like crazy. Seriously tho, the guy that gave me the recipes had that written down “detox for belly fat”- who the fuck knows. They are good tho. Detox is such a weird concept because there’s so many things to consider- de calcification of the pineal gland, etc. - you can’t drink fluoride or brush your teeth. But yeah, just a name, I almost put “healthy juice” but it sounded dumb
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