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  1. Took me almost a month before I was confident that I could finish some of the harder tracks without crashing in RBR. Amazing game.
  2. ktait2

    Diablo 3

    These last few pages seem to be a good summation of all the things that feel 'off'. I'm in Act III on Hell, sometimes soloing, sometimes with a friendly monk tanking. The game has become a lot more interesting as of lately. Normal, and some parts of hell felt too easy. Now skill sets and how they work with your partners skills play a large role in the situations you face. Fuck champions though. Champions get so ridiculous that we will just try to run past them in a step ladder motion. One of us dies, the other spawns on his grave, runs a bit until he dies, spawn on his grave. Rinse and repeat until you find the exit. It's frustrating to skip a dungeon, or an enemy but when you have 3 blues and 4 yellows chasing you, the fuck are you supposed to do? I think I need to just upgrade my wizard. I know champions drop better loot, so in an effort to 'prevent farming' (which the devs seem keen on), they were made OP. I'm pretty sure I skipped these guys today.
  3. ktait2

    Diablo 3

    Buying and trying dyes, realizing how ugly they are. Right now I'm just sitting in Act 1 of nightmare, redoing it here and there for items with randoms. I'm spending a lot of time trying out skill combinations, and a good bulk in dealing with items. Now that I have some gold laying around I don't mind buying new items, selling rares, upgrading jewelcrafting/buying jewels.
  4. ktait2

