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  1. Just come out of the woodwork to say - Ornette Coleman, The Shape of Jazz to Come. I only got it a few weeks ago and it's getting played nearly every day.
  2. Is this on slsk anywhere?
  3. marty1138


    Then install it FFS.
  4. No updates on my order - it's sat in the same "estimated dispatch 3rd march" state since i placed the order.
  5. Amazon now updated too - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quaristice-Special...4753&sr=1-2 It can no longer be ordered!
  6. So not that big of a deal? We've already had 12 hours of that.... :) i honestly dont know, i think its lazy as fuck personally and im getting really sick of people like Aphex and Autechre passing off medicore DJ mixes as gold. i didnt smoke enough PCP in the 80s or take enough E in the early 90s to appreciate all this wanky early rave and hip hop they play. Personally I agree. As enjoyable as the new versions of Uviol and VL AL 5 are, I'd sooner tune in for a Surgeon or Hawtin mix. We all tune into the broadcasts expecting some new Ae and in the end you get quite an unimaginative mix.
  7. I ordered from amazon earlier. Can't help but feel though that they won't have that many and it'll be first come, first served with quite a few disappointments.
  8. Look for Vienna 1996, or similar.
  9. spam and i have to agree. the set is of amazing quality. :smiling: Spam? I'd read on it on the Mu board a while back, ok smart hole?
  10. "man. machine. au-tek-er" I think I read somewhere that it was "mono machine" owing to the use of the Elektron Mono Machine - http://www.monomachine.com/
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