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  1. Add me to the never heard club, listening now to catch up hahaha This is gooood
  2. that the same gf that posted a bunch of personal stuff on xltronic?
  3. Finally scored an RTX 3070 gonna play CyberPunk 2077 after I get the card installed
  4. Hope new release comes soon to dry up all these rando shitposts
  5. Yeah I get it if you don’t want the vaccine yourself but what a dick move to mess up other people’s day like that. I blame YouTube algo for homogenizing all the content. Creators all have to make the same format now to get engagement to make it worthwhile. Thanks compruter
  6. Mortician talks about all the bodies not being taken care of in LA right now.
  7. lol Good luck finding a landlord that accepts Bitcoin Even if you do, they will almost certainly require that the BTC be denominated in currency that has value in parity with whatever obligations they have to meet. At the least that would be property taxes.
  8. Also Robinhood brand probably toast since they are helping to redistribute from the poor to the rich now I love watching this stuff, it's fascinating
  9. They're still finding a way to make money. Temporary vulnerability has been patched and the water put back in the tank. You thought Wall Street was going to lose? Nah.
  10. I wonder if he builds filters and oscillators in Reaktor
  11. Baby Butchers and the Sodomites would be a cool band name
  12. So this is edited and soundtracked by the same CC that did most of the Aphex videos? Ah cool looks like it is:
  13. I’ve always thought the same thing when I see some drummers and their drum sets. Like man you gonna use all that?
  14. You’d need that fourth industrial revolution well into play to avoid the physical constraints of information networks to mitigate a dedicated rival’s denial of service against infrastructure. Just think of it as market forces! Use cryptocurrency/blockchain based assets to generate productive funds for building out a resilient network. Oh wait, you mean these assets aren’t productive? Huh fancy that
  15. WEF and IMF are going to make it more difficult to use these things. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  16. Drum machine looks interesting and it will support plugins https://cdm.link/2021/01/korg-drumlogue-its-analog-its-digital-it-runs-logue-plugins/
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