    Diablo 3

    Just about to finish Act 1 on nightmare as a Wizard, co-oping with a Monk which seems to make a good team. He tanks while I sit back and call meteors/shoot beams/run away. We played through normal and thought; is this it? Once we started started nightmare the game became a lot more dynamic, and our skill decisions started playing an important role. Pro-tip because I just found it out; holding control and hovering over dropped items shows their stats (instead of picking them up - dropping them). That's the smart thing to do, it's what I should have done. I used to buff my vital stats for extra damage; completely unnecessary. I also picked up every piece of gold I could find, but once you hit nightmare you realize how much time you wasted running to pick up 10 pieces of gold when monsters start dropping 200 at a time.
  5. I feel like racing sims are a bit like fighting games. You have to invest some time into becoming proficient enough to keep up with everyone else. When that happens, online races are the bees knees. When I was younger I played a lot of Gran Turismo; smoking weed with friends and running half hour long races against each other on this in cheap cars; The seats were left overs from the track cars they were building. I left for university, they stayed back and would eventually participate in a lot of track events. Being poor, I switched to the PC sims. To be honest, I didn't try IRacing. I know it's one of the, if not best racing sims. I did play GTR but was never a big fan, the car selection was too limited. My home was Live for Speed. Great physics foundation, thriving community, only problem was the graphics were complete shit but that's ok. I don't play any more, but thinking back now I miss a lot of it.
  6. I can understand why someone wouldn't like guns. I grew up hunting and fishing in Michigan, so they feel natural for me. On my 12 birthday my dad bought me a 20 gauge pump action which I still keep around, a long with our other shotguns and rifles. I don't have any lust for the object themselves like those videos, but the practice of shooting targets like skeet can be a lot fun. One of my fondest memories is shooting pop cans with an old .22 revolver. Maybe there is a bit of an attraction to the objects, in the same way that a guitarist is attracted to the instruments.
  7. Tried Silent Hunter III and V. I never heard of submarine simulators but I'm not exactly surprised they exist. The games are a lot of fun; but at times it does get a bit repetitive. Missions can last a good portion of your day if you want them to. I tried Battlefield Heroes, it was pretty bad.
  8. I threw it on last night thinking it would be something to fall asleep too. I ended up staying awake to watch it, so surprisingly it wasn't that bad. I fell in love with Das Boot. I watched the 3 hour director's cut, I want to get my hands on the whole BBC series.
  9. Skullgirls. Haven't put it down as of yet. I'm trying to put the effort in to be somewhat of a decent player; so far it has been up and down. It's hard, the game plays like MvC a lot; and I would imagine the majority of players are coming from an MvC background. I'm just a Mortal Kombat player, trying to make it in a tag-team world. Great fighter though, specially for $15. Art is top notch, mechanics are fleshed out, good music and the game is littered with references. Learning curve is what you would expect from a fighter.
  10. He did ok, but in his defence he had little time to prepare for playing Eli. I think the story is that PTA originally had Dano playing only the brother, Paul (the one who first approaches Daniel). After they started filming he asked Dano to play both brothers. At first it really fucked me up, because I wasn't sure if they were identical twins, with Paul leaving the family to make it on his own; or crazy option B. Crazy option B being that Eli took on a separate persona in some sort of guilt ridden denial as a means to fund his church, possibly because he thought what he was doing was blasphemous in some respect. It's been awhile but I remember Daniel coming off as a bit confused when he runs into Eli for the first time; and I don't think brother Paul ever comes up in conversation unless it's between Eli and Daniel which felt odd; the fact that they're twins is not mentioned once. Also, Eli seems to have a good knowledge of the oil on the land; immediately seeing through Daniel's rouse of 'quail' prices, knowing his real intentions. I don't think it's a stretch considering Eli's confessions of 'I've done bad things' at the end; and he's generally insane. Now that's some David Icke shit. Edit, now I remember now Daniel mentions Paul having a few wells himself, and doing well at the end.
  11. xXxm1tcH?/\/\uR|>3RxXx
  12. I can pull off 120 consistently, sometimes reaching into the mid 130s. I hate the scramble of random words; the odd combinations take too much time to process. My mind keeps trying to make logical sentences out of what I'm reading. I also need to learn how to control + backspace a whole word when I fuck up, much faster to just restart a word than to try and correct it. http://play.typeracer.com/ is another good one.
  13. I always play isketch at work. It's basically pictionary online. The movie rooms are a good challenge once you learn some of the symbolism they use.
  14. I believe sunsetcorp is Oneohohtrix Point Never. It's all on his Memory Vague dvd if you can find it. ps; good album; but I hate Bomb the 80's.
  15. I haven't played too many from the franchise, but yeah; no combat system has ever compared to 7's. Got a shit load of Espers now, which has made things a bit more interesting. I don't like the way 6 has specific characters with specific abilities; dance, rage, tools, etc. I want to be able to have all those options available, and move them around freely from character to character. I play Noob Spambot online; everyone hates me. They didn't do a bad job necessarily; there were a lot of balance issues that were fixed. They listened to the community when certain nerfs/buffs needed to happen; and what is left is a relatively balanced game in terms of tier list. Every character is usable, unlike a lot of other fighters. That aside; they could have done a lot more, so you're right. They cashed in using the Mortal Kombat name, when they could have extended the games popularity and lifetime if they had put some more time into developing the serious/competitive side of the game. Too niche of a market I guess.
  16. I spent a lot of time on FF13. Omega weapons, 5 starring the open battles and all that. A friend of mine into FF played through 13-2. He said it just wasn't worth it so I said fuck it. I wasn't really a big fan of 13's story and from what I hear, 13-2 is heavily story based. I enjoyed the battle system and would like to see it expanded; but I'm not going to sit around watching Fal'Cunt cut scenes with all the JRPG tropes in full affect so that I can have fun playing with my monster pals. I started FF6 instead of 13-2 to fill the void. I was always told IV is up there as one of the best. So far so good, I have been impressed with nearly every aspect of the game. About 6/7 hours in, just got me some Espers. After this I think I will run through VII again. I long for materia combinations. Still playing Mortal Kombat everyday.
  17. New Final Fantasy 13 Versus demo is out (for xbox). It's not bad. I like the improved battle system; which is really just an extension upon the existing one.
  18. finished xavier: renegade angel. worked my way through the wire christmas break; just started season 4. i now understand what all the hype was about; it hasn't come short of its expectations (although i hear season 5 isn't the best). i wish i could be bunk. it would be nice to get some more superjail; although i wasn't a big fan of the studio switch for season 2. also looking forward to bob's burgers, game of thrones and some other shit. ugly americans too.
  19. Throw voice does not work for me. No one ever falls for it, and if I use it in a city; guards just run up and tell me to shut the fuck up. It's upgraded so I don't know? I'm using it at a fairly safe and hidden distance.
  20. Beat the main quest. Have to admit, it was a bit disappointing. When the creation kit comes out I think I'm going to try and make some princess Mononoke based mods. Make a new character, give him a red elk to ride, Ashitaka's weapons and outfit enchanted with archery and one handed abilities. Turn those small wolves into big ones, mammoth's into boars. I always used mage armour. Alteration spell for 80 or 100 points of armour, plus mage armour perk brings it up to 160/200 (or more). I would still get one shotted on master difficulty frequently. I did the same thing too though, maxed enchanting and made myself some destruction apparel. After a while 0% destruction becomes a bit boring. After that I went conjuration, hit 100 last night. Now I even find that has become a bit boring; Dremoraoreaorea Lord and Storm Thrall do all the work for me. I just sit back and fling ghost arrows around. It is fun to kill some humans and conjure them up permanently to fight for me. Seems really fucked up in moral/ethical sense. I call my black horse 'Sha-nah-nah'?
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orv_F2HV4gk
  22. The patch to open up the game to more than 2 gigs of ram helps a lot. The court wizard at dragon's reach sounds and looks like this guy. This game has fast travel ya and its the loading screns that are the problem ,i agree with him on that its kinda nitpicky but i think in the future games if HOUSES are enterable at least without loading screens that would make a big difference That would be awesome. At least make the loading screen something like a third person view of the character fast travelling that fades out and fades back in at the arrival destination. It's nitpicking but fast travelling every 2 minutes to go on a goose chase of 15 second conversations really kills the game for me.
  23. The one thing I have come to dislike about this game is the amount of mundane travel in some of the quests. A far journey here and there is great, I like when I can hop on a horse and ride from one city to another to accomplish something. I get a real sense of immersion from that, and randomly awesome shit always happens a long the way. The problem is, when I have a quest that requires me to travel from a guild, to a city to talk to someone for 10 seconds, back to the guild to talk for 10 seconds, back to the city to talk for 10 seconds, back to the guild. It's tiresome, and there's no way in hell I'm going to spend 3 hours riding back and forth. I wish I could replace some of it with a courier service, so that I can talk to someone, send a message, sleep at an inn and then receive word back to continue the quest instead of riding 449094 hours or fast travelling back and forth repeatedly.
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