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  1. Someone lock this topic there is nothing more to say
  2. I agree with above. Even after all these years they still manage to surprise. I didn't like SIGN or PLUS that much, i mean ecol4 and r cazt, M4 Lema is lovely, but overall it was aight. But I have no doubt in my mind that new AE LIVE will slap. At least to me, AE is mostly about live and they managed to pull out a legendary live set in it's context in each and every iteration, so I'm beyond excited to hear the new live with all that shit they been cooking. Also this is just the guess, but the lads doesn't look like they would ever stop making music. Maybe it's a bit exaggeration or who knows, but the fact that they spent their entire life doing it and they are still getting better at it and able to learn and develop on such a high level, just shows that it must be their fuel in every days. It looks and sonuds like AE is so much ahead of everyone anyway, we just trying to catch up. They are in 2050 already
  3. This is just straight google translate with camera so take it with a grain of salt but I guess it's more than nothing if someone is curious
  4. I have the eleking, I translated it with google translate camera thing but if I recall correctly they didn't say much. I will try to find the pic
  5. It's not just Quaristice, imo the Quadrange and Versions are absolutely top tier AE. Fol4 is my favorite thing they have ever done and it's completely unmatched by anything else. No such a track exist that would be even remotely close to it. Also Perlence Suns ❤️
  6. Hihats sound like the one in ely6c 0nset, also it was in the 14-15 lives. Dope track
  7. There is a 2nd twitch channel that appears to be pointed at from Seans old twitch, they also added some emojis and sub? or something. Looks like the new channel had a test run a few days ago so might be safe to assume they will stream soon. With any luck they will give some of their patches a spin 😉 https://www.twitch.tv/4utechre (Seans old channel) https://www.twitch.tv/au7echre (I guess this one is Rob)
  8. i guess "because they wanted to" can very well be a legit reason. but i recall in one of the sign/plus interviews them mentioning (regarding what inspired the albums) "something weird always comes out of max"
  9. why would they? i can imagine most of their max patches way surpass whatever hardware there is, especially considering how heavily its customized to their own needs. id also bet most of their oscillators filters etc are much more sophisticated than hardware synths, not even talking about sequencers..
  10. I do have similar feelings to but I think it comes from partly their workflow, if you have an idea/patch up running it's really easy to take it into 1000000 different directions. Like in wetgelis/end of sinistrailAB I hear the pulsing chords from latentcall.
  11. Would you say that Oversteps was focused on FM? I havent listened to it for a while except Yuop but from what I remember its mostly subtractive, heavily filtered/fx-ed saws and squares. I dont think it matters much at this point by the way, I think Sean also talked about it. "all the same patter". When you design your own effects etc. and you use it as an instrument instead of an end of chain reverb or something, it doesnt really matter imo. And in Max ideas get so blurry anyway. Very easy to mish mash everything. I dont remember a thing where they were focused on one thing, but my memory might be playing me...
  12. Holy fucking shit, the very first sound in London in the intro, the way that bass slides down... fucking monster. Might be one of my favorite sounds i've ever heard
  13. Holy shit, thank you so fucking much. Grateful forever! GONK ON
  14. I know its been a while, but does anyone still have the links for Manchester, Brighton, London etc. basically any onesix that isnt on yt or sc? I ve been a longtime lurker but only recently subbed to watmm, would die hear those 😞 but apperaently links seems to be broken/empty...
  15. 1 hour interview with Sean from 2011
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