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  1. Hey everybody! I am selling my 2 tickets to Sonar, unfortunately I can't go to the festival this year, because I was invited to play on another festival. Each 200 euro.
  2. Fundraising compilation by ШЩЦ with Ukrainian electronic artists
  3. Hey folks! We just release a fundraising music compilation with Ukrainian electronic artists. Take a listen and support us, please <3 Together we will stop the evil, Bodya Konakov from ШЩЦ
  4. Listen music – invest in a peace! Friends, thanks for your support in buying our music! For these days we received more than for the last half-year All of the money we send to Ukrainian volunteers and army Also, you can send money to Армія SOS (facebook.com/groups/armia.sos) but it seems that they have no PayPal. Ukraine, stay strong! Слава Україні! #supportukraine #stopthewar ssshitsss.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-01
  5. ok it's not a deal but what about London life? where can I find my "people" ??? i mean who in 'good music', braindance, urban stuff, underground parties, true rave, free people etc etc etc. I think you know what I am about.... Any thoughts? i know it's personal but maybe someone can advise....thanks anyway
  6. hehe it would be epik so ukraine england looks like david and goliath 🙈
  7. where can I buy shitty cycle btw?
  8. Why everybody talking about shitty public transport? What is the problem with it?
  9. Yeah, I tried to leave it as from live session but fixed bass and kick... Also tried to polish it but became boooring
  10. oh, don't understand what exactly do you mean:)
  11. thanks for tips! what about Stoke Newington? Looks like boring place but close to everywhere, am I right?
  12. Is anyone know something like 606? really like the vibe of this machine, maybe good hardware (but analog pref) ? use ableton pack but feel flat of it.. something as cheep as can mininova is funny trancy synth 😃 but wanna got some serious stuff
  13. to 1k pounds maybe not entire place but nice roommates, musicians will be best in the forest better :-)
  14. Live cut from Construction Festival 2021, Dnipro, Ukraine Some #brainrave stuff have used little synths monokorg, mininova + digidelay, digi reverb efx + samples from korg poly 800, DX11 and toy casio + ableton 606 hats
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