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  1. When I started watching the series I was hoping it wouldn't fall into another horror that demanded such a huge suspension of disbelief, I was wrong. It feels like they have pushed their limits within movie logic a number of times, even regarding plot points; I've just learned to go with it. You're right, the Lori thing is a pretty major fuck up. The only explanation I could come up with is that the time to turn is different for everyone; and it's possible that Lori hadn't begun to turn when the zombie found/ate her.
  2. I don't think that scene had any narration. I remember it feeling long for my attention span, and thee growling sounds (0:48) confused me. Good scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSLRJx6l08E
  3. Halo 4 multiplayer right now. Level 30 or something; haven't done much spartan ops. It's not too bad, but wanting the multiplayer from Halo 3, I'm disappointed. Started Fez. Looking to work my through that. Still playing League of Legends. Terrible community, great game. I hear they did some fresh things with the series; at least avoided the traditional single player on rails type of stuff. I don't think I can invest myself into another COD game though.
  4. cool dogg dog gone dogfather soccer dog bailys billions atomic dog because of winn-dixie soccer dog european cup dog park digby the biggest dog in the world firehouse dog karate dog monster mutt santa paws dog detective hotel for dogs oh heavenly dog snow dogs the retrievers the trial of old drum top dog cop dog goodboy beethoven beethove 2, 3, 4, 5, big break space buddies snow buddies spooky buddies santa buddies shaggy dog life is ruff old yeller beverly hills chihuahua beverly hills chihuahua 2 rusty frank sheeba fluke chestnut bingo air bud air bud: world pup air bud: seventh inning feth air bud: spikes back air bud: golden retriever my magic dog dog who saved christmas air buddies
  5. I made these from some family videos awhile back.
  6. Last time I did this, it evolved into searching for plane crashes. From there, I was brought to and completed this list of blackbox recordings/transcripts pulled from crashed planes. Links in the first coloumn are audio recordings. I guess it's morbid but interesting none the less.
  7. I started playing League of Legends because it looked solid mechanically, and is free to play. I never knew this game had such a huge following/world wide presence. I guess it's because I never paid attention to any RTS games. I'm hooked though, slowly learning my way around the game as legitimate players start free fresh accounts to harass and beat newcomers like myself. One thing that bothers me is team dependency; having one or two players on your team that struggle usually precludes any idea of winning; forcing you to eat shit for the next 45 minutes.
  8. They're really nice but bottom left is very nice. Randoms from over the years that I like best;
  9. Its hard. I'm all right with fighting games, particularly good with MK. I picked up Skullgirls the moment it came out and did my best to main a solo Peacock, which was a bad idea in of itself. Combos are long winded, too many button presses with stringent timing. Good players can 100% you at times or just corner trap easily which is a bit of a turn off. I liked the game though; a really well made fighter overall. Seems like it's too late to get back into it, I would imagine anyone still playing that game has mastered it.
  10. Level up archery and sneaking. I was the same way, level 100 conjuration, destruction, illusion and enchanting. I started levelling up sneak in combination with archery and it's brought some fresh game play. I use my spells to sneak around, show enemies and I slowly pick them off one by one. There's a few shouts/spells that are major aids; bound bow, muffle, detective life shout, etc.
  11. bump because I like this, and would love some recommendations to any artists that sound like it, pretty please watmm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvYe1-Wg_MI
  12. It wasn't exactly ytp but there was one, a colossally edited video from a gay porno featuring a bunch of overly buff guys wrestling. It was in Japanese I think, began with one guy singing to a crowd of phalluses. Later on it had a really well done Initial D rip off with said gay actors. Somewhere they also hid the aids virus. Any ideas? I know it was posted on here once but it looks like youtube removed it.
  13. Do you know what sort of wattage the PSU is? I never really hear of problems caused by a PSU being unable to supply enough power, it's usually something along the lines of the CPU or GPU overheating. It's been awhile but I believe an overheating GPU will produce visual artefacts before going haywire.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL6ppTwaEgE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuRQeCKr3DI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72P5LUgt_5k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mazhW1IvDc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S5_JeiCrzs
  15. So, I want to get into Stalker but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone recommend me which one would be best and any accessible mods to go with it. I'm looking for atmosphere, and I like the idea of survivability.
  16. Very legal, and a lot of fun.To start you need to take both a Canadian Firearms Safety Course exam and the Ontario Hunter Education Course exam. They're pretty easy and happen quite frequently through government services. It's a weekend course on how to kill animals, not people. From there you buy your tags, they're basically written permissions to hunt a specific species and contain certain restrictions there within (something like 2 bucks only, no under age or female deer) during the open hunting season. Deer, bear, elk, moose, geese, turkey and other small game are all accessible. In terms of where you can legally hunt, I'm a bit unsure. Private property is fine if you have the open land for it, and I think government land is also accessible (excluding National parks).
