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About Me

Musician, composer, DJ and audio enthusiast from Poltava, Ukraine.
I am interested in cosmic and brainrave music.

From the early age I was in absolute different music from bossa-nova, russian rock and ukrainian pop to System Of A Down, emocore to Aphex Twin, Eduard Artemiev and John Cage.

love to jam on machines, deconstruct Monokorg, programming DX11, Mininova and Poly 800, I like defunct ableton, "unsquare it"... I like to experiment with samples, textures, acoustics, analog gear. Also I like to DJ brainrave music, something in abstract soundscapes, ambient electronics, experimental pop and braindance.

Also with the friends I run ШЩЦ label focused in brainrave stuff
Website soon: wwwvvv.net

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