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  1. I love that tDR design. Ischemic Folks makes me think of their cover for the East Flatbush Project remix comp, which had a lot of Schematic crew on it too. Shawn Wolfe's art for them is also always great.
  2. I've known Rom for a long time and he's super nice. We were just talking the other day about Keith Levene's passing, as we'd both talked with him and were pretty broken hearted. Rom had tried to work something out with Keith years ago, but Keith, always a gentleman, wanted to try something different and nothing came of it. Personally, I don't expect much in the way of new Phoenecia, but Rom is always working on something. ALWAYS. I like to bug him about doing a Schematic anthology of unreleased tracks or reissuing some of the earlier stuff, like a serious remaster of the untitled Richard Devine EP (NEEDS BASS!). If he wanted to drop a comp of Phoenecia loosies I could see it happening, but only if he and Josh were in full agreement.
  3. Ooh, that's the stuff! Wish I knew who HG was, that record is quite good. Same with SV, but I think we're all pulling a Schrödinger's Cat there, as in we know and don't know who it really is at the same time. We need to make a list of batshit break tracks in this family. I love a lot of breakcore stuff, but there isn't enough of that energy that makes you want to become an out-of-control super-being. Batshit breaks forever! To throw something similar in the mix: and Hrvatski's Oiseaux is a really underappreciated album of weird idm, a lot like drill'n'bass or breakcore in places, but way more entrenched in classical music and experimental noise. These two tracks don't really represent his work, but Vatstep is close enough to the stuff on Oiseaux that if you like this, you'll probably like that. The other track here was made with the same sample bank before he erased it, essentially making it it's sister track or b-side.
  4. I really want to teach myself eventually how to make music on a tracker, if only to understand so I can make subpar breakcore tracks that anyone who listened to them would immediately compare to old Squarepusher, but in a negative light. I don't need to be a star, I just want to understand how they shine so bright.
  5. Nice! Though I was thinking something more overdriven. I wonder if Rich sets out to make a fast track or keeps on boosting the speed until it's insane after the fact? Kinda like the versions of MARCHROMT.
  6. The Box Energy remix has been a favorite of mine forever, though I hadn't heard Mangle 11. It's a shame Rich doesn't have more tracks where he goes absolutely nuts like these. Mt St Michaels and the Bug/Daddy Freddy remix come to mind, but there isn't much else nearly as intense. Maybe a few tracks in the soundcloud dump that approach it. Anyone think of any tracks that are similarly insanely awesome?
  7. Feelin' this. Good drill n' bass stuff. Definitely has some Squarepusher vibes in places, but it's really HAL's take on the sound and not him trying to be another Jenkinson brother. Worth it, especially for the price.
  8. Yeah, definitely feeling this. Gonna have to grab it on vinyl eventually. Very good stuff!
  9. I live in Ohio, and very little cool happens or comes through here, so prepare for some disappointment... Billy Joel x6 (maybe 7?) Elton John Beck Ben Folds Five DJ Spooky Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) No Age Autolux of Montreal Andrew W.K. x2 (might be a third show, can't remember) Prince (at Paisley Park!) Queens of the Stone Age Fleetwood Mac x3 Stevie Nicks x2 Don Henley Rod Stewart The Monkees "Weird Al" Yankovic Mr. Bungle The Dillinger Escape Plan Jude Aimee Mann Estradasphere Secret Chiefs Trio Clutch black midi The Smashing Pumpkins Tricky (had a fun conversation with him before the show) Beastie Boys Michael Bolton (I was a kid and my parents took me. He actually really works the stage, but he's still Michael Bolton, so whatever) To give a little background, Ohio is a very classic rock state, at least around where I live. My parents and my wife's parents raised us on a lot of that stuff, and so while I have legitimate love for Billy Joel (he's why I learned to play the piano and keyboards) and a number of other classic rock-ish bands, it's not my go-to choice of music, though it probably is for my wife. Anyway, over the years I've tried to get tickets for Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Failure, J. Mascis/Dinosaur Jr., They Might Be Giants, R.E.M., Nine Inch Nails and many more bands I love, but they often haven't played near NE Ohio (think Cleveland area), had exceedingly expensive tickets (I saw How Did This Get Made about a week ago and their venue charged about 4 or 5 times more than any other venues on this or most of their other tours), or didn't bother coming here at all. So yeah, I'd love to see AFX, Squarepusher, Vibert, BoC, Ae, µ-Ziq, Underworld, Skee Mask, Cassetteboy, The Avalanches (I'd consider selling a kidney) and so many other artists/groups/etc., but the fates of geography have conspired against me so I try to fulfill my extreme musical needs with records, live boots and decent videos. Ohio sucks. P.S. - If I were able to travel through time and choose a show to see, I'd probably go see the Revolting Cocks at their prime. A rotating who's-who of late eighties/early nineties industrial and electronic musicians from around the world flanked by a gang of full-on strippers doing the nastiest shit on stage, usually wearing as close to nothing as possible and sometimes less. Forget Woodstock! I'm sure it'd be fine, but apart from seeing Jimi and a few other artists at their prime, I'd much rather watch something that would make a Republican's heart explode!
  10. Dave3

    µ-Ziq - Hello

    Solid album. I liked MPR more, but this is a nice addition to it. Definitely worth your attention.
  11. I'll PM you. Sorry this wasn't faster, been busy.
  12. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll hook you up.
  13. I like the basement music stuff alright, though it's pretty simple compared to some of the other synthy stuff he did later on. Civilization Phase III is nuts in the best way, though I can't claim to really enjoy most of it. Have you ever heard the tape of answering machine messages he created? A bunch of 30 second versions of his famous pieces and some short originals, mostly made on a synclavier. The version I heard has a synclavier version of Zoot Allures at the end, which sounds like hold music for hell. Really dig that stuff.
  14. So I saw your post, followed the Bandcamp link, pre-ordered the album and got a download of the full thing immediately. As of right now, it's back to having only one track available to preview. What is going on with some of the new releases on Bandcamp? This is the second time something like this has happened to me, the first time being µ-Ziq album, Hello. So weird. Also, this is a great comp! Thanks for the heads-up!
  15. Two that I really enjoyed are Dandara and Dead Cells. Dandara is a full-on Metroidvania, though how you move and get around is quite a bit different than trad. Metroidvanias. Dead Cells, on the other hand, is a lot more traditional in play, but it's a Souls-like with randomly generated levels each time you play through it. Don't let that dissuade you though, it's super fun and addictive. I still go back to it regularly. Axiom Verge is really great. Still haven't played Carrion but I know I will eventually. I'm still waiting for Ghost Song, several years after pre-ordering it, though the updated demo still plays like everything I've been waiting for. And of course, Metroid Dread is amazing!
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