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  1. I don't think they love to lose - like any dc politician red or blue they love being in power - they are just incompetent and unorganized, playing it as they go, no long term vision, and the dem's foreign policy reflects this too. The same was true for when Hilary Clinton ran against Trump. These people are so disconnected from the lives of average citizens that they can't even understand what national elections are really about (and be able cater a proper message to voters that at least comes across as genuine and motivating). Not saying that the republican party is any better. Bunch of fucking smooth brains and clean shirts both sides.
  2. Gravity's Rainbow themed lego set
  3. Finally sold my Groove Synthesis 3rd wave synth to fund the guitar, settled on an SG, looks and plays like a dream. Spent a long time in the shop examining and playing it, checking the intonation and just fooling around with picks and fingers. Mahogany neck and body, ebony fret board, and a lot of versatility in tone. Even though its a rocker, adjusting the tone knobs and setting the switch to the neck pickup can get really nice, dark, clean tones which shine with a little bit of breakup. Strangely feel like you could probably even use it to play jazz. Tried a few telecasters at the shop too, but the sound and feel on this was more to my liking. Can't wait to explore more and begin trying to record it!
  4. Darn it, looks like these talks just got scuppered this week, with China citing American arms sales to Taiwan as the sticking point for suspending nuclear weapon non-proliferation talks between China and America https://www.voanews.com/a/china-says-halted-nuclear-arms-talks-with-us-over-taiwan-weapons-sales-/7701545.html
  5. jesus man, you gotta squeeze the fun out of everything? fuck these fact checkers, they can fat check my nutsack
  6. If he brokers peace talks between Reich and Philip Glass to end their decades long feud I might have to finally register to vote
  7. Say what you will about Trump, but at least the man has taste, steady bumping those minimalist bangers Biden is probably listening to some big band shit from the 30s that no one fucks with anymore
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