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  1. theocide


    the image is legit. that's why they're being deleted. you mean my dreams of impregnating her and then making her get an abortion? fuck you might want to consider getting the planned parenthood club card. get 10 stamps and your eleventh abortion is free. i wonder how many cards weed has filled up?
  2. theocide


    you're just bitter because i destroyed your dreams of impregnating her.
  3. well yeah prince has just gotten to that point in his post-cocaine lifestyle where he has to grasp onto christianity or else he'll lose complete control of himself and end up like michael jackson or bobby brown or some shit. with that said, his new material is total garbage. can this become a prince thread?
  4. theocide


    it's crazy how people refuse to believe it's her, like people don't lie on the internet.
  5. in the 9th grade, i was on my high school wrestling team and this big fat hairy mexican ape named david vasquez was also on my team. for some reason this mongoloid was threatened by how incredible i was on the mat, how popular i was and how i understood instructions in english so well. throughout the whole season we made fat jokes at each other, as usual. all the heavyweights always called each other fat and always harrassed each other, and 99% of the time, david would get very very offended by it and try to start fights with people. well one time, we didn't see david at school for about a week. so we started a little rumor that david was at home masturbating to cake-decorating magazines and he had a heart attack. this rumor pretty much spread around the whole team and got to a couple of teachers and school admin. when david returned to school the next week, he was furious, so he tried to attack me in the locker room after wrestling practice. he basically huffed and puffed and kept trying to slap me and push me. i just pushed him down into a bunch of people and he fell down making some noise like a dying cow. and that was it. lion has stories about punishing him during wrestling as well.
  6. is putting skidmarks on a computer chair sexy to you?
  7. stabbing my penis with dirty needles
  8. http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http...v%3Dmwh3W1TwPTo
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