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  1. Was doing our pre gig walk around the area and caught the lads doing soundcheck IMG_6882.MOV
  2. I see it similarly except I take the opposite conclusion, to me 2022 sounds as much recent AE as it can in a good way. I agree its a bit too well blended together but sound design wise, and rhythmically etc. its the best shit there is. If we are talking about the good quality Terraforma recording, the spectral wobbles right at the beginning, the sped up ecol4, the acid bass around 11:40, weird riff at 18:40 with the wobbles underneath, 29:27 slow down with the high resonance filter sounds, 46 minutes almost a throwback to that bit in onesix... lots of standout moments for me and its extremely fresh
  3. Secured tickets for Bergen, first time seeing the lads live. Hype hype hype
  4. Sean u should have trolled us all, whenever someone asked "how did this thing was made" u should have said "idk that was rob" for everything, opportunity missed
  5. Max is a visual programming environment, think of it like a programming language like Python but it's rather visual. It has whats called "objects", that u can chain together to your liking, creating algorhithms. For example there is a [saw~] object, which will generate you a sawtooth wave. If u plug in a [numberbox] to it which just allows u to output numbers, and say that numberbox is outputting 440 then u have a sawtooth wave playing on 440 hertz. There is a [metro] which is a metronome, that you can turn on, also give it some time in miliseconds, for example [metro 500] will give you a bang every 500 milliseconds (equivalent to 120bpm). There are thousands of these objects, though the core objects are around a few hundred. Chain these however you wish and you create "patches". There are also a bunch of visual objects like dials, sliders etc. Basically like a gigantic lego collection but it is up to the user what you will create out of it. The user range is pretty wide, from doing live visuals, audio reactive stuff, to making and prototyping instruments (some of the Elektron stuff was protod in Max), building effects, Max4Live devices etc. Ae uses Max in a pretty unique way, they basically create a bunch of patches in the studio that are spitting out different algorhithms and they swap those patches live, allowing them to change controls in real time, since its all generated live, there are no audio files and such in there.
  6. not even talking about even simple things are misused like introvert or extrovert. by classical terms, introvert is someone who loses energy in social interactions, extrovert is someone who gains energy from them. its a bit hard to even talk about it as black and white, as example im probably somewhere in the middle, but people call me introvert 99% of the times. i gain a lot of energy from 1 on 1 sessions with friends or partner, or people who i know well. big groups of people however drain me quite a lot, and more especially if i dont know them i think its the same with others, lot of times it feels like people call themselves introverts because they dont know much people they like i wouldnt call neither sean nor rob an introvert
  7. what white knob bay? the controllers are Kenton Killamix Mini if thats what u mean
  8. some pics and stories of the soundcheck https://www.instagram.com/stories/plisskenfest/2875573092841834082/
  9. The lads are on at 23:00 today at Terraforma
  10. why is seans cap so much hotter than robs? Also Milan this friday, Athens next tuesday... wicked
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