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  1. some pics and stories of the soundcheck https://www.instagram.com/stories/plisskenfest/2875573092841834082/
  2. The lads are on at 23:00 today at Terraforma
  3. why is seans cap so much hotter than robs? Also Milan this friday, Athens next tuesday... wicked
  4. Seriously... does anyone know who made this? afaik its a fan made thing? One of my favorite music videos of all time and I cant believe someone just whipped this up out of nowhere... Some of my favorite bits is that tunnel like thing in the middle that keeps rotating with the beats, and at 2:16 when the thick lines start to distort with the swirling noise, and then the thin white lines appear in the background in sync with the drums. Pretty mad how someone captured the essence of an Ae track like this
  5. Even by description one can tell it was probably the live version of c7b2 😄
  6. did u listen to it? he literally said if they stop using it, maybe which makes sense
  7. No I think he meant that Primavera is fucked up so there is a chance that it wont come out, but as usual they will try to record the others. If the others would fail as well they would do a proper studio recording at home of the set and put that one out.
  8. Some bits of info for the lazy cunts: - They fucked up the Primavera recording, so not sure if that will come out but they will release some probably in 2023, at the very least they would do a proper studio recording of the set and put that out. - They have about 3.5 hours worth of material for this set, so it will likely change between dates. (They had too much time to work on it since covid) - They switched to the new M1 Macbooks and now they flying. Can load in shit more of patches. Setup is still MaxMSP + Kenton Killamixes. Some cool info on their live system: - It was originally designed around/after Exai times in order to be able to do live albums. They only had it working few days before the first 2014 live set. They had a hard time handling transitions and loading/unloading shit loads of patches (well the computers had hard time) but they thought it was good enough. Everything else kind of mutated out of that. - Sean has a bit different version of the setup than Rob. As I understood it, Sean likes his screen simple with very few visual things, so for him its a few dials and such. Rob made a mutant version out of that for himself so he has a shittons of number boxes and dials etc. - The setup is like, 16 channels, each channel can host a sound engine, a sequencing engine and 2 FX engines. Sequencers spitting out data, sound engines taking that data and outputting audio data, and FX engines handle both data and signals. They can route these however they want. - The system is clock synced over some midi-type bleep bloops (he didn't say exactly what it is) and it also saves the state, they can switch between master/slave so if one of the laptops would crash (which happens) the other can continue on playing and the other can reboot the laptop and join back in as a slave and the entire system would sync up. - Controls in the system can be anything arbitrary they like really. - The system also shares data in itself and they don´t really use the standard keyboard note on / note off thing, rather they use event duration which allows them to tell FX units and such exactly how long an event is supposed to last, also makes it easier to sync stuff. - Sean really just prefers patching via cables and the only time he codes really is in gen / gen~. Still most of stuff was just made with standard Max/MSP objects, also big fan of mc. - Oversteps heavily used [prob] object (first order markov chains). - Rob has been lost for like 18 months doing jitter shit and Sean has no idea what its about but he trusts Rob and says it must be good (LOL) - Sean likes to use jitter but more for processing matrix data. - Thinks understanding that chaining a couple of simple processes can result in a complex output is crucial and Sean is so much more interested in that than anything else. Most of their sequencing stuff would probably be a lot easier to do than most people think. - Sean thinks plumbing is harder than using Max and says if u want to do it and bored of DAW timeline shit just do it. - Mosquitoes love Sean (he might be stinky) - Incunabula felt like something Warp curated in a way that they knew what they wanted and its a bit cheesy in retrospect. - PLUS has a few tracks that they wanted to cut, but not because they arent good, simply they would have liked to cut out the more beatless things and put them out somewhere else. - Sean is a bit tired atm about the whole album concept and is a loads more into live things. He said it feels weird to do an album then it comes out like a year later and then they have to talk about it, while they are so over it. - They have soundboards of Oversteps Live and it might see a light of day sometime. He also said they might put out the Max stuff once they stop using it cuz then it doesnt fucking matter (this might have been a joke). - Sean has been living in Norway for a while and he loves it. People are just like him! - Has not seen Morbius and won¨t. - Sean vapes for the nico kick but its not flavored so he doesnt blow that terrible air freshener smell into others face. - He likes nature and birds a lots, finds them inspiring. - More live dates are in the talk. - Does not understand why people are afraid of smell, thinks its a very human thing. - Says fuck listening to all the idiots about mastering, mixing etc. that say always gotta cut down these frequencies etc. Thinks taste is crucial and you should do whatever you think makes it sound good and just throw in a compressor there because someone else said that your kick always has to have a compressor or whatever. - Likes Squarepusher. - Has a gf and is taken : ( : ) - Likes Death Grips and OPN-s philosophy - Probably not too much more dates this year because they didnt want to miss shows in case they need to quarantine in between. - 12 tone equal temperament is good and gets the job done most of the times. But they have other ways of fiddling with scales in Max obvs. Wrote this out of memory after listening to the whole thing so might not bee 100% exact but I think this was the gist of it. Listen to it tho Sean is very wholesome : )
  9. Holy shit this is like the best Ae interview thing. So nice to see the lad Thanks Sean !
  10. Bit more than an hour until the lads take the stage .) Max patches are locked and loaded... system booting... initializing... Most exciting thing that has happened to electronic music for a good while
  11. Second Bad Vilbel (Sped up then slowed down)
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