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  1. I keep getting updates on my vinyl order via Bleep that it's been delayed again and again. Got an email this morning that it's been delayed until the end of the month. Really makes me wonder how long I'm going to have to wait for my order.
  2. I'm seeing Neptune Frost advertised in a lot of indie theaters. Don't think I've seen it playing at any major chains. I wouldn't be surprised if it needs another month before it goes to streaming, but I don't think they'll wait too long. EDIT: Or, like Rubin said, iTunes, so I guess it's available for rental and purchase... which I just verified at Amazon. Blu-Ray and DVD seem to be releasing on August 9th. I feel like I should've done some research before writing my initial response.
  3. I haven't seen either of these, but I remember reading the synopsis for Sushi Girl and thinking it sounded interesting. The trailer on the IMDB page is actually pretty good. I might have to check it out. I just saw NOPE today, and I really liked it. I loved Get Out, though I haven't seen Us. No spoilers, but it's Jordan Peele, so it's not quite what you think, even if you think you know what it is. And the whole cast is wonderful.
  4. They are? I thought they sold out forever ago. Is this something we should talk about privately or is there somewhere you're still selling them? That said, I'd love a good vinyl boot to go with the CDr.
  5. Did anyone pick up any of the vinyl bootlegs that were pressed after this was "released"? Was the quality any good? How difficult are they to find now? I saw someone on eBay selling one for $300, which is offensively stupid. Seriously, it's a bootleg, shouldn't be more than $30. Thanx.
  6. Half and half. I got the CD yesterday (vinyl won't get here until close to the end of this month) and there are some interesting notes in there, though no actual commentary from Mike about the tracks which would've been nice. Anyway, the main album and the b-sides from My Little Beautiful are all mastered by Dave Bernez at The Townhouse, which means they're the same masters used for the original release. Everything else, including the Brace Yourself EP, has been remastered by Mike. Also, Mike doesn't own the rights the album, the b-sides or the tracks from the Mealtime comp, they were all licensed from Virgin. And finally, RIP to Amber Rowlands, who photographed the covers. Was she related to one of the Chems? The vinyl, of course, will be completely remastered since they'll have had to cut new plates. I know Mike had mentioned digging through his DATs, so maybe he was looking for the individual tracks for the vinyl cut, though it wouldn't surprise me if they just used the 16 bit masters prepared in 97. That said, I don't care, you can master something to vinyl from 16 bit files and make it sound great, as long as you're not just dropping the files into a program to convert them to the RIAA curve or something. Yeah, kinda disappointing that the main album hasn't been fully remastered, but that might also be a licensing restriction. Regardless, just happy to see it on Planet Mu where Mike is most likely making more money off it than via Virgin, and on vinyl again.
  7. You know, we laugh about it, but... no it's not a thing. I don't know what kinds of names they use now, but one of the most popular little person porn stars was named Gidget The Midget. It seems like the rule of thumb in porn is not to use negative slang to describe someone's gender or race, with the exceptions being terms like slut since they're describing people supposedly into what they're doing and it's used in a more celebratory sense. If this all sounds obvious, then it is. That said... What the real subject of this topic is, I'm fair to believe that, like you're all saying, Steinvord is probably Rich and Tom, possibly switching off between tracks or working together, though this is in the same way I wouldn't be surprised one bit if RTR is Rich. Seems like Analogical Force has become a destination for classic Braindance-minded artists. Mike isn't concerned about hiding his identity of course since he's fully independent. Same with Luke on Hypercolour, but that's not the case for Rich or Tom. I'm sure Warp knows, and I'm sure they don't care too much. Tom does stuff all the time, and Rich can do whatever he wants and probably has something in the works for Warp somewhere down the line. Now, if we found out that BoC was doing something under a different name... But we all have guessed this so I'm just spitting in the wind. If we want to talk about standards in pornography, I say we open a new topic for that.
  8. It's little people, damnit! And do little people mostly watch little people porn? Seriously, asking for a friend, do they? Because this is the internet and I'm paranoid, I hope you can smell the sarcasm in the first sentence. Thank you, please drive through.
  9. I'm feelin' this. I missed the vinyl so I had to buy it off Discogs but they hadn't jacked the price up.
  10. As I don't have the Japanese CD or the vinyl, I can only compare this to the version on the promo, and this seems a little shorter and the bass isn't nearly as devastating, though that could also be related to the speakers connected to my computer. Still, minus the intro on the CD and a little extra lead-in, this is the track.
  11. So I recently acquired a promo CD for Deee-Lite's 96 remix comp, Sampladelic Relics, and it contains a few remixes that are apparently unreleased. Included on it is a Plaid remix of Try Me On... I'm Very You. It seems to have been released on promo vinyl and as a Japanese bonus track, but that's it. Does anyone know anything else about this track?
  12. I understand numeric ratings from the perspective of someone not familiar with the material needing a score they can base their decision off of, but this is part of why Pitchfork's reviews suck and why people miss the point when it comes to reviews. It's all about reading (or listening) to the review and seeing where the reviewer's thoughts land in relation to your own. Pitchfork treats everyone like an idiot they're talking down to though, especially with how they score albums up front. I've been saying for a long time that they're the internet-era equivalent of Rolling Stone, and they've been irrelevant for quite a long time.
  13. Anyone else in the US order the vinyl from Bandcamp or Bleep? I'm assuming I'll probably get my copy by the end of next week but wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on it. Surprisingly, I was able to get the CD from my local indie on the day of release and they told me they'll have the Lunatic Harness 25 CD on release day too, though they won't have the Goodbye vinyl until the end of this month. It's cool that I can get these things faster through the US distributors, though I really do like directly supporting the artist(s). That and I'm lazy and don't want to drive a half hour and fight traffic to visit my favorite indie where I'm certain to spend more money I shouldn't be spending. I also ordered the violet re-press of John Frusciante's Maya. That's a really solid album.
  14. Did I miss something or when did they decide to push Grit to July? On top of that, I never checked if I get a download of the album with my pre-order from Bleep.
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