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  1. 17 year old norwegian forest cat.i named him smokey as a kid. he doesn't really like the smell of smoke. ps i'm not gay for knowing cat breeds
  2. thanks vertical, taxman. it's appreciated. i like those forest shots posted last page. forget the name. nice paint chips btw. circlejerk. yeah the mentality these days is pretty ridiculous. i would never expect it to be found here. with the influx and availibity of digital cameras there's the growing mindset out there that pictures need to fit a specific aesthetic which only exist on technical levels. it's juvenile photographers pushing juvenile ideals. how's the contrast, how's the sharpness, etc. it's frustrating sometimes. i got a sigma 30mm 1.4. i wanted a good walk around and something fast for nighttime city walks and during all my travels commuting. i've been enjoying it a lot. bruce is hilarious. i'm surprised he hasn't been shot/robbed/shanked/raped.
  3. i wish i could shoot people like thisket. or make scenes like taxman. i hate my shit. i bought a new lens to hopefully open some doors for me to try something new. everything of mine comes off as a cliche. oh well; more at taitk.com/photoblog
  4. sorry to hear squee. sounds like you had the opportunity to have an amazing education but it was ruined by ridiculous teachers. i'm in my third year for photography and i love it. my school has collected an all star team of professors that know what they're doing. most of them know how to walk the fine line of setting up assignments with restrictions and giving the necessary amount of freedom for you to work with.
  5. what the fuck is this? Elaborate, it looks really cool and I need to know more. i forget the artist/artists involved in the animation, but it's just a weird story of a dentist and a baby battling set to qbert doing what he does. special guest appearance in the start of the clip by buckethead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpBiKxDZgzo
  6. also, go watch scratch if you can. that should give you a good history lesson and provide more than enough artist.
  7. from boating trip with the dad. nice house fuck horseflies me left, dad right
  8. ktait2


    journalism, cool. everything else, not cool.
  9. i came to this exact conclusion last week when every time i stood to wipe at work, the flush sensor would trigger. i just wish someone would have recommended this to me earlier; or at least provided educational material in appropriate places.
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    i always enjoyed it when it was seemingly 'cleaner'. chugging robo always left me nauseated and feeling like shit; it took away from the experience. besides, i don't think your body enjoys processing thick syrup goo.
  11. epicly later'd is a damn good show on the bigger and memorable names of skateboarding, it's on vbs.tv. i stopped paying attention to skateboarding when i had to grow up, which sucks. i still pick up new videos, cruise around, watch feedback, and buy a photo issue once in awhile. i also still pop boners to kickflip backside smiths, or switch backside flips.
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    i used to do it here and there in high school. i liked it for being a dissociative, the nausea became a hassle though. i never really hit the higher plateaus, i was always casual and leisure with it. one thing i remember that hasn't been mentioned is the sudden burst of energy, or the illusion of energy. give it a try, just don't be one of those kids chugging back the first thing they find on the grocery shelf. high school method, a favorite of mine; buy a bunch of sucrets extra strength dm figure out amount of dxm in tablets vs. what i was comfortable with (with a bit extra included, process is sloppy) put them in a cup of boiling hot water until completely melted (stir once to keep from clumping) run the cherry mess through a coffee filter; filter picks up the paste/powder dry what's on the filter consume the dried powder
  13. ktait2

    lucid dreaming

    lucid dream thread #1203 the technique that always worked for me was waking myself up three quarters through a normal sleep. asking myself a series of 4 simple questions and answering them out loud; with "am i dreaming? .. yes" last. repeat a couple times, go back to sleep and eventually the questions will reoccur in your now vivid dreams, triggering an awareness. it's hard for some, i know i used panic when first realizing, not in a frightened way but i would become so excited i usually woke myself up. it's a weird feeling to describe. like cuming without the mess. this morning i was fairly lucid; i shoved my face in the bum of a girl bent over wearing booty shorts and took a large whiff.
  14. i used to fish a lot for northern pike. father taint and i went out and got ourselves a nice fishing boat and cottage. that was then, not anymore. i had a couple lunkers in my time.
  15. those posters around town for infected mushroom are pretty amazing, go with a.
  16. you stood up my game invites chris. not impressed. yeah 10 looks amazing; like i said though; as long as they fix the glitch goals otherwise it will be worthless.
  17. downloading now. i used to have a lot of fun playing 1942 on the pc; i'm looking forward to this.
  18. yeah, kinda got that. wanted to see if he was going anywhere else since it's easy to get to hamilton, burlington, mississuaga, toronto, etc. from oakville.
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