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  1. This is my last post on watmm. I wanted to leave a little piece of work to liven up this thread. A painting done for a friend of a friend. Scene from The Shining with some guy that was working on said friends house. He made an impression on them somehow, so they wanted him immortalized in paint. I obliged. original painting 12"x12" on circular wood. Sorry for poor jpeg quality. Couldn't be bothered to color correct. jpeg of guy in painting as well. Most of you can get fucked. Some of you can fuck. enjoy Li'l Saint
  2. Master P says make em' say uhhh....
  3. she was in tallahassee not too long ago.. my friends claimed the entire audiance turned gay for her for fucks sake dude...That chick looks like a female version of you easterlingman. And she looks to probably have more chest hair than you.
  4. implied it...no? Yes. But it doesn't say explicity that all pizzas I eat are cheese only. I had a pepperoni pizza yesterday.
  5. Who said I eat cheese pizza?
  6. refer to my fag comment in the aforementioned post.
  7. Why would I want to ruin my pizza with all that you fag?
  8. I've had some damn good cheese pizzas. Meat is murder.
  9. I bet their gonna use some type of vintage keyboard on their next release. in more serious pondering...I bet they'll use guest vocals next time out. any takers?
  10. retracts statement upon getting it... aphex is pretty cool.
  11. Shut up everyone. David Lynch has something to say. Link to report
  12. Breaking News...The debate to whether Fred McGriff is real or a dupe account on watmm has gained staggering evidence for the prior by a topic recently posted here: link Eminem adds "Will the real McGriff please stand-up"
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