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  1. Wait wait wait, I've got the best comeback for this....
  2. My advice to everyone on this forum, once the virus is over, get the fuck out of your little bubbles and explore the world and actually meet some people. You spend your lives debating other Americans online, insisting you have a profound, intellectual understanding about humanity, civilization, and conflict. But it's all fucking theoretical and masturbatory. Your main focus in discussing international politics is to one-up some other ego on some niche little message board frequented by spotty post-adolescent Americans. Your actual understanding of other humans is so impersonal. Peoples' lives, as they try to survive war and terror, are simply concepts for you to debate from the comfort of your couch while munching on a box of Pringles with one hand and casually stroking your dick with the other. You're not political analysts. You're not on CNN. Stop trying to sound like you are. It's really childish and pathetic. This whole thread reeks of r/iamverysmart
  3. So Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India, etc are Western nations too? The definition of Western isn't concrete. It's an outdated, archaic idea, just like the idea of 'races'. Some take it in it's original geographic sense, some in an ethnic sense, and some in the sense of a civilization. Off to bed. Nighty night.
  4. Misanthropy can manifest in many ways. I've been through my depressive "I hate everybody" phase. Now I'm at peace with myself. I don't hate people; I hate humanity. I hate it's innate traits of tribalism and ethnocentrism. I hate how the species is uncontrollably destroying the planet in the never-ending pursuit of reproduction. I hate the way tribalism blinds people to the humanity people share despite superficial cultural signifiers. On an individual level, I can like some people very much. I'm even capable of love. But I am a misanthrope in that I've removed myself from the trap of societies. I hold no national, cultural, religious identity. I was never indoctrinated into one, and I've resisted inclusion in favour of an independent approach to being a human. I align myself with no group of people. I'm a self-imposed loner.
  5. Love that the definition of Western is this. Lots of countries have democratic governments and trade with the UK and US.
  6. You have a strange understanding of misanthropy.
  7. Not sure I'd call Israel a Western nation
  8. No, not sociopath, my dear. Misanthrope.
  9. I've spent my adult life watching Western audiences comment on global issues entirely inconsequential to their own lives. I've concluded that interest is largely down to two factors: 1) being right in arguments with other Westerners, or 2) appearing virtuous in front of an audience of fellow Westerners. Yes, it's cynical, but it's what I see. Either way, it's performative and empty rhetoric.
  10. But fresh fruit and vegetables are good, so I still support these recipes.
  11. So am I to put this culinary apathy and incompetence down to you guys being Americans or IDM basement dwellers?
  12. If your partner has character traits that wind you up now, those traits are gonna drive you up the wall in a couple of years time and it will bring out the worst in you as a result. One can never expect a partner to change their ways. Thinking you can wait for your partner to work on their insecurities and everything will be fine after is naïve. The only person whose behaviour and response you can change is you own. So, you can change how you respond to and feel about your partner's behaviours, or maybe she's not the one.
  13. Do you think, in that case, the attention given by the West in the situation of Israel/Palestine is led, not by concern of a potential war and humanitarian crisis, but by vested interests and of Western citizens choosing their side, and by doing so, stoking inter-religious tensions and hatred? People ignore other international conflicts because they haven't got a vested political or religious interest. The humanitarian fallout isn't of concern.
  14. So maybe an IDM forum isn't the place to ask about food. Sheesh. Tough crowd.
  15. I feel very passionately about what's happening in Myanmar and Pakistan right now. But I don't talk about it here, cos I know people don't have an interest; ideas would largely be ill-informed and the thread would quickly die. The West takes its cue from the press and from their peers as to which conflict they're going to give a shit about. And most of the discussion is completely inconsequential to those saying pretty radical things (eg "Abolish Israel"). It's not a competition or distraction of "whataboutism". It's just a phenomenon worth pointing out. Certain conflicts become bigger talking points in the West than others.
  16. I'm not necessarily talking about news coverage, but general discourse; for example places like this forum. There's this huge thread dedicated to Israel/Palestine where everyone has very strong and self-assured ideas about what the conflict is about and what must be done. We see protests all over the planet, twitter trends that never die down. The same doesn't exist for countless other global issues. Where the HK thread, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cyprus, Sudan, Somaliland?
  17. And Yemen is still a humanitarian disaster. There are dozens of instances of conflicts, oppression and human rights abuses going on in the world right now. But only a select few are fashionable talking points for Westerners.
  18. 10 years later... I like to cook. I like all food (but rarely cook fish myself). I tend to veer towards foods from asia (from middle-eastern, persian, south asian and south east asian. I'd love to cook more variety of food. I don't know many dishes from Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. Also keen to get into making breads. Started with simple unleavened breads, like chapati and paratha. Tried to make a focaccia, but it didn't rise (might have been very old yeast). Since moving to rural France, it's harder to get my hands on exotic ingredients and condiments, but there is an Asian Supermarket an hour away which I can get to a handful of times a year. Got any good recipes?
  19. Finally achieved 100%. Proud of myself. Re: Kosovo - yes, and there can also be disputes about Taiwan, Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara, Palestine, South Ossetia, Somaliland, Artsakh.... but y'know...
  20. I'm so sorry for your loss. Having had cats all my life, I know the pain. We lost our boy Bébé a couple of weeks ago. I miss him, and so do our other cats. He was very young. We think he was poisoned by bait left out by hunters to kill wild foxes. Hunters are bastards.
  21. One of my favourite photographers captures street images in Israel and Palestine. Posted without comment http://www.burnmyeye.org/barry-talis
  22. 1) if I were an alien, I'd have no interest in ensuring humanity maintains itself. 2) why are we so certain it's humans they're interested in? Maybe aliens have an alliance with dolphins or octopuses. 3) how come electro music is so content-focussed on space/technology/alien matters
  23. Lesser known trivia: Russia also created a Jewish autonomous region (in the arse end of nowhere, and with my the gayest flag) in the 30s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast
  24. No sweat. We all find ourselves in those places. And if can seem like we'll never feel joy again. Meditation works for me too.
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