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    do it joyrex, you know what want to.
  2. shame on a African American who try to run game on a African American
  3. i thought posting somethign like this on watmm would get your ass kicked. i always had a soft spot for midian.
  4. the first worthy post in the subforum since jesus died.
  5. i wish i could remembner where it's from but i can't so yeah, fuck me. :undecided:
  6. i'm here for the poop threads.
  7. i think it's amazing. the animal work in the second half and blended shots are top notch. my only complaint is that i feel the filming of the building at 55 was too sparatic to work with the song.
  8. i use soulseek to download all their albumz
  9. http://polgaroid.deviantart.com/gallery/
  10. i always enjoy your shit isnumber. these are not mine but i felt they are fitting
  11. you would think satellite anthem icarus would have something to do with a beach since you know, the song kinda has waves crashing and the likes....
  12. i'll throw this since it was created to boc tunes. sorry if you've seen it already in the art thread.
  13. how rare are these things?
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