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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkgcZc3JLjr/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CikxbCZuhz6/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. cool analog delay sound, especially around 1:00 is that an ableton thingy? this one sounds real smooth overall. what's the story about the visual art you're using?
  4. i wonder why there's even political threads at all on here, but at least they are mostly polarized in the right way. there are still a few undesirables lurking about though. it's those kooks with opinions of their own (or opinions they borrowed from bill hicks) that we really need to look out for, the malcontents, the unclean flotsam and jetsam low rent incels. we've seen their kind before, you give them an inch they take a yard and next thing you know, there goes the neighborhood and guess who's coming to dinner. suffice it to say if i did have a daughter, i wouldn't let her marry barry goldwater if you catch my drift. what really ought to happen is round up that certain demographic of dog whistling, dixie whistling, melanin challenged fascists, and load them into camps and forget to send food. "it was an accident, it wasn't genocide" is what we'll say when we're sitting on trial at den haag. but at least the world will have a few hundred million fewer baddies and evolution will see to it that we get the statues built to us that we deserve.
  5. he could have kept the balenciaga, could have kept the kardashian, but he fukn blew it. he said he wanted to own the whole world once. i mean literally buy it. (he really said this) he allllmost bought the club house. probably edited but it seems like something he would say:
  6. sure, but both sides have the same vitriol for each other. the error is believing any of it. when people become true believers they get invested and dig in to their positions. the two sides as i see it (not that i pretend my opinion matters, unless it's the wrong one of course,) one 'side' is dominated by feelings and the other is dominated by logic. it's the hemispheres of the brain really, and they work best if they work together, but now they are dividing. it's melon chop time.
  7. but something happened that made the 'libs' so much easier to trigger. i used to consider myself a lib, but the threshold was thrown open so far to 'the left' and with such a velocity and a seemingly unhalted and unhinged manner (it's still flying to 'the left') that any possible statement one can make is now subject to more scrutiny and bully-policing than the sun could give to mercury. (edit: the only conclusion i've got is that human beings are tired of human beings and tired of themselves and they want to go to sleep forever. tired of having too many options)
  8. the uniparty just needs our consent to continue doing unbelievably egregious things, after all we would have voted for either it's left hand or it's right hand.
  9. i guess, but "both" the red and the blue side (false dichotomy but i digress) are fervently sure they are right and the other is wrong, nobody who is on one or the other side is trying to change their mind either.
  10. 'both' 'sides' say the other 'side' is 'bad' and each 'good model citizen' is certain of that, based on 'facts' they'll defend those 'facts' till they quit or they die, all the while imagining there was some line somewhere that divided red and blue the line dissolves either before or after death.
  11. everybody was pissing and moaning when the Biden made the nord stream deal with Russia. oil used to be the end-all be-all, now suddenly gas appears on the scene. as if out of nowhere. also, i had a dream today and it was definitely in color. I think dreams have been updated to color today. the dream was realer than any dream i've ever had. i was with several other 'people' in the dream. i grabbed one of their arms to test the sim. it felt real but i knew i was dreaming. i told the others that i suspected it was a dream. i did all sorts of tests to see if it was a dream and the only giveaway was some sort of a freaking Griffin with a long neck. it just lifted off like a drone, the bones weren't fully animated yet. kind of floated away like a kite. ww3 and mutually assured destruction and virus detention extermination camps aside, that's huger news i think. i think we got a surprise update to the dream program while nobody was expecting it. so see if i'm right in the morning.
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