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  1. The patch to open up the game to more than 2 gigs of ram helps a lot. The court wizard at dragon's reach sounds and looks like this guy. This game has fast travel ya and its the loading screns that are the problem ,i agree with him on that its kinda nitpicky but i think in the future games if HOUSES are enterable at least without loading screens that would make a big difference That would be awesome. At least make the loading screen something like a third person view of the character fast travelling that fades out and fades back in at the arrival destination. It's nitpicking but fast travelling every 2 minutes to go on a goose chase of 15 second conversations really kills the game for me.
  2. The one thing I have come to dislike about this game is the amount of mundane travel in some of the quests. A far journey here and there is great, I like when I can hop on a horse and ride from one city to another to accomplish something. I get a real sense of immersion from that, and randomly awesome shit always happens a long the way. The problem is, when I have a quest that requires me to travel from a guild, to a city to talk to someone for 10 seconds, back to the guild to talk for 10 seconds, back to the city to talk for 10 seconds, back to the guild. It's tiresome, and there's no way in hell I'm going to spend 3 hours riding back and forth. I wish I could replace some of it with a courier service, so that I can talk to someone, send a message, sleep at an inn and then receive word back to continue the quest instead of riding 449094 hours or fast travelling back and forth repeatedly.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_AcF_OGhM8 wish i had a recording of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIksMBjc2Ic http://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/track/yes-please-vaetxh-version
  4. Soft cap at 50, hard cap at 81. This leaves you with 80 perks to utilize. Not sure how many hours in, probably 40? 50?. Level 31; working purely as a mage. Early in the game, I was all about destruction spells but I keep hearing how useless they become in the higher levels of the game. Switching to conjuration, alteration, and enchantment leveling now; all in the high 60s to 70s. Bound bow with a pair of enchanted archer's gloves is amazing. Finally gave up on light armor, which was hard with Morokei's mask with 100% magic regen; but mage's stoneflesh leaves me with 160 armor now and last quite awhile. Have both the Riften and Whiterun houses. I make tons of cash enchanting weapons with Banish (iron dagger with Banish can go for $1,000 - $1,500 depending on perks, with any soul/gem). I just joined the Dark Brotherhood after doing a lot of random quests, which left me feeling kind of bored. These assassinations are a fresh breath of air. I love killing someone undetected, and manipulating the scene to look like some sort of accident/altercation took place. That dead guy? He fell into the mill and died. That dead girl? She was raped and murdered in the back of that alley (strange that there's an item of the local blacksmith's in the crime scene).
  5. Playing through Earthbound (Mother 2?) I think I'm about half way, just finished beating those 5 moles, about to get a million dollars to bail the Runaway Five again. I wish I could just leave them there stuck in their contract. They're good people but obviously they need to do some homework on the business side of things, or hire a fucking manager. Fun game.
  6. yeah, once you get heat seekers, the chopper becomes an airborne anti everything. i'm looking forward to air to ground missiles; specially if i can get a recon to laze targets. if you can get a friend gunning; they get their own individual flares. with those two sets of flares, it gets pretty damn hard to take down a good pilot/gunner combo. capping flags in a chopper is pretty funny too.
  7. I'm in love with flying. I can't get enough of both choppers and jets. Once you get a few unlocks, mainly heat seekers, flares, and a few others it opens up the opportunity to stay up and rain down terror. Agreed with some of the issues. VOIP needs to be in the game, both squad based and proximity based. Inability to create private servers sucks. Minimap layout sucks. taint SAYS ALL > chatbox sucks. Being unable to remap Q as the spotting bind is beyond fucked up. I can understand some of the issues with the game, they're just poor decisions (i.e. minimap), but I'm puzzled on this one. Does everyone play default keys? Does no one at Dice spot during the games they play? Did they not receive all the complaints about this issue during the Beta trial? Oh well, complaints for a video game.
  8. I think they fucked up. They retracted their statement, the release date is still the 25th. Just remember for those that use the VPN trick, it might be a good idea to reset your Origin password; can't hurt.
  9. How long has it been since you purchased the game? At first it gave me a BF3 thing in Origin, and ten minutes later a new one popped up which started downloading.
  10. surprised no one else is into this. i found those videos browsing that exact youtube channel; thesnaaf. he has a nice collection.
  11. it's typically a combination of both camera and lens. a great camera is only as good as the lens in front of it, and vice versa. although, one could argue how much of a difference it ultimately makes when we're posting images 800x600 on the internet. the bright colors typically come photoshop, but are also dependent on the camera and lens. most people like to have their naked/raw shots to be as neutral/mild as possible so that their left with a more leeway in direction when it comes to editing.
  12. find a torrent for the 'laxir' remixes collection if you don't have them already.
  13. I don't know about NHL 12. For the past few months I've been playing 11 online team play with my bap character and I'm finding that the majority of players simply create monsters that do nothing but skate around on the ice, plowing through anyone and everyone. I can't do anything when it requires only a simple nudge to send me flying (with my balance,strength, and other relevant stats pretty high), and there is no real speed/agility punishment for creating these frankensteins. It's just too unbalanced, and now to say that this type of behavior is going to be rewarded in front of and even in/crashing the net? It sounds like a recipe for cherry pickers sitting in front of the net with their 99 hitting, pushing over the goalie/defensemen for their team mate to get an easy goal. I like the idea of battling in front, in the same way they added board play for 11 (which still needs a lot of work), but I don't have high hopes for it. Overall nothing in that video had me excited like 11 did.
  14. this can easily be done in javascript; in fact there's tons of free photo gallery options online. check out lightbox if you haven't, or just search 'javascript photo gallery'. adding some sort of link that sends the image to a shopping cart might get tricky but i'm sure it's possible. another option is to install indexhibit. it's an amazing platform for uploading images into clean, neat galleries. minimal coding required and extremely easy to maintain. browse the participants list (http://indexhibit.org/participants/) to get an idea of the general layout. from there it has lightbox built in as a gallery viewing option, (i.e. http://www.atambaycaglar.com/index.php?/print/). i don't have any idea how the images are sent to the shopping cart, but again, i'm sure it's possible. i use it for my website, and i always suggest it for any other photographers.
  15. i was trying to remember the name of this game. thank you very much. perfect cherry blossom is also a lot of fun if you like endlessly dodging bullets.
  16. Isn't that the cover for NIN's Year Zero? Isn't that the headless Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke?
  17. yeah this shit is kind of old but oh well, there goes an oppourtunity for reddit karama. oh no. recently i find a lot of databending becoming popular. the techniques are almost all too easy and yield surprising results that have that 'woah bro, that's like mega crazy' aesthetic but no one ever seems to take it any further. i think there's a lot of conceptual ground that can be covered, but right now i see the majority of it turning into a sort of novelty. if you look around the majority of it is the typical character swapping/notepad/audacity type stuff. regardless, it is fun to open a .rom in a hex editor; copy and paste random chunks and try opening the game in an emulator. some stuff to read; http://gli.tc/h/wiki/index.php/Glitch_theory this is a 3.39mb mp3 opened as an image: 16x13inches originally. i've done large 700mb .avis and they can get up to 280x200 inches or so which i think is interesting; the ability to provide a sort of simulated x-y scale to something that shouldn't really be definable. you can also bring files back to their intended representation. ansel adams opened as a wav, reverb applied and brought back to an image.
  18. we lend these out to students at my university. so far they have been great for me but only after some sort of color calibration.
  19. whatever we are waiting for from team doyobi. that's about it.
  20. this is what we get on hbo here, the animated series of the podcast (i guess? i didn't know there was a podcast). the visuals usually add a lot to the already funny situations.
  21. jazz, but sex at the :50 mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iItzJc-NHI4
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