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  1. Wish it was that simple. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to help a loved one think critically about all of these election fraud claims. Motivated reasoning prevents people from doing the sorting you’re talking about.
  2. Start a petition to keep the name and see which one gets more support
  3. Late to this thread Y’all have good eyes for this stuff 👍
  4. It’s the same track from Rephlex site yes. I didn’t bother checking bitrates but same track.
  5. 🍿 So far my favorite part of this thread is where someone says “I know what that means” then the other person says “Obviously you don’t so here’s what it means”
  6. Zip ties are the new 2021 must have fashion item for the TactiCool look.
  7. I like that part at 3:09 for about 20 seconds where the drum break programming stops and you can really hear all the detail in the other parts. I remember this track when it first came out, blew my mind. I would slow it down and study it trying to figure out how it was done. Still slams.
  8. He did call it an insurrection but he did not mention Trump.
  9. Got the JP mini rerelease today that was super fast. Quoth hidden mix may actually be on there after all. https://www.discogs.com/Polygon-Window-Surfing-On-Sine-Waves/release/16299333
  10. I don’t really use any chat programs. Used to live on IRC but that was like 25 years ago. The global communist computer gangster god already knows too much.
  11. Was expecting more in this thread honestly. All this rich material yesterday and only two memes? This is the harbinger of the US decline. Capitol stormed and only two memes about it. Sad dayz
  12. Did I need this? No. Did I just order this? Yes. Looks pretty cool. Wish WAP146 would get an actual release on wax.
  13. Very fortunate that only a few people sustained injuries and no deaths. Those are some of the few remaining historic buildings left in Nashville. They will probably need to be demolished now.
  14. Yeah he played the Brooklyn track in Brooklyn too
  15. It was brutal, had to duck out and I was all the way in the back too, didn't have plugs. Pretty sure a lotta ears got damaged during that set lol
  16. This is the first one I heard and it still prob my fav Think this was in one of his mixes where he mixed Papua New Guinea into Radio Babylon
  17. Someone a while back was saying they were going to buy the Rephlex brand, what ever happened there?
  18. Yeah all I really knew about music at the time was trying to keep time in a three piece garage band and watching those professionals at work was something to behold. And I mean that's still all I really know about music too hahah with a little more electronic knowledge
  19. Still hate Uli but I want an RD-8
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