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  1. "It's bringing love, don't let it get away!" "Break its' legs!"
  2. Not showing up on my end? Care to share? It is confirmed here: https://uncannyzine.com/posts/30200
  3. I've seen some threads via the search of users sharing old material (videos/mp3s) from his old MySpace/Instagram and was checking to see if anyone by chance saved any of it. Some of the users in those threads have told me they were too old and didn't have them anymore, but I thought I'd cast a wider net and ask the forum after I got permission from a Mod to do so. Some particular the tracks I am looking for are: Champagne Eagle - Turbo Love Champagne Eagle - Champagne Eagle Theme Duckular- On Flight 479 Duckular - Commodore 69 Any material at all would be nice, I do have a rather extensive collection myself, but those are some white whales I've been looking for. Any saved videos would be nice too! I'd be happy to compensate those who have to dig up old laptops or hard drives to get it. Thank you!
  4. It's being described as "glass bottle green". It has just a hue, but very different than an emerald green.
  5. I had posted an announcement on the Bibio subreddit that I moderate that both would be available on October 22nd, 2021. Me and a few people who made those pre-orders had them shipped early and received them. When I asked Bibio about these pressings he said he had no idea they were out for preorder and just about every site after that had it removed from their listings immediately, including Rough Trade. He told me there was an error and that they have been rescheduled for a proper release date TBD. I just wanted to post my copies because, to my surprise, I had not seen any mention about either release on here.
  6. On the search for any old Bibio, Champagne Eagle, and Duckula material.

    1. chronical


      I take it you know this?

    2. saul_japancakes


      Oh very much. I have a ton of stuff! I am also the moderator of the bibio subreddit. I have posted a myriad of things stickied to the top of the forum. I also have material that I am not allowed to upload as per bibio. But I am always on the search for stuff! Have a look!


    3. usagi



  7. lol. I enjoyed 'A Mineral Love', but he mentioned being occupied with using guitars, synthesizers, and drum machines again for LP10.
  8. Bibio - Untiitled LP10 (his self described sequel to "A Mineral Love ")
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