  17. i haven't checked this claim about similar gun ownership pattern but in case he's right, then yes, usa is just more homicidal (definitely not "by nature" though).Not so similar. It may be similar in terms of general numbers of 'gun' owners, but there's a few major differences. In Canada, getting a handgun is near impossible. Concealed carry is illegal, flat out.Handguns and automatics fall under restricted licensing. They're a bitch to get, only a real gun enthusiast would put forth the effort. Plus, Canadians don't really see owning a gun for self-defence a valid justification. What that does is remove the majority of gun owners from dense urban areas, putting them outside the areas of high violence. I found this little bit, touches upon a few good points. The crime and violence rate in the United States is not uniformly high among all population groups. Looking only at American states which border Canada, the homicide rate in those states is generally no higher, and often lower, than in adjacent Canadian provinces.[203] Similarly, if one excludes Americans residing in southern states from overall American crime statistics, America's crime rate is comparable to Canada's.[204] Other studies have attributed the difference in Canadian and American crime rates to the contrasting sociological mix of the two nations. The death rate for non-hispanic white Americans from all types of shootings (murder, suicide, accident, etc.) is comparable to the Canadian rate.[205]One study compared twenty-five Canadian cities with twenty-five comparably-sized American cities. When the covariates of "percent black" and "city size" where considered, the difference between American and Canadian samples diminished to the point of insignificance.[206] In other words, the higher American homicide rate was attributable to the fact that America is much more densely urban than Canada, and that America has a much higher percentage of blacks in its population.[/size]The fact that any number of sociological differences, including race, urbanization, and the presence of southerners, can statistically account for the difference in homicide rates between the two countries suggests that the new Canadian gun law is itself ineffective. In other words, if Americans and Canadians, statistically stripped of sociological differences, have the same homicide rate--even though the Americans have much looser gun laws--then certainly the Canadian gun laws are not a satisfactory explanation of Canada's lower (p.33)homicide rate. The data offer little reason to believe that the Canadian gun laws reduce homicide.While the data undermine the claims of the Canadian gun control activists, they do not necessarily rule out the need for American gun control. Because America is more urbanized, suffers from more racial tension, and is perhaps influenced by a southern subculture of violence, the United States might be all the more in need of tighter gun control. Perhaps some areas of the United States are so mired in a culture of violence that they would benefit from tighter control or disarmament.[/size]On the other hand, if statistics show that gun density does not correlate with crime levels, then reducing gun density is probably not the most effective way to reduce crime. Since gun laws per se are not associated with crime reduction (as the Canadian experience and comparison with the United States seems to indicate), it is likely that other strategies would better address America's problem of urban and ethnic violence. Perhaps the effort should be to deal directly with the social conditions that make southerners, blacks, hispanics, and urbanites so much more likely to be victims and perpetrators of crime.
  18. I still have my Sega + 32x. Does that count for anything? The Virtual Boy? At the time my friend bought one, horrible machine. Fucking failure that thing was.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_AcF_OGhM8
  20. ktait2

    Diablo 3

    Act 2 Inferno is exactly what I was looking for after breezing through everything else. Only now does it feel like my builds and the gear for each really matter. Dying constantly sucks, yeah, but it forces experimentation. Too many players are just throwing their hands in the air and saying 'fuck it'.
  21. Tiger Stadium. It was abandoned in 2000 and finally demolished in 2009 (I think).
  22. I grew up in a rural area outside of Detroit, about a 45 minute drive. My brother lived there for quite some time, I think early 2000s until this year. He, like most Detroit residents, had a love for the city. I think you'll find the people in Detroit sympathize with the city, it's problems are their own. The problem is, they're living through these issues that the media is so keen on glorifying. 'Ruin porn' has become a huge export, specially in the photographic community. I'm guilty of it but now there's something unsettling about the whole thing so I tend to steer clear. It's a great place, despite the media's personification. People are generally friendly and welcoming in a way I don't often find (sure as hell not here in Toronto). One of the driving factors that failed Detroit was the growing gas prices in the 70s and 80s which in turn created a demand for fuel efficient cars. Detroit, driven by the big 3 American automotive manufacturers, never seemed to clue in and continued to make clumsy gas guzzlers. No one bought them, businesses failed, people lost their jobs, and so on. Right now though I think there's a bit of a revitalization happening. There's a growing artistic community in Detroit, which has always nurtured it's culture. VBS did a small special on it if you care. Also the fourth pic is a police station I visited a while back. It was small from the outside, but the inside contained a large complex with all the necessities. It had a large garage (with porn posted on the walls), jail cells, shooting range, and lots of other interesting rooms. Archives and records, mainly mugshots of blacks from the motown era, covered most of the rooms of the first floor. I read a police report of an search on home in which the officer shot a dog that attacked him, and was repeatedly shot afterwards by multiple officers when the dog struggled to attack again. One room had police riot gear; tear gas canisters, masks (I took one), shields, etc. The evidence room was still fully stocked. It was basically full of shelves that held a random assortment of items, all with a small tag on them. There were oddities like game consoles, a large section of hammers, a larger section of knives. I didn't find any guns but I couldn't venture in fully. That is the United Artist Building. Stunning architecture all around. Even had a vault.
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