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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtSCmSr-Hkc that's the vid, amazing i found it on the first click! time stamp is roughly 6:14:21-22 I took the highest res screen shot i could, if you have a better technique, please do so and share it!
  2. yeah let me find it, might be a bit, there's tons of them and i can't remember which one! heh
  3. impossible to really know what's what without a guided tour from one of the guys, but i find it interesting that there is some sort of matrix in the top left, with color coding, and the currently highlighted color corresponds to the green dot in the upper right hand corner of each floating UI module. always fun to see how different people make UI, especially when it's for their own bespoke creative tasks...
  4. there was actually a brief moment in one of the twitch streams where sean went mission control / expose on OSX and there were quite a bit of UI modules revealed, along with a max console window. attached a screenshot off youtube. very beautiful and interesting looking UI. thought y'all might enjoy this.
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