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  1. Awesome! The rabbit is really cool- also it’s crazy Jesus popped up. This should be called “He is Risen: Playing Peekaboo with JC, featuring the Purple Puppet Crew”
  2. Trying to chronical who has posted so farr.
  3. Gotcha- I read it like “anything post wl, including syro” but now it makes sense. I agree
  4. I’m having difficulties finding the one.
  5. Do u think windowlicker is better than drukqs?
  6. Agreed- Curb has been really good this season Me too: https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2021/11/party-down-revival-starz-greenlight-adam-scott-jane-lynch-ken-marino-megan-mullally-returning-lizzy-caplan-out-1234874850/amp/
  7. I’ve always had really good luck with reverb as far as price and quality goes.
  8. Nice, it does sound slightly different for sure!
  9. Definitely- especially the end it’s pretty hard to articulate but maybe the more obvious generic connections are how much Christmas music is jazz, or jazz versions of Christmas music is all over the place in the winter? Possibly the Charlie Brown music? With the summer it’s also sometimes generic stuff like tropical or island/Hawaii vibes. I don’t know what makes Aphex Twin: Flim summertimey, but I feel like it’s definitely there. there’s definitely a personal component like driving around at certain times in the snow listening to cevin key: the dragon experience, or Gallo- could be just my own association.
  10. I seriously listen to different types of jazz and a lot of other music in the winter vs the summer. I never really listen to a lot of jazz in the summer. With John Zorn and Air being pretty strong exceptions- albums like “the gift” by Zorn is totally summer sounding. Probably the best example I could give would be Vincent Gallo: When, John Coltrane: What’s New?, Bob Brookmeyer: Misty- all pretty hardcore winter to me. Air: Premeirs Symptomes, Aphex Twin: Flim, John Zorn: The Gift- all pretty hardcore summer.
  11. Damn- I did search winter before, and didn’t find it. That is a great list.
  12. Just curious if any of u had any recommendations for a playlist when the snow is out, or if it’s cold. I’ve had one I’ve been adding shit to for years, it’s a lot of stuff like Vincent Gallo- When, Autechre- Eutow, John Coltrane, vangelis- Antarctica, mu-ziq- catkin and teasel, the instrumental ambient skinny puppy stuff, frank zappa’s more chill stuff (like burnt weeny sandwich) and Squarepusher iambic 5 poetry. It’s obviously way more expansive than that, but that’s a good rundown of the basics of what I guess I consider music for winter. Post whatever u think would fit!
  13. Vertigo, The 39 Steps and The Lady Vanishes are all pretty good. Bernard Herman’s score in Vertigo is pretty good. But yeah, that show was awesome- that’s the first Hitchcock I ever saw, or maybe The Birds, I can’t remember.
  14. I know, and honestly light years is my favorite over all, and fantastic planet has my favorite soundtrack of laloux’s films (serges piano guy, Alain goraguer). But the art in time masters is so good. Did u ever see “dead times”? That was “fantastic”.
  15. Yeah, moebius is probably my favorite. It’s crazy how much stuff I loved growing up that he was a part of. The Rene Laloux movies (moebius worked on time masters) are pretty much the all time greatest creations.
  16. https://www.hlj.com/figma-dobkeratops-r-type-fre29840 I really dig the music in R-Type, if my studio wasn’t strictly decorated with robots I would get this.
  17. They are ok, but they don’t come close to living up to how cool the art is. Got them at half price books for 25 cents. I see a lot of good stuff in this thread! @Rubin Farr: Doomsday Clock was amazing, don’t believe what the interwebs haters say about it. Bringing the characters into the mainstream continuity was awesome. Especially with Johns at the helm. His Green Lantern run could be my favorite of all time- which is also pulling from old Alan Moore material (get DC Universe By Alan Moore if u don’t have it!) Also- Gaiman’s Eternals is great, up in my favorites as well. @dcom: Morrison is awesome. I loved Nameless, Multiversity, 52 (all his DC stuff, really), Marvel Boy and Skrull Kill Krew. Idk if any of u have read his GL run- but it’s pretty sweet. It’s classic Morrison insanity, so u don’t really need to know much going in. I guess it helps reading his other crazy DC stuff, there are some call backs to Multiversity and Final Crisis. I still like Geoff John’s GL the best, but the art and craziness of Morrison and Liam Sharp is pretty fucking rad. It changes throughout the series too, going from more classic styles to modern, but remaining trippy as hell the whole time:
  18. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/223763/ataris-centipede nice- space invaders looks awesome
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