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  1. I knew that would be annoying as fuck. Are they kill-streak perks? If so, they ONCE AGAIN encourage players to camp in the corner... yep a 3-killstreak reward. to be fair they're quite fun to drive around, but yeah i agree that rewards that require you to camp are quite annoying. MW2 was full of this kind of thing, but the 3 kill reward in that was cheaper/easier to use/ and more powerful. it was a missile that shot down from above that you could control, so you just looked at the map and picked a target and boom. The predator missile required 5 kills (4 hardline). In Black-ops kill streak kills don't count towards another kill streak. How are the maps? Are they fairly close quarters or are they comparable to MW2; open areas and close quarters with choke points? That's my only concern.
  2. google returns quite a few torrents, soulseek has a lot of results.
  3. the snd remix of push chairs for grown ups gets repeated play for me. kaini, if that's the first time hearing it i suggest searching for the autechre laxir remixes collection. there's some really great tracks in there including that one. honorable mentions; lamb - gold palm skin productions - evolution of the beast v - vliezwei reproduction gescom - viral rival merzbow - ecobondage earth - coda maestoso in f (flat) minor
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    yeah, good luck with the whole water thing. thanks. i made two copies of my saves first, and then another later on in case the fire randomly escaped. basically, just make sure nothing within 4 blocks is flammable. i was a bit unsure of the height; so i put up that concrete slab and some glass for safety. inside there are just two tree blocks on top of each other above another concrete slab. magma garbage bin is highly recommended for tossing shit collected when mining.
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    treehouse. it needs to be raised but i'm still working on producing more trees around it; whether or not a tree sprouts seems to be random. nerd. back porch/roof access/diving board. dock below. basement garbage bin in the basement; everything burns away.
  6. chris, do you hve nhl 11 yet? if so, will you play nhl 11 with me? please, let me know. thanks. - taint/asdffass
  7. that's actually just a girl's behind. not a lamp. this is not a pipe
  8. i think some of those are pen and pixel covers. merry christmas everyone. http://ffm713.skyrock.com/
  9. It's a good idea, and I've thought about it, but the texture market is dominated by huge players. If the styles angle doesn't work out, ultimately I may end up just putting them up as stock photos somewhere. even the fall back of supplying stock photos/textures might be difficult in a market which is overly-saturated. those in the know either take their own, search google, or just head to deviantart (i think? it's what i did years ago). i think you have a good niche going on with the styles; and the domain to back it up. have the textures available for a bonus fee. you should throw up some logos as examples other than just text; exactly what you provided in this thread. i think the price is fair until you get some sort of market going; when your domain yields a top result for google or what have you. after that jack the price. clever idea which i wish i thought of.
  10. if anyone hasn't; get your hands on a copy of vertov's man with a movie camera with the cinematic orchestra soundtrack.
  11. fuck you, i want that. enjoy it.
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    E3 2010

    or japanese rape games.
  13. as george said, bring someone that know's what they're doing. do the best to verse yourself on the psilocybin species. take pictures of them in the wild and after picking - post them on here asking for id. albeit it is just a bunch of random strangers though many of them seem to know what they are doing. eat everything you find without question.
  14. i wonder what a feral child would create.
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    Online Poker

  16. ktait2

    Online Poker

    i'm in; i have some cash laying around in my pokerstars account that i can give away because that's all i could ever do with it.
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    mine's pushing 17 and he's in perfect health. long haired norwegian forest cat.
  18. Apparently the Bulgarian team had only gotten skates like two weeks before the game. I think the slovak coach said something like the game should never have happened. highlights are the beginning, 32 seconds in, and 51 seconds. it's like watching peewee hockey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQW0LNc6yDo
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