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  1. @Untitled your tracks are superb on their own rights - I read that people told you to add more melody, more this/that, but I think it's a matter of artistic vision. If you would want to make an IDM "banger" it might be good to fill the frequency spectrum more, sure. Btw, did you heard of language: https://nestup.cutelab.nyc/ and maybe a set of midi devices for Live: https://midi2themax.com/ ? First one allows for creating nested tuplets and the second is for arranging midi in generative but creative way. I assume those might prove useful for you
  2. It took full minute to reach full speed, but after listening to 4 tracks I want to say it's dope. I would totally cut this reverb tails in the first song and maybe work out relative track levels (some elements are too loud).
  3. I like how It's Already Tomorrow has this three parts arrangement. Middle part is huge (reminds me of Scandinavian black metal for a reason). I would maybe tame the ambience (reverb or tails/decay times) in the track, because it feels like, let's say, over-compressed or is just lacking dynamics. Liked that keys solo at around 1:50 of the Bunker Bitch a lot.
  4. Maybe you could record sample packs in those stale periods? I can imagine toying with eurorack for hours just for kicks and claps I've listened to 15a, indeed funky. Like that organic 'yeah' sample'. I would maybe mix it a bit louder, to match my preference.
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