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  1. imho yes Sound engine is better, layout is better, has faster workflow, is free. I still use serum quite a bit but Vital would be my clear choice if i had to pick only one.
  2. I quite like it. I use it a lot. It needs a bit of tweaking but once you get how it works it can make superb kicks and electro style drums and bleeps or glitchy things. Can really shine with a bit of processing. Also If i had to recommend only a single vst to get it would be Vital. Its free with paid extra stuff. Just get it.
  3. Highly recommend VCV 2.0, Vital, MGranularMB, Microtonic, Synplant, Algonaut Atlas, Valhalla Room, Nomad Bus driver, Renoise, d16 Devastor in terms of quality/price/affordable. Other i have paid for but that are more expensive: Serum (monthly, paid), Sylenth (monthly, paid), Pianoteq Stage, Spitfire BBC orchestra core, Spitfire Sacconi quartet, Spitfire Eric Whitacre choir, Kontakt, Phaseplant (monthly)
  4. i THINK (not 100% sure) he mentioned he would maybe release it when they are through using it? the condition to releasing any rig or set up material was that they werent using it anymore, something like that. someone correct me if im wrong
  5. Man, the USA is a strange place to say the least... Fucking hell...
  6. The AbominAEble Snowman
  7. Just released on Gated. Absolutely lovely album. Warm sound, inventive, playful, melodious. Perfect for summer. "Lucita Octans is floating adrift somewhere. She is looking for the perfect world. Melodies kind of come to her by a somekind of phenomenon. She begs you not to take her too seriously. She was never here and neither are we."
  8. At the end of the day: you cant fake imagination, work ethic, passion and curiosity. The set-up might help or be detrimental but you can never fake those qualities. The two have all those things at such a high level.
  9. Might have been posted before but Vital. The synth i use the most these days. Absolute powerhouse. Superb layout and sound engine.The best VSTi currently imho. (additional wavetable needs to be bought tho but fully usable with free version) https://vital.audio /
  10. fucking crazy set big goosembumps at 40min
  11. Im so jealous of you guys. Squarepusher AND Autechre. Must have been bloody legendary.
  12. alright one last one
  13. Im afraid the people is right Sean. Confirmed by AI.
  14. Going back on topic, I watched a David Lynch short tonight and it dawned on me. Lynch does shorts quite often. Some of them very sound-based and experimental. Pretty sure he doesnt use producers and big money for those. So if we take in consideration what Sean said about being willing to work with him on something if he had full control of sound and no producers and random people to fuck him up....well... David Lynch weird-as-fuck short with AE soundtrack? I want to live in a world where this exists.
  15. Like DCOM mentioned, not in the same way that an autistic person would need it. The brain functions differently. Autism and Self-Help are two very different things. But i mean DCOM explained it very well. See his comment.
  16. No worry about hijacking the convo mate, i pretty much asked for you to do exactly that hahaha It's great to have a good explanation from someone who's neurodivergent themselves, to have a description of what it feels like from the inside.
  17. Ive never met a neurotypical person that NEEDS to read books or do extensive training in reading people behaviours, body languages and expressions and certainly doesnt feel neurotypical to me at all. Everybody adapts and use different social adaptation skills sure, but most people dont have to do a conscious, meticulous training in it to be able to do it. It just switch instantly, almost automatically. It's not an intellectual deliberate training process in most cases. Doesnt seem like it to me anyway. So even if from the outside someone might look completely neurotypical by how they successfully replicate neurotypical behaviour the actual internal process might completely different. The amount of effort needed by a neurotypical person to adapt like this seems to be far less than the amount of effort needed by a neurodivergent. But im no expert. Dcom correct me if im wrong.
  18. The perfect square wave of death.
  19. Rarely have seen such powerful and concentrated dad disapproval energy. Absolutely ruthless SMH. Merciless 'techre stare of death.
  20. The goosebump odor theory